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    For those of you who like to gamble....

    Think "F"

    +.52 over the last 4 days.

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    I was talking about Ford stock the other day in a thread.

    I was waiting for it to go down just a tad more, had a set price to buy some stock at $1.25 and it was going lower and lower for about a week and I was just a day or so of getting it and bang it started going back up.

    But I have learned that it can go right back down after some days of going up.

    Look at the STP stock we talked about some time back. It was low than it surged up to about $17-19 then it went back to year lows and now it $7.01 and heading down again.

    So you never know.

    I do know I have had a good amount of success with NEM (mining stock) bought it at around $23 and now it hovers at $40+ and has been as high as $45 in the last month. Woohoo for me.:D
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    We need more of these discussions. I look at the S&P 500 and all I can come up with is



    and this::huh:

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    I dont play the stock market anymore.

    I used to day trade back in the day of the dot-coms. That was when any company with a dot-com after their name doubled in price every freaking month.

    When the dot-com bubble burst, I took a $20,000 haircut on Sun Micro. I knew Sun was vastly overpriced, it had like a 400 PE at one point, but the dam thing would go up every freaking day before the collaspe.

    Of course back then I didnt have a mortgage or auto loan like I do now, so I am a lot more risk-averse now.

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