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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Haven't done one of these in awhile and with the seemingly imminent Pacman trade as well as the combine and pro days I feel like now is a good time to update. With Pacman I've heard that we're giving up anywhere from a 4th to a 7th, so I'll just use a 5th round guess for the purposes of this mock.

    1a. Antoine Cason CB Arizona- If he's still around then it's a steal IMO. With Newman, Henry, and now Jones, Cason will be allowed to have all the time he needs to adjust to the pro game (which shouldn't take long). If Jones can't get reinstated, then Cason could start immediately in the nickel packages.

    1b. Limas Sweed WR Texas- 6'4" with 4.5 speed and a 37" vertical jump. Yet another dangerous weapon and matchup nightmare in our already high-powered offense.

    2. Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon- I know this is a pipe dream, but with the toe surgery holding him out 4-6 months after running a lackluster 40-yard time at the combine I think this strong RB class will cause him to fall.

    3. Red Bryant DT TAMU- Ratliff did good, but was a DE playing NT. Tank showed that he is good, but his conditioning only allows him to be a situational player. Bryant has the size to clog up the middle of the line and also add a little push up the middle.

    4. Tom Zbikowski S Notre Dame- He played in a two deep zone so his coverage skills were rarely shown and thus highly underrated. Apparently his love for boxing is scaring some teams off, but his dedication, intensity, and work ethic are what we need in our defensive backfield and on special teams.

    5. Traded for Pacman.

    6. Josh Johnson QB San Diego- Most would say he probably won't be around right here anymore, but IMO he is going to be a serious project and we might have a shot at him here. He definitely needs to add size for the pro game and he is taking a major step up in competition.

    7. Kory Lichtensteiger OL Bowling Green- Massive kid that excels in the power running department. Played C in college, but has the ability to play all of the interior positions in the pros. He is also very good with the shotgun snap....that in and of itself should make him valuable to us.
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    You might want to check Stewarts 40 time at the combine. I think had a really decent time for a RB his size.

    I don't think he's gonna slide very far.

    You might look at J.Johnson's projections, too. I haven't seen him going this late in most of the mocks.

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    I believe Stewart ran a 4.44 and a 4.49 at the combine.
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    Yeah, no chance Stewart falls that far......it would be nice though.
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    6'-2 and less then 300 pounds is MASSIVE???????????
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    Bryant won't last until our 3rd and Stewart won't last until our 2nd. So take Bryant at #2 and select Kevin Smith or Tashard Choice at #3. And pass on Zdude. Otherwise, not a bad draft. Johnson's another Stanback, isn't he? And Licht is a bit light?
  7. ThatsmyQB

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    Johnson isn't stanback!
    He threw 43 T.D.'s and only ONE INT, I don't care WHAT LEVEL you play at, that's just INSANE, plus he can run, I think he could be a strarter and a very goo backup to have if hie sits and learns ala Romo, I wouldn't mind him in round 4, but to be Q.B., not switch positions.
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    NE had a private workout for him, but I think they viewed him as a wideout. Can't seem to find the link, though.
  9. ThatsmyQB

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    He ran a 4.6 which is GREAT for a Q.B. who can throw 43 T.D.'s and only 1 INT, but that 4.6 SUCKS for a W.R. ,especially for a guy who never played W.R. in college, just doesn't make sense to move him to W.R., he's a Q.B. or he's not making it in the NFL!

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