Rams UDFA, 6' 10", 403 lbs

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    Rams make a lot of roster room for 6-foot-10, 403-pound lineman Terrell Brown

    Some will tell you that the NFL is a height/weight/speed league, and St. Louis Rams undrafted rookie free agent Terrell Brown certainly has the first two nailed down. Brown, who played predominantly for Mississippi as a defensive lineman and will switch to the offensive line for Jeff Fisher, measured at 6-foot-10 and 388 pounds at his pro day on March 7.

    However, when the Rams signed him and weighed him in, it seemed that Brown had been spending extra time at the wrong training table.

    "Actually, we weighed him in at 403," Fisher said on Thursday. "We had him in for the tryout, and he had some issues that we had to clear up from a physical standpoint. But he got that put behind us. We worked him out on both sides of the ball, defensive line and offensive line, and we felt like his best position would be right tackle. [Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau] said he'd love to have him. He's a defensive lineman that we've converted to offensive lineman."

    As for the speed part of that height/weight/speed equation ... well, Brown's still working on that. At his pro day, he ran the 40-yard dash in 5.80 and 5.88 seconds, but it was his raw measurements that set NFL teams off. Brown measured in with 38-inch arms and a 92 3/8-inch wingspan, far above the norm, even by NFL standards.


    For rest of the story ---> http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/rams-lot-roster-room-6-foot-10-403-174026161.html
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    Guy has an awesome build. Not at all what I expecte when I saw his weight.

    He's got to be able to do something on an NFL team. I'm curious to see what happens with him.
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    Yeah he looks like a giant.
  4. Sarge

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    Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
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    can you say FG blocking unit?
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    He would probably be one of the slowest players in the NFL.

    When you're that slow I don't know that wingspan is going to save you.

    He's got Rich Eisen type speed there.

    Anyhow, if he couldn't dominate in college on the basis of size he's not going to do it in the NFL where players will abuse him with their quickness and technique.

    I doubt he makes the final cut but they may stash him on the PS for a couple years to see if they can convert him into a player.

    38 inch arms are very long, though. I think Tyron's are 36 3/8 but then again he's only 6-5, 307 pounds and runs a 4.9 40 yard dash. Oh yeah, he also knows how to play football.
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    Interesting the would move him to the O-line. I remember back in the day Green bay using Gilbert Brown and just a line stuffer, I this guy is a lot taller and that could work against him in that way, but if its 3rd and short thats a body that can clog.
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    You can put him to block kicks, but that's pretty much it. I could see DE's simply getting under his pad level and getting by him pretty easy.

    Too bad he can't catch of he'd be uncoverable as a TE.
  9. Future

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    Why RT?

    I'd be trying my hardest to plug him in at DT. Even if he doesn't get to the QB, that wingspan should allow him to knock down a LOT of passes.
  10. Hardline

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    He should have been an NBA center.Could have been the next Shaquille O'Neal .
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    yeah, d-line start him off on his knees and tell him to collapse the line. Why his knees so he does not have to come up out of a stance.
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    I don't see this guy getting any kind of leverage. You always hear scouts talking about "playing too tall". This guy isn't going to be able to play any other way.
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    Probably end up working for Vince McMahon.
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    Almost ever center in NBA is 7 ft.
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    Good Lord. What's he snack on? Children?

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