Quinn or Miller with the 9th pick ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jnday, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. jnday

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    I have a question for some fans wanting Quinn or Miller with the 9th pick. What will the Cowboys do with Spencer ? Is Ryan the type of DC that can get Spencer to play up to his potential ? I would like to trade back a couple times and gather picks to use on the o-line. After reading some of the comments on Quinn and Miller , I have tried to have a more open mind on drafting one of these guys. I understand the concept of having two top-rate pass rushers. I just don`t know if the payoff is worth overlooking some of the positions with more need. Your thoughts?
  2. marchetta

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    Like Stephen Jones said, we're going best player available even if it's not at a position of need. SJ said, in this league of injuries, you have to go BPA because a position of strength can become a position of weakness in one snap. For those that think Quinn wouldn't fill a position of need, just ask yourselves what would happen if we lost Ware? We'd lose our only true pass rushing threat. With Quinn, our season wouldn't be over.
  3. Cowboyslife

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    Other than Ware, who is a true pass-rushing threat? I don't think we quite solved the pass-rush problem.
  4. TheCount

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    I am under the impression that the team is actually quite pleased with Spencer and not looking to replace him.
  5. CATCH17

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    Quinn would be my choice for no other reason than having a backup plan if there were an injury.

    Plus I think Spencer needs someone on his heels.
  6. TheCount

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    Ugh, can a mod please delete one of my Spencer posts. Stupid iPhone.
  7. dadymat

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    no ....it needed to be said twice....maybe it will sink in to some now that Spencer is not a weakness
  8. jnday

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    I feel the same way , but several posters ranted and raved over the chance of having one of them with the 9th pick. I would like to know ,what to do with Spencer ?
  9. RealCowboyfan

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    This makes me think that Cam Newton or Fairly might be the best players on the board then. I rather get Cam Newton or trade the pick off to someone else instead of giving Redskins the option to get him if the Cowboys not going to draft him.
  10. rkell87

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    lol we can only pray washington picks cam
  11. burmafrd

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    I really wonder how any good coach can be PLEASED with his play this year. With the exception of the last six games last year Spencer has never shown much.
  12. respectdatstar

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    Quinn is a DE/OLB. So is Spencer. Could one of them play OLB and the other play DE? Say, a front 7 like this:

    DE - Marcus Spears
    NT - Jay Ratliff
    DE - Robert Quinn

    OLB - Anthony Spencer
    ILB - Bradie James
    ILB - Sean Lee
    OLB - DeMarcus Ware
  13. TheCount

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    Sure, if you want to give up 175 yards rushing every game.
  14. Plankton

    Plankton Well-Known Member

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    Can't have enough pass rushers. If Quinn is there, you don't even think twice about it - turn in the card.
  15. btcutter

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    Absolutely. Just rotate those guys in fresh to rush the passer like the G men did when they won the SB. Only need to rush 4 and drop 7 to cover.

    D wins Championships!
  16. CanuckCowboysFan

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    LOL lmao - Quinn as a 3-4 DE :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh2:
  17. realtick

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    If Quinn is the best player on the board the Cowboys should select him and not even think twice about it.

    Anthony Spencer should not be the reason you bypass a prospect like Robert Quinn.

    A lot of folks look at roster/depth chart sort of like it's 2D, in other words simply like a roster are just names on paper. That's why they say things like "hey, we got player X here, so we got that covered...no need to get player Y"

    You have to add the other dimension: reality

    Meaning unforseen things like injuries.

    Seriously, we've been fortunate that DeMarcus Ware has been relatively injury-free his entire career (not missing major time). Ask yourself this. What if Ware or Spencer were to go down for significant time? As it stands now, all you have are Victor Butler and Brandon Williams behind them. I don't think either one of those players are ready to be counted on in extended duty, let alone entire stretches of games.
  18. acer941

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    Victor Butler actually played pretty good in relief of Spencer or Ware.

    If we do Draft Quinn then hopefully we can get a mid to low 2nd or a high 3rd for spencer.
  19. TheCount

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    Butler played just okay. He played more than most people realize, he just didn't do much when he got his opportunities.
  20. realtick

    realtick Benched

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    I like Butler, but you have to put his production into perspective. Butler typically comes in as a designated rusher on obvious pass rushing downs.

    Should an injury happen and you have Butler playing three downs for the entire game for weeks on end, I think you'll see a lot of the warts come out.

    Spencer has about 20 lbs on Butler and is much more of a run defender.

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