News: Quite Frankly With Steve A.

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Encore, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Anyone catch tonights?

    Thomas and Julius Jones were on.

    Thomas looked like some street kid, while Julius had a very nice suit on and presented himself very well.

    I only got the end. He mentioned that the High Ankle sprain was very hard to deal with, and he's never had one before, so he had no idea how it felt or how long the recovery would be.

    Also said, The fans of the Cowboys are "What have you done for me lately" .. Meaning, Its hard when you have a good kid in Marion Barber come in and do well, and the people forgot what you did last season. But he understands that. He is healthy he stated.

    Steven A reminded him what Parcells said after the MNF game agasint the Seahawks. Parcells saying "I told you he was somthing speical".

    That was all I got. Julius stands out much more then Thomas. He seems much more professional.
  2. wxcpo

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    Yeah I caught the whole thing. Steven Smith asked him about Bledsoe and Julius said Bledsoe was a older QB who had been in the league along time and although he wasn't a very mobile QB said he was a very good leader. I think Steven Smith was trying to bait Julius into saying something negative about Bledsoe though.

    To me it's good that Julius realizes that it is all about what have you done for me lately, maybe it'll get him working hard this offseason to condition himself into shape and staying hungry. Maybe next season we'll get a full one from Julius and we can finally see what we got with him.
  3. Billy Bullocks

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    julius is a prime example of what have youd on elately? I mean, he has a great end to his rookie season, and had a few flash points this last year, but seriously, what has he done. I love the kid, I got his jersey, etc., but he better prove he is our next back.
  4. lspain1

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    A lttle harsh Billy, but you do have a point. I think Julius has to prove he's durable enough to go a full season. I don't doubt his talent and we need to get him a decent O-line and see what he can do. It's his durability that is in question.
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    I wish the idiot had asked JJ why he did not seem able to do what he did last year before his ankle injury; how much he had bulked up if any and what he had concentrated on; his running style and the changes BP wanted from him.
    THAT would have been what I would have asked him. MORON.
    JJ from what I read looked very professional and conducted himself well. Just what you would expect from him.
    By the way JJ is not injury prone and there are no durability problems- but what he might have is bad luck which can be worse. The shoulder blade injury was a freak hit- Emmitt got the same thing. The ankle - how do you stop being rolled up from behind? Both injuries just bad luck.
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    thomas who?
  7. GTaylor

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    Welcome to the NFL meat. You think Dallas fans are harsh, try dealing with Philly fans whom the great Mike Schmidt once said: "Philadelphia is the only city, where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day."

    Or better yet, go play for the Yankees and strike out when you're up 12-0 and see if fans are patient and forgiving.
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    Ah, Julius brother.

  9. Natedawg44

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    A thousand yard back in the NFL which his brother has failed to do at this point.
  10. Bob Sacamano

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    Thomas Jones wasn't a 1,000 yard back until this year...his ??th year in the league?

    hell, Julius is off to a much better start than his brother was
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    He actually had a 1000 yard season with the Cardinals

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