"Coaches around the league" tell NFL.com's Mike Lombardi that Browns first-round pick

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by UnoDallas, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Haden "might not have enough speed to play corner," writes Lombardi. Lombardi notes that there were conflicting opinions inside the franchise as to whether the Browns should take Haden or Kyle Wilson 7th overall. They went with the more highly touted Haden, and it apparently isn't looking great so
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    jets got a steal im telling yall, wilson will be as good as mike jenkins in a year or two and he is oppisite revis. jets D is gonna be sick for a while
  3. Cover 2

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    I honestly thought both McCourty and Wilson were better corners than Haden.
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    And this!
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    Kyle Wilson is a beast.
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    I had McCourty and Wilson #1 and #2 on my Cowboys board.

    Yes, I was a Dez Bryant doubter/hater, and I freely admit to being completely and utterly wrong.
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    Browns high first round picks busting.
  8. rkell87

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    i had wilson 1 but i was a dez hater too, but not from a talent standpoint

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