"Draft Best Available" option won't be available to us.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cobra, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I looked at the Cowboys depth chart, and I realized that we need at least three starters in this draft. As such, I don't believe we can take the best available player with any of our high picks. So if Pac Man (whom I would like just because he is called "Pac Man") or Rolle or Williamson falls into our lap, I don't think we can take them because we can't take the best available player. Hell, I'm not sure that we could afford to draft Johnson, unless we are certainly going to 3-4.

    Here is my read on Dallas' depth chart:

    SS: Roy, ______
    FS: ______, Dixon/Davis
    CB1: Newman, Thorton, N. Jones
    CB2: Henry, Hunter, Frazier
    SLB: Singleton, Thorton
    MLB: Dat, O'Neil, Fowler
    WLB: James, _____
    LDE: Ellls, Ogbogu
    LDT: Glover, Carson
    RDT: Ferguson, Blade or one of those DT's we signed recently
    RDE: __________, Coleman

    WR1: Keyshawn
    TE: Witten, Campbell, Ryan
    RT: ________, Tucker, Rogers
    RG: Riveria, Peterman, Gurode
    C: Johnson, Walters, Gurode
    LG: Allen, Walters
    LT: Adams, Vollers
    WR2: Glenn
    WR3: Morgan, Crayton, Copper
    QB: Bledsoe, Henson, Romo
    RB: Julius, _____, Lee, Bickerstaff
    FB: Anderson, Barnes/Polite

    From what I can see, we have to draft a starting FS, LDE, RT. So I don't see how can we spend a high draft pick on a "best available" WR or LB or CB.

    I don't feel comfortable with going into the season with an unproven CB (Hunter) at FS. And I'll be damned if we go in with Cpt. Toast Dixon as FS. So I think we need to get a starter. And we have no RDE. I also don't like going in the season with our Tackle situation.

    So, right now, I think we have to go #11 - DE, #20 - OT, Rnd2 - FS. Then later rounds, snag LB, RB, and backup SS.

    Any thoughts? Am I missing anyone on my depth chart? Any way to fill those holes so that we can draft "best available?"

    Since you guys are the experts, instead of focusing on certain players, can you help me grasp how we are going to get a full roster out of the rest of free agency and the draft?
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    You may be right...but we still have time left pre and post draft for FA....and from the way Jerry talked he would like to get a FS in FA.

    Also for your list...you might want to take Dixon off and put Lynn Scott on. :)

    BTW...Good Post. :cool:
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    You should also consider that what may be a position of strength "today" can easily turn into a position of weakness tomorrow if a player is hurt or suspended. That is why I hope Dallas does take the BPA. Now, if Dallas has five guys ranked about the same and all are still there when it's time to pick, then I have no problem trading down a few spots. Tier drafting.

    IMHO... A team can never have too many good defensive ends or cornerbacks and this draft has a good supply of both.

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