News: Rafael Vela- Full Pad Saturday: Dallas Gets To Work

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Jul 30, 2011.

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    The Cowboys held their first full-pads session of the Jason Garrett regime Saturday afternoon, and got a bit more than anyone in the organization expected. Practice was halted roughly 20 minutes in when a player ran into receivers coach Jimmy Robinson on the near sideline. Robinson hit the turf and remained down near the 50 yard line. Medical staff braced Robinson's neck and put him on a body board. At last report he was in a San Antonio hospital undergoing tests.

    Robinson appeared to be conscious when carted from the stadium. He also flexed his legs. Jason Garrett took over the wide receiver drills in Robinson's absence.

    When work resumed, the lineups gave some hints as to where rookie tackle Tyron Smith will play. After working the Thursday and Friday sessions at left tackle, Smith today played at his college spot on the right, with Sam Young flopping to left tackle. Fellow rookie David Arkin played the entire day at left guard with the first unit. He'll likely stay at left on the second unit when Kyle Kosier is able to suit up this coming week.

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    Vela's reports are always money. Must read as far as I am concerned.
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    The "Roy Williams Fumble Drill" is some great coaching from Red. May I suggest the "Alex Barron Last-Play Holding Exorcism?"
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    Good stuff there...
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    "-- The first unit is getting better at handling the rush. One obvious benefit of Rob Ryan's blitzing will be to acclimate the offense to pressure. Bill Parcells used to hammer his offenses in camp and yell at them, ''when the season comes you're going to wish they blitz you!'' Rob Ryan may instill the same attitude in Garrett's guys. "

    I said pretty much the same thing in a thread earlier today and think it's an excellent point to make. Not only are we seeing blitzes but d-line moving at the snap and lots of other moving at the snap stuff that has killed us recently.
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    Vela puts me right at camp.
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    I agree with ya'll, Raphael Vela's reports are spot on. I followed him since mid '90's when he reported on the original TheBoys dot com site. :write:

    I too think its good to revive the habit of blitzing in practices. :clap2:

    Good one. :laugh2:

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