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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hoov, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Werder said on the national shows last week that he was still struggling with and frustrated about not calling plays anymore.

    I think Werder is a weasel of a person, but he's very well sourced with the team. Just getting that in before someone claims he made it up.

    Back to Garrett, it is funny to hear him act like so little running is unacceptable after about half a decade of him as OC neglecting the run.
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    With more experience the Beard will not make the mistakes; he will not run up againt many NTs or DTs that are stronger than he is so that problem is relatively minor. Leary will get better as well with more playing time. Waters will solidify the line by coaching those two and helping Free keep his head straight.
    So the O line problems should iron themselves out in time. Now the question is for this season will we have the time?
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    We're talking less about audibles here, and more about the plays that are called when the team's in hurry-up. I actually don't know for sure what that process is, but I was assuming that was an area where Tony has a lot more discretion re: what we run. It's probably more likely that he's getting headset communication in those situations, too.

    Whether you like the play designs or not, *when* you call a play makes a big difference in how successful it ends up being.

    To all the other stuff, JG was chippier in that presser than he normally is. He was defensive of the play calling, if anything. This is a situation where he can't win, because people are going to assume the worst no matter what he does re: play calling after a close road loss. It's possible his feelings are hurt re: playcalling. Personally, that seems a childish reaction of the sort I haven't seen much evidence of from this guy. Something's probably going on in the background, though. If the HC wants to run the ball more and is saying so publicly, you'll probably see us making more effort to do it. If nothing else, that should make people around here happier, regardless what the assumptions are about the HC's current state of mind.
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    Listening to Garrett's presser again, that second whiff on Poe was a communication problem with the RG. He put it on Frederick, because it's Frederick's responsibility to get the communication worked out, but I suspect he was really saying Bernardeau blew his pickup, for what that's worth.

    I'll have to pay more attention to Leary's play when I rewatch the game, because a couple of posters now have said he didn't hold up well. I didn't notice it much watching the game live, though.
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    Seems to me Garrett is saying "look, I'm not the problem" (because he knows he a big part of it).
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    Good points. As to Garrett isn't he the in-game head coach? At any time during the KC game he could have told Romo and/or Callahan to run it more period and not change the calls. That's his job. He could have demanded more runs during the game not complain publicly afterwards. The press conference just was butt-covering on his part and it made him look weak and not a team first guy.
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    NFLN is having a big chuckle about how Garrett passed the buck in that presser. And they showed the clip of him blaming Romo. He is the HC he could have ordered Romo to run more.
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    No. I mean, define unsuccessful running. If you can make a few yards, you have to continue to run. If you don't, then unsuccessful running turns into unsuccessful throwing and you end up getting your QB killed. That's how the game works.
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    yep, our last run was by Murray for only 2 yards but it got the 1st down so I'd call that a success
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    this is just plain stupid. so he tanked things with wade...how did he figure that he would be the head coach. and now, he is waiting for callahan to fail. how does he know Jones won't fire everyone at the end of the season.

    this conspiracy thoery is childish. why wouldn't he want the team to succeed, with him as a head coach? is it more important to him to be known as a good OC than a good head coach? is that what you are insinuating? come on...you much watch too much day time soap opera
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    haha i probably did go too far you're right. But I do think Garrett is all about Garrett and has an inflated view of himself. Callhan and Romo did exactly what Garrett has done for years. When HE had to answer for it it was justifiable in his mind. Now he calls the play calls out in public when there is someone else to blame. Don't forget when we had the bye week in playoffs 2007 he ran around to get HC jobs instead of preparing for the biggest game in recent Cowboys history. Worse than a weekend in Cabo IMO. Jimmy Johnson his supposed mentor told him when he became HC to drop the OC gig and he stubbornly refused. He couldn't even bring himself to admit Callahan had the job this season he spat it out only when forced to after 6 months.

    Garrett cost us 2-4 wins in the last two seasons directly from bad game and clock mgmt. He is in no position to call out anyone else's decisions. Besides if the run game was so unbalanced why didn't he as HC demand more runs in-game instead of passing the buck the next day?
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    Garrett can't get fired sooner...
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    He probably doesn't have any real authority anymore... Unless something drastic happens, his playbook is probably getting trashed next season as well.
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    We can only hope.
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    I just don't think ROMO is into the game like other QBs.... Not saying he is dumb or not dedicated.... but he doesn't see/act on opportunities like other good QB's, doesn't try to hard count the defense to get a easy 5yds, doesn't take opportunities for a free play, or try to catch the defense in a bad position....its always waiting for the defense to commit then snap and go...... I think we have already seen the best of Tony Romo. He is what he is and it will take another member of the offense to step up and take this team over the 8-8 hump....its not a dig on Romo, but year after year we see the same thing....It will take more than Romo to get this team to 9 wins.
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    He has had 9, 11, and 13 win seasons before. But yeah of course the team has to be good too to get there.
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    He is gone soon. He'll be a QB coach again soon. You never throw your players under the bus in public..thats just trashy.
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    I still haven't seen anyone answer the question of why didn't Garrett use his authority in-game as head coach to demand we run more/stop the audible rather than blame his QB after the fact.
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    I don't think Garrett threw anyone under the bus. He's the head coach, after all, and I believe he simply said we need to run the ball more during the no-huddle. In general, every football fan and talking head in the entire country is saying the Cowboys need to run the ball more, so I think perhaps Garrett's comment on the matter was just an aside - him saying something he assumed everyone else was thinking at the time. Garrett can't possibly not understand that if the Boys don't run the ball enough, it is his own fault.

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