"Heroin King" Arrested in Mexico

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    From The Times
    March 27, 2010
    Heroin king arrested as bloodshed goes on

    Mexican police hailed the capture of José Antonio Medina, "King of Heroin", asa major victory in the murderous drug war

    Mr Medina is alleged to have made $12 million a month from smuggling heroin into the US

    Tim Reid, Ciudad Juárez

    Mexican police hailed the capture yesterday of the “King of Heroin”, one of the country’s most powerful drug barons, a major victory in the murderous drug war.
    José Antonio Medina, allegedly responsible for smuggling thousands of pounds of heroin into the US each year, was arrested in the western state of Michoacán and is being held for prosecution.
    Mr Medina, 36, allegedly ran a complex smuggling operation that sent 440lb (200kg) of heroin each month into southern California for La Familia drug cartel, said Ramon Pequeño, head of the anti-narcotics division of Mexico’s federal police.
    Yet even with Mr Medina’s arrest the bloodshed between rival cartels — and the police and military fighting them — continued unabated across Mexico, underscoring the challenge that Mexico and the US face in dismantling the gangs.

    Ten people were killed in Ciudad Juárez in the past 24 hours, including a US citizen in an attack on an undertaker. Police also found a decapitated man in a shopping centre car park, his head inside a plastic bag near by.
    More than 2,600 have died in the city in the past three years. After the shooting of three people connected to the US consulate in Juárez on March 13, a US delegation, including Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, and Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, travelled to Mexico City to pledge renewed American commitment and aid to tackle the drugs crisis.
    In Mexico City federal police said that they had seized $1.7 million (£1.1 million) in small bills and arrested two Mexicans and two Colombians for allegedly running financial operations for the cartels. The drugs business brings about $25 billion in illicit cash into Mexico each year.
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    The Taliban regime and associated members of the Afghani government work together to produce 8200 TONS of opium that can be processed to pure #4 heroin. The reason they only produce 8200 tons is because of an ongoing moderate drought in the north and eastern provinces, most notably in Badakhshan and Balkh. A kilo of pure heroin in southern Afghanistan costs less than $1000. On the streets of NY, uncut, it's worth $150K plus.

    His arrest paves the way for the ascension of the man who will take his place.
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    On a more serious note this guy is nothing. I say big deal. There are dozens ready to take his place, in fact the blood is already running in the streets.

    The "War on Drugs" is a joke. :rolleyes:

    Drop some napalm on the drug farms and start executing cartel members by the hundreds and then get back to me.

    440 lbs of heroin whoopee freakin do.:rolleyes:

    Chain snatching, jive-***, maricon ************s. Why don't you get out of here and go snatch a purse...:shoot2:

    Do like Arnold said in Red heat.. "You smuggle drugs into my country and one day you wake up with your testicles floating in a jar next to your bed."
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    No kidding, 440 pounds, a drop in the proverbial bucket. There are 3 provinces in Afghanistan that produce what the UN Office of Drugs and Crime call "insignificant" amounts of opium and heroin. Kunar province, one of the three, is expected to pump out over 400 pounds of heroin or 4000 pounds of opium/morphine.

    There are 3 more provinces that have "insignificant" production as well but the security risks are too high to attempt surveys. I have no idea how accurate the information they get from Kandahar, Hilmand, or Uruzgan is which are major production provinces.

    300,000+ acres in cultivation in Afghanistan which is more than enough to supply the world's demand for it. That doesn't include China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, and Central/South America.
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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    That could supply the entire world twice...
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    Close, but only the entire world once. If the drought ends this coming winter the number of acres in cultivation could double, but more likely to expand by 25-65%. The price of opium has been declining there, BUT the price of wheat and other agricultural crops have declined by an even larger percentage.

    Google, UNODC Afghanistan Opium Survey 2010 and you can read all about it. The report is just a few weeks old.
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    I dare to say no to drugs.

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