Raiders 2nd Rounder Michael Mitchell

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DavidS, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. DavidS

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    Like everyone else on draft day, I was laughing up a storm when they took this no-name SS from Ohio University Michael Mitchell.

    But maybe the raiders might have found a "Gem" in this years draft???

    Because just watched this dude's highlight film...and this dude is a BEAST!

    Head-Hunting Saftey that moves like a corner. Check it out. Dang!!
  2. renny

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    that guy can play!
  3. BAT

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    All the raider forums / boosters knew about this guy even before the draft. Someone inside the Raiders leaked it to them. They were all freaking before the draft worried someone might take him before they did.
  4. Bob Sacamano

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    he has unbelievable closing speed and power

    kind of jealous that we still don't have that type of thumper in the secondary
  5. DFWJC

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    That takes some nads to take him at the top of the second round. But yes, I've seen film on the guy and he does seem to have been way undervalued based on the limited amount we have all seen.

    My guess is they easily could have gotten him in the 4th-5th and maybe later, but you never know.
  6. speedkilz88

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    Chicago was after him also. All it takes is one other team.
  7. DavidS

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    yeah...right on my friend...I wonder if the "Boys" scouting department caught this guy. I am by no means a NFL Scout but he looks like no later than a 4th or 5th rounder. I have watched the tape a few times and he just looks better & better every time.

    You know what else is funny is that Mike Mayock kept sayin during the draft that he couldnt fairly evaluate the guy because he hasnt seen tape & couldnt find any tape on him at the moment, but I found this vid on youtube in just a few seconds. Huh.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    I guess he thinks he's above you-tubing:cool:
  9. cowboyjoe

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    i posted about him on the board too, before the draft
  10. cowboyjoe

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    Oakland sees impact in safety from Ohio U.Mike Mitchell; goose says he is a sleeper

    Oakland sees impact in safety from Ohio U.
    David White, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    There stood Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown, telling Mitchell what an instant difference he'd make in the Raiders' secondary during last week's predraft visit. Making matters all the more overwhelming, Raiders secondary coach Lionel Washington - a former NFL player himself - was reading from the exact same script.

    "It was absolutely amazing," Mitchell said in a phone interview. "To have those guys actually speaking to me ... it was almost unreal hearing that from a Hall of Famer."

    The message was simple: The Raiders need able bodies at the safety position, and they need them now. That's why Mitchell was brought to Alameda - along with Wake Forest safety Chip Vaughn - last week for a round of tire kicking.

    As it stands, the Raiders have three safeties on the roster: Tyvon Branch, who spent most his rookie season on injured reserve; Michael Huff, a first-round pick in 2006 now on the bench; and Hiram Eugene, an undrafted free agent with one year of starting experience.

    There used to be more. Rashad Baker led team safeties with three interceptions last year but left for the Eagles. Gibril Wilson was second with two interceptions but was released in January.

    To think, Raiders safeties combined for three interceptions in 2006-07. The remaining trio combines for two career picks. So yeah, this has been an ongoing problem ever since new Hall of Famer Rod Woodson retired in 2004.

    "Well, it's a concern," Raiders coach Tom Cable said of the lack of depth. "Maybe that's one of those priorities."

    Brown and Washington said as much to Mitchell, a late-round candidate who wasn't invited to the NFL combine but wowed scouts with a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash.

    He played free and strong safety at Ohio. His ability to hit hard against the run and defend cover well in the pass game makes him a player of interest to a team that could use more of both.

    "They want a couple of guys to come in and make an immediate impact," Mitchell said. "They want me to be the guy I was in college and be an impact. It was so cool to hear that word. A lot of teams draft you for depth or special teams. If it all works out, they want to draft me so I can make an impact that first year.

    "There's nothing more I want to do."

    BRIEFLY: The Raiders have drafted a safety in eight of the past nine years. Huff and Branch are the only ones still here. ... The Raiders brought in another combine snub last week in Texas Christian center Blake Schlueter, another late-round candidate.

    E-mail David White at
  11. RESIN8

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    The Raiders haven't been drafting too bad of late. When it comes to name brand players yes.

    Zach Miller has been solid so far.
    Kirk Morrison has been a stud.
    Mike Bush could be a steal.
    Jonnie Lee Higgins has great value as a stretch the field guy and ST.

    It's been the name brands that have been the issue.

    Jamarcus Russell
    Robert Gallery(although he is a solid Guard)
    Mike Huff

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