RAFAEL VELA: Where Have the Fullbacks Gone?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Where Have the Fullbacks Gone?
    By Rafael Vela

    The Cowboys running troubles foreground the lack of a good fullback. Many teams share the Cowboys’ problem. The fullback is an endangered species in the early ’00s, as many teams have gone to one back three receiver sets, a la the Colts. College football compounds the problem as spead offenses are even more prevalent there. This means fewer fullbacks are being developed for the NFL teams that run traditional two back sets.

    The trend has made the few bonafide fullbacks left valuable men. Lorenzo Neal, Mack Strong and William Henderson have learned what left-handed baseball relievers like Jesse Orosco have long known: as long as you can walk, you’ll have a job. Neal and Strong are both 13 year veterans and their teams would beg them to come back if they threatened retirement this offseason. Neal blasts holes for LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego. Strong is Shaun Alexander’s escourt in Seattle. These unsung greybeards are big reasons why Alexander and Tomlinson lead the NFL in touchdowns.

    Strong and the 11 year Packers veteran Henderson will be free agents next year. Dallas might consider them despite their age. Another younger option will be 49ers’ fullback Fred Beasley. The eight year pro was Garrison Hearst’s battering ram when San Francisco was still a playoff contender. Beasley is also considered the best running fullback in the game. I’m sure he would consider leaving a 49ers team that has crumbled around him.

    Imagine how effective Julius Jones and Marion Barber would be with a Daryl Johnston clone leading their way. A fullback like Beasley would be a mid-priced free agent signing who could provide a big-ticket effect.
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    Imagine how effective they would be with a simple battering ram like Jamar Martin leading the way. Don't give me any what did he do in Miami nonsense.

    It's evident a true blocking FB would make a big difference in this team.
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    Said it before, I'll say it again.

    If Jamar was all we made him out to be, he'd be on an NFL roster. Dude was a sledgehammer -- but only on those rare occassions when he actually blocked his man.

    Aside from making some huge blocks on Hard Knocks (which is where I bet most of this love for Jamar originated), I never saw any consistent play from him.

    BP has said over and over -- if a player can do ONE thing well, he can make a career for him. If Jamar was a great lead blocker, his inability to play ST or to catch the ball wouldn't matter. Since he was an average lead blocker he needed to be able to do other things. And he can't.

    Let's stop the love for a guy who is nothing more than practice squad material.
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    Beasley is a huge possibility. Nolan doesnt like him and he will be gone before next year. Plus he is exactly what the cowboys need a big run blocking fb who can run and do some other things.
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    Beasley from S.F. as our FA pickup this offseason? I hope so. JJ and Barber would ROCK with a true FB to lead them. Either that or more draw plays!

    I think Payton may read our site, because I actually saw the dust blown off the draw play against Denver. Nice that play finally saw the light of day!
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    I swear this guy must read our forums, we just been discussing this same thing the past couple weeks.
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    Have to admit I liked Martin- but it absolutely true that if he were really anywhere near as good a blocker as some think he was he would be doing it full time NOW.
    That is why I think looking for a somewhat small (240-250lb) TE that blocks real well would be easier then finding a fullback.
  8. baj1dallas

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    You know what's funny?

    The Colts sure as hell don't seem to have any problems running the football.
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    The main reason it's been discussed is because he pointed out some missed blocks etc by Polite in the Thanksgiving day game. So most of the people whining about the fullback here are doing so because this guy says we need a better one.
  10. AbeBeta

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    For the record, I also think Polite sucks as a blocker. But at least he gives you something as a receiver and on ST.
  11. Future

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  12. Natedawg44

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    Beasley is perfect for what we want hope we can get him. Vela left out another great vet fullback- Tony Richardson how do you leave him off the list and name Mack Strong and Lorenzo Neal.
  13. Alexander

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    I think Jamar has gotten the most mileage out of being a scrub ever in team history, surpassing the achievements of Woodrow Dantzler and Beau Morgan.
  14. Natedawg44

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    you also left out Reshard Lee
    To Quote the Mickinator If he was so good why was he cut twice.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed..add in ReShard Lee.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    Martin has toppled Reshard Lee. Reshard Lee at least is playing for an NFL team (even though he's been beaten out for positions by two undrafted rookie free agents on two different teams in the past 4 months). And at lesat Reshard Lee is still fresh in people's minds. Good lord, its been 3 years for Jamar Martin. . How long will the ridiculous over exaggeration of the man/myth/legend of Jamar Martin go on? The dude is working a forklift on a UPS dock for goodness sakes.
  17. irishwaste

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    Im just flat out stunned this many people remember him.
  18. AbeBeta

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    Why wouldn't folks remember our finest fullback since Moose? A guy who wrongly lost his roster spot because our coach is stupid? A guy who we simply refuse to re-resign because of our own stubbornness.

    That sort of stuff stays with you for a long time.
  19. parchy

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    In my opinion, the LAST thing this team needs is a fullback.

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