News: Randy Galloway: An independent voice weighs in on Tony Romo's play

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Outlaw Heroes

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    The throw was off, for sure, but I disagree with those who suggest that the pass should not have been attempted.
  2. dfense

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    Wow, finally a half way decent editorial from Galloway. I'm impressed.
  3. KB1122

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    One element never analyzed, how much does Romo's relatively weak arm matter? Does Aaron Rodgers not make the same picks?
  4. Oh_Canada

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    Speaking of ignore, I find it curious that you chose to ignore the "experts" take on this and decided to pick and choose which comments you believe. The throw to Felix was can elect to see this through Romo-colored glasses all you want. As far as the first pick goes, I still don't think it would have been a successful play regardless of what Bryant ran. The play fake was brutal, so the safety read it from the get-go and Bryant would have been leveled had he crossed him. However, I do think Bryant needs to run a better route to give it a chance. The Austin throw was bad, just because Miles didn't play defensive back doesn't make it better. Romo's choice on third and one late in the fourth was laughable and you can berate me all you want about my was a dumb audible from a QB who is not known for his patience or his decision making.
  5. silver

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    It matters but not a lot. Yes he has to anticipate the receivers routes just like a Peyton Manning would. But even guys with rocket arms like Troy or Favre needed trusty receivers.
  6. craig71

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    I think your arm strength question falls into the "it depends" category. It really depends on the coverage, pattern ran and depth. On some throws a noodle arm is all that is needed as long as you have good ball placement. On other thows you have to have good ball placement as well as a strong arm to beat a defender, ie. splitting defenders.

    The next time you get a chance to see some old highlights of Aikman throwing the ball to his receivers pay attention to the depth of some of the routes. After watching those highlights go and watch Garrett or Peete throw to those same receivers and the depth of their routes. You will see a night and day difference.

  7. Randy White

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    Read the article again. Romo made the right decision on 3rd and 1.. but it so happens that the player the ball was going to is not good.
  8. arglebargle

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    The thing I don't get is that: continuing to use them in ways they don't do well. If Dez screws up option routes, don't give him any. Yes it creates a weakness the defense can exploit, if they are sharp. But it takes away chances at a self inflicted wound.

    Don't know what the deal is with Otree: After the first game I thought I was wrong about him, but since then he's been regressing to the poor.
  9. btcutter

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    I disagree with you. Cb has S help from inside. The replay shows the S was closing from inside and would have an easier pick if the throw to the inside. Romo was right in throwing to the outside.WR needed to get outside leverage AWAY from S help. I fell Austin just got caught inside because Webster routed him and he never recovered.
  10. erod

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    It saddens me that, in the Year of our Lord 2012, it is a new discovery that interceptions are the result of miscommunication between quarterback and receiver.

    Protection, throw, route, catch. There are four parts to every completion, interception, and incompletion.

  11. TwoDeep3

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    Pleased with the results and blaming the wrong guy are not synonymous.

    Aikman was called out by fans back in the mid nineties because he was reluctant to throw the ball to players that wouldn't fight for it.

    The QB gets blamed when the back half of a pass is misplayed by the receiver or allowed to get into the hands of the defender.

    You will never understand this because you have made up your mind.

    I was like you once. Then I started looking closer.

    The answers are there. Your interpretation of them is incorrect for the most part. But the answers are evident.
  12. Idgit

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    It's half-way decent because half of it is quotes from someone who knows what he's talking about.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Not me. I don't believe the evaluation of the 1st pick is accurate. I still believe that it was a poor decision. Re-watched it again and still, I think the Giants new what was coming and they baited Tony. I think the ball was thrown too high, even if the route was run correctly and I think Tony threw a medicine ball, at best. I know you don't agree with this Idgit. That's OK but for the record, I don't agree with this guy. JMO.
  14. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

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    Lol. I was passively-aggressively sliding that by to see if anyone would bite. Because then I get to say 'Yeah, but The Guy Who Watched Some Film' agrees with *me.*

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Fair enough but who's the guy? I don't know. By his logic, Tony should have gone to Miles. One deep Safety that stayed in the middle of the field and in the area of the Dig route should dictate that you go to the single coverage which was Miles. He says this on the throw to OTree. If it's the correct read on that play, how can it be the incorrect read on this one?

    You can agree with him, but I do not.

    Watch that play again. The INT is made about 20 yards from the LOS. If Dez runs that route correctly, that ball is not on target for the route. It's way high and Dez has to go up and get it. There is no guarantee that it's still not intercepted or that Dez doesn't get the crap knocked out of him. If that ball would have been on target, that might not have been intercepted because you figure could easily have been thrown short. Who knows but after watching it over and over, I still do not agree that it was a good decision.
  16. Oh_Canada

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    R u seriously comparing Romo with a three time Super Bowl champ??
    He had just finished throwing two picks and the guy floats a lob ball to the sideline while his guy has inside position?? You're ok with that? I think it's you who can't see the forest from the trees.
    I was a huge Romo fan until last year right up until his meltdown vs. the Lions game so stop pretending you know me because you don't obviously. I know the guy has talent, I know he's better than half the league's QB's...but he isn't elite and he just isn't even at the next level. Basically we have an older version of Joe Flacco or Philip Rivers...good player, but not a guy who can take a team to a Super Bowl unless he gets a lights out defense and STOPS turning the ball over.
  17. Oh_Canada

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    Which makes it a POOR choice.
  18. 28 Joker

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    Randy Galloway has been an unapologetic Tony Romo apologist.

    I think some people are sick and tired of the inconsistent, erratic results that Tony Romo and Jason Garrett have produced over the last 6 years. Some people don't want to hear the "explanations". They are literally tired of the finger pointing after all the interceptions. Some fans want consistent, positive results, and they are sick and tired of all the turnovers by the QB. Romo and Garrett are tied at the hip, and I don't know how you separate them. How many years have they been together? Jerry Jones has no one to blame but himself, because Jason Garrett was his way of "winning". How has it been working out, Jerry and Stephen?

    If Galloway wants to joke about someone's perceived "IQ", he should analyze the ridiculous lack of any common sense that the QB and Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Play Caller displayed on 3rd and 1. Yes, Galloway. Run the blasted ball and pick up one blasted yard. Felix Jones powered his way into the end-zone on a 4 yard TD in that game. (Why is Phillip Tanner even carrying the ball on the goal-line after Jones powered his way in?) The Giants had 6 people in the box when they had been stacking it for most of the game. Listening to Garrett's and Romo's excuse for not running the football on 3rd and 1 (with 3 blasted timeouts) is infuriating. You want to talk about dumb?

    Jason Garrett should have been fired on Monday for his lack of basic common sense or lack of fundamental situational football, imo. This is on the heels of yet another clock management debacle at Baltimore. By the way, doesn't Tony Romo have enough common sense to call a time out in those situations (at Baltimore or Arizona). How long has he been playing? Obviously, his head coach doesn't have any. That is unforgivable, too.

    The fundamental lack of common sense displayed by the head coach and quarterback is unforgivable. I'm talking about the 3rd and 1 play when the Giants' knees were buckling at their own 19 yard line. Four plays to pick up a yard and not one blasted run.... Unforgivable.

    One of Jason Garrett's biggest weaknesses is his overconfidence in Tony Romo's abilities as a QB. No wonder there doesn't seem to be any accountability for Romo. An erratic, inconsistent Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Play Caller has produced an erratic, inconsistent, reckless quarterback.

    If Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have any common sense, they will have Jon Gruden on speed dial and order their scouting department to look for the next starting quarterback. I will not hold my breath.
  19. 28 Joker

    28 Joker 28 Joker

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    By the way, many fans didn't approve of the interior offensive line being bought at the Dollar General Store. (I kind of settled and accepted it after I hoped for help in the draft.) I knew Costa could run block, and I thought Bernadeau had good size. Now, Costa is gone. The Cowboys are stuck with a very weak run blocking interior now. Martellus Bennett was a dominant edge blocker, and he's gone. The Cowboys can't run the blasted ball. This could get real ugly if the Cowboys don't start blocking for Felix Jones and Murray when he comes back, real ugly. "It's not the runners. It's the offensive line, stupid." Norm Hitzges is objective enough to state this fact, too.
  20. CowboyGil

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    I think it's time to bench Tree and give Harris or Holmes more PT. It's obvious JJ won't let JG bench Dez. Obviously all you Romo haters don't even believe an 'expert' when he says Tree and Dez bust at least 3 routes a game if not more. That's horrible. I guess it's Romo's fault for not spoon feeding the offensive playbook to them or teaching them how to run routes.:rolleyes:

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