" Have you Sheen my Mock ? "

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Mar 16, 2011.

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    " I'd trade one of my love goddesses for this mock "

    1st rnd, #6: ( from Cleveland ) CB Patrick Peterson, 6'1, 220 lbs, LSU

    I agree with Hoss on this one that we trade up using our 3rd rnd pick with Cleveland. Peterson's stock is getting into legend territory just about every week that passes by, but that's mostly media hype. When the rubber meets the road, teams know they're not going to reach for him, no matter how good he is. Best example of that was Deion Sanders, although, to be fair, Deion came out in arguably one of the best drafts in NFL history ( 1989 ), if not THE best, and PP is no Deion. Teams picking in the top 5 are just going to go about their business and do what teams picking in that range always: best player available and fills need. None of the top 5 teams have CB as their biggest need entering this draft, therefor PP falls to #6 where Jerrah is going to pounce on him right in front of the Niners. Might be wishful thinking, but, hey, it's my mock.

    2nd rnd, #50 ( from San Diego ): OG Marcus Cannon, 6'5, 360 lbs, TCU

    I agree with Hoss on this one too, only not with the trade partner. Cannon was born to be a Cowboy. He's the protypical Cowboy lineman who could start at LG right away ( he won't play OT ) and be very successful. He's a no brainer if he's available at this pick. The trading partner would be San Diego, who also owns 2 third round picks, and the drop wouldn't be as steep as it would be with the Saints. The Chargers would be looking for any DE that have fallen through the cracks at #40 and weren't able to pick up in the 1st round or a receiver, if they don't resign Vincent Jackson. They'd love it if Tandon Doss would be available with this pick.

    3rd rnd, #82 ( from San Diego ): FS Deunta Williams, 6'2, 210 lbs, North Carolina

    No fooling around with this pick. If Deunta is there, he's a Cowboy, or he better be.

    4th rnd, #109: DT Kenrick Ellis, 6'5, 350 lbs, Hampton

    This ( and 3rd rnd as well ) is the round that the Cowboys love to pick up those D-linemen from small schools and Ellis would be perfect for depth behind Josh Brent.

    5th rnd, #154 (from Seattle): ILB, Colin McCarthy, 6'1, 240 lbs, da U

    This is a round that Jerrah always loves to trade up or down, getting extra picks in the 6th and 7th or even next year. Seattle has back to back picks in this round, but they're later and they have 2 picks in the 6th round, which makes them the perfect partner for Jerrah to wheel and deal.

    I've been consistenly mocking MCarthy around this area for the Cowboys, so I won't change now. I think that aside from what I've said of him, Rob R is going to love this kid. Casey Matthews from Oregon would be a candidate too.

    6th rnd, #168 (from Detroit thru Seattle): DE Lawrence Guy, 6'5, 310 lbs, ASU

    Sleeper pick. At the very least a practice squad candidate, but could easily win a roster spot if the light bulb goes on.

    6th rnd, #185 ( from Seattle thru SF ) OT Josh Davis, 6'7, 330 lbs, Georgia

    This is another wheel and deal from Jerrah. He trades from the #171 spot after acquiring #168, getting in return #185 and #200 ( #8 in the 7th rnd ) from the 49ers.

    Josh Davis is the typical long term project O-lineman that the Cowboys like to select around this area who'll probably end up in the practice squad taking either Parnell's spot or Robert Brewster's spot IF he makes it.

    7th rnd, #200 ( from SF ): CB Demarcus Van Dyke, 6'1, 180 lbs, da U

    Special team prospect/practice squad candidate, Cowboys would be intrigued with his speed and as a copy cat league, they paid attention to the success that Sam Shields had in Green Bay. At this point, and with the labor issues, they might not want to wait to sign him as a UDFA and risk losing him to someone else.

    8th rnd, #210 ( from SD ): SS Christopher Conte, 6'2, 210 lbs, California

    Another special team prospect/practice squad material, who'll be pushing Sendejo, McCray, and Church for a spot on the roster. Might surprise some people.

    Fire away but remember: The Sheen is watching... :cool:
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    Bi-winning and Boom.
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    I like the fact the Peterson has tiger blood.
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    LOVE this draft. You got Cannon, who I'm a huge fan of, and Conte--who I'm really liking in the later rounds. Also, a big fan of McCarthy

    Good job, all the way around
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    Peterson and Deunta :pray:
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    can we lock this draft in now? you know get a patent for it at legalzoom.com? :D
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    Does he poop gold and piss science?
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    Did Sheen approve the 8th round pick?
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    He said...

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