"Jap plays" So What!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BigD_95, Jun 9, 2004.

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    Give me a freaking break! What the heck is the big deal? Everyone is trying to make this into something its not. First off the phrase came because Japan pulled a sneak attack on the USA, so the phrase is what it is. How can it offend Japanese people? They are the ones who gave themselves the bloody name to begin with. If they want to be mad then be mad at their own country.

    Granted he shouldn’t have said it but he apologized right away for the mistake. So its time to move on. What do people want? Blood?

    Im also sick of the doubled standard. Anytime a white male says something offensive, its the end of the world. Yet when Reggie White puts down every race, there wasn’t any backlash. These type of examples I could list all day.

    The bottom line is everyone knows He isnt a racist. No one in his profession could be. He made a comment that he shouldn’t have and he apologized for it. End of story.
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    so I won't even touched the entire Jap plays thing. That being said, I don't think Reggie White can be used as your example. Maybe he wasn't where you live, but Reggie White was bashed for weeks after his comments where I live. Plus, I remember just about every group he said something about coming out and condemning the comments. He also got a lot of bad press from the national media.
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    Then let it end and don't start any more threads about it. :rolleyes:
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    Sorry, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I just got a player update from Draftsharks (a fantasy football advice service I subscribe to) and this was their take on the Parcells controversy. Kind of funny.

    ** On the subject of Bill Parcells, the Thought Police have
    reprimanded Parcells for sharing with the media the fact that the
    team refers to certain surprise plays as “Jap” plays – an allusion to
    the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Though
    Parcells was forced apologize for his remarks, the Japanese
    government has never apologized for it’s sneak attack on Pearl
    Harbor, or for murdering 20,000 American POWs in the Bataan Death
    March – only to mention a few of their crimes against humanity during
    WWII. ​
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    They haven't apologized? Wait till the press gets a hold of that ... oh boy. :rolleyes:

    Get me a stick, this horse needs a few more whacks. :D
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    Cool out. Listen, all Americans will remember December 7, 1941, the Batann DM,
    and other atrocities. But also remember the thousands of Japanese Americans that were held in "camps," those Japanese Americans that fought along our side
    during WWII, and those Japanese Americans that lost families during Hiroshima and other operations. My uncles were in Korea, and WWII -- they told me about some serious hand-to-hand combat. You couldn"t tell if an American or the enemy was in the next foxhole.

    We've had enough time to heal! I'm not Asian-American, but all Americans deserve respect until they prove otherwise.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot that every japanese person participated in the pearl harbor attack, and is therefore specifically responsible for giving themselves that nickname. Regardless of its origin it is offensive because it does exactly what you just said, it labels an entire race of people as sneaky, violent, and cowardly.

    One of the more ignorant comments i've seen on this board. And don't try to list unapologized atrocities against the US because we've committed our fair share as well.

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