"Expert" quotes about Aikman before the '89 draft

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Gryphon, Aug 5, 2006.

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    On the weekend that Troy receives the greatest honor in pro football, I thought it would be fun to go back and review what everyone's favorite commentator said about the Cowboys taking Aikman with the first pick of the 1989 NFL Draft:

    Apri 21, 1989, in USA Today, as quoted by columnist Rudy Martzke:
    "They're taking Aikman to sell tickets . . . the Cowboys have done everything in their power to embarrass the greatest NFL franchise in the past 30 years."
    -- Joe Theismann

    From the same article:
    The Cowboy's NFC East opponents "hoped the Cowboys would take Aikman. If they took Tony Mandarich, he'd give Dallas a virtual 300-pound [per man] line for Herschel Walker to run behind."
    -- Mel Kiper

    (I don't have a link, but you can find the quotes in Brad Sham's book "Stadium Stories" on page 89.)

    None of this is to put down Theismann or Kiper (that's just a happy coincidence). It's to look back fondly at 18 years (good God I'm getting old) and to publicly thank Troy Aikman for countless thrilling and happy Sundays. He wasn't always perfect, but he ALWAYS showed up ready to play, he ALWAYS picked himself off the turf after a big hit, and he ALWAYS made us proud.

    Thank you, Troy, for everything you did in a Cowboys uniform. Enjoy wearing the gold jacket. You've earned it several times over.
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    One Of the greats, dont care what no one says
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    Single funniest post EVER.
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    Wonder if there as glad as we are that we did take him?:lmao:
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    Well aint that a surprise, Theismann was an even bigger idiot 17 years ago
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    Supposedly Lou Holtz advised Johnson to take Mandarich and focus the offense on running Hershel behind him. Thankfully Johnson didn't take his advice.
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    I never liked joe theisman before this quote, but this just jumped his brownie points way down
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    I remember reading an article in the Palm Beach Post. JJ & JJ said when they seen Troy throw a bullet and accurate into an extremely strong wind, they knew he was there guy form the beginnig.

    In 88, a friend of mine at work, about the last 6 games of the season, we started rooting for losses. So we could have the 1st pick, and to get Aikman. After the loss the last game of the season to get that #1. We came in high 5-ing each other. People thought we were crazy. But we knew better, and just smiled.
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    Where's Gil Brandt's article where Landry knew Aikman was the guy after only a few passes in a tryout. Then when Landry was fired, Brandt was afraid they wouldn't want Aikman and they showed up to another Aikman workout and Jimmy stated that they would've never lost a game if Aikman played at Miami and they would've won by easily 50 points every game.

    Joe Theismann probably thought Heath Shuler and Desmond Howard were going to be GREAT picks for the Skins. :laugh2:

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    How Bout Them Cowboys!
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    Funniest thing about the Theisman quotes: They are sorta true, just not as he intended.

    Aikman sure did sell a lot of tickets. And, he sure did help the Cowboys embarass a lot of great NFL franchises on the field by whooping the stuffing out of them.

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    Being a huge UCLA fan (I'm from SoCal) I was thrilled going into the draft that year because I was sure we would take Aikman. When the rumors started circulating that we might/should take Mandarich I was disappointed because I KNEW Aikman would be a great QB for us (of course I thought Cade McNown would be great too so...) and it turned out that way!

    Theezman has always been an idiot so this is no surprise.

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