"Sombody named Patrick Crayton"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lurkercowboy, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. lurkercowboy

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    The Virginian Pilot (newspaper) sports section always puts out an NFL preview special. They always feature the Redskins of course. This years edition said that Washington has been losing lately to bad Dallas teams and last year "somebody named Patrick Crayton" beat them on a late touchdown.

    I hope that the Redskins become more familiar with Crayton in the years to come.
  2. cowboyfreak

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    Don't let the Skins fool you..They know exactly who he is..and wish they didn't!
  3. austintodallas

    austintodallas Consider Yourself Sucked

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    I would take our "somebody" over any one of their "somebodys".
  4. Juke99

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    Yeah...."someone named Bobby Thompson" beat the Dodgers too...

    Funny stuff.
  5. k19

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    thats almost funny. Craytons going to keep getting better

    Whats funnier is that "somebody named Hambrick" beat them too and last I heard he wasnt even in the NFL anymore :D
  6. Doomsday101

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    Before this season is over a lot of people will know who Patrick Crayton is
  7. Bull Frog

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    Someone named Lawrence Taylor broke Theismann's leg.
  8. Funxva

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    [​IMG]Let's hope this happens a lot Sunday! Brees looks like he's calling for his mama.
  9. jterrell

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    Not only did Crayton beat them. He beat their bonus baby, 1st round safety Sean "On Parole in MIA" Taylor.
  10. Big D

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    I bet they don't know who rocket ismael is either.. ;)
  11. GTaylor

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    May they lose yet again to an unknown player - it makes the overreactions there that much more enjoyable.
  12. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    Big D, that is the best signature picture I have seen to date on this message board. Just too cool.

    #84 will be well known in Dallas and around the league before it is all said and done.
  13. Bcburns

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    Hopefully it won't take long for Brees to realize that Fujita now plays for the Cowboys.:D
  14. Hostile

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    Dude, that is one of the best sig pics I have seen. Very nice.
  15. Big D

    Big D Well-Known Member

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    Thanks. I've been so damned hyped about this season I didnt know what else to do with myself.
  16. GTaylor

    GTaylor Gif Dude

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    Sig pic is nice, the avatar is sweet!
  17. jay cee

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    I'm with Fletch and Hostile on this one Big D, that is fantastic. I'm tryin' to figure out how to that baby into a poster. :bow:

    EDIT: Dang, you're right GT, that avatar is the also bomb.
  18. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    It certainly is awesome.............. I'd love to see Rowdy added to it, tho.

  19. Big D

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    I can put it up larger for those who want to use it as a desktop or whatever. As for adding rowdy, Thats a tough one.
  20. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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    I've seen their receivers in action, and Crayton would have no problem cracking their top two. Their WRs are woeful.

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