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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bigcrob, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Yes the Boys lose in Philly, but be truthful to yourselves and think. Did you really think we would go into Philly and win that game. Yes, as fan I think we will win every game. The Philly player's played with emotion from the beginning to the end. I'm proud of this young team and I think we will learn how to win in hostile environments because of this Eagle's game. In past year since Parcell's as become the coach of the boys we have lose emotional games that would have put us back as one of the elite teams of the NFL. For example his first year Carolina playoff game; his second year Philly game aka Horse collar game, his third year Washington game, and this year its the Philly game. In my opinion the game that we have to win and I will base my opinion on what kind of team we have is the Washington game. Like Philly its going to be a hostile environement and with a team with a blitz crazy defense. We win that game we win the division and this team will do it with Drew as the QB. We have to learn how to win big games on the road, because the road is the only way we go to the Superbowl. Chicago or Seattle win will home field this year. Get behind you team and coach and go with Drew. Remember all it take is one win to get on a roll. Go Cowboys!!!

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    Yes. I thought we would win that game. We are the better team. We should have won.
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    We could say that about every game.
    It was a game, we lost, let's move on and get better. Let Philly have their little "Superbowl". They did before in 1992, whipping us 31-7 on national TV, and then dropped four in a row while we went on to win the real Superbowl.

    It's a long season, and I'm looking forward to it.
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    When we took the lead 21-17 after giving them them 10 points, I was convinced we were the better team. I still wonder what if.
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    Would you like a pair of Pom Poms with that speech?

    We had every chance to win that game. We had many opportunities to shut the door and WE blew it. We did not make the plays when we had the opportunity to do so. Philly had the Giants down on the canvas but they took care of business and we didn't. That's what makes this game hard to swallow because victory was in our grasp and we let it slip away. Also if we don't win road games then we don't go anywhere so I have a bad taste in my mouth and it probably won't go away until I see this team play better and make better decisions on the field.

    Now as far as getting behind the team, the coach and everything else Dallas Cowboys related, I have no problem with that at all. I will be there watching the game like everyone else and rooting them on.
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    I think people's outlook would be different if we lost because the D played poorly (which is partially true), or Julius fumbled 3 times or WR's kept dropping passes. Those things happen sometimes and sometimes it bites you. You get frustrated but come right back to prove it was a fluke.

    But the fact that ineffective QBing (be it the O-lines or Bledsoes fault) primarily sunk our ship and holds us back from tapping the enormous potential of TO/Glenn & Witten has people wondering whether that truly will be fixed this year.

    Its not the fact that we lost. Its how we lost. And the recognition that we will likely have to overcome a significant vulnerability against very good defenses to reach a SB that has people bummed. And Philly (obviously), Chicago, Atlanta & Carolina are all contenders with darn good defenses.
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    If Bledsoe plays well [No fumbles..no Ints] we win.

    He played poorly in JAX and Philly.

    Im ready to move on to the next game.

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    Like I said... we were the better team

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