Randy Galloway Lifetime Achievement Roast Tweets

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    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 1h
    Former AL president Dr. Bobby Brown starts the Randy Galloway roast: 'Why are we honoring this man? Have we run out of human beings?'

    Everson Walls: 'I think I was the only black friend Randy had on the team. ... Nobody liked him.'

    Walls on Randy's battles with Jimmy Johnson: 'He's still here and I'm not.'

    Rangers play by play man Eric Nadel: 'How would I like to roast Randy Galloway? The line goes around the block.'

    Nadel: 'Randy sold more radios than any radio personality. I know I sold mine.'

    Walt Garrison: 'Randy always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. His wife would get mad if he wasn't home for it.'

    Nate Newton: 'Nothing bad to say about Randy. We were a bad team, he talked bad about us. We were a good team, he talked bad about us.'

    Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief: 'Randy used to be arrogant and obnoxious. Now he's just the opposite. Obnoxious and arrogant.'

    Drew Pearson gets an extra roast in: 'Nate, Dr. Kim would be proud of you.'

    Drew Pearson: 'No wonder you got the lifetime achievement. Look at that lifetime.' Shakes head. 'What an achievement.'

    Drew Pearson: 'A reporter asked me once, 'Why did you lose the game? I said, I don't know. I need to read Randy Galloway's column first.'

    Dale Hansen: 'If Bobby Bragan wasn't dead, if he knew we were honoring Randy Galloway, he would have died tonight.'

    Randy Galloway gets on the dais: 'Lifetime, I've got that. Achievement, I'm a little light on that.'

    Randy Galloway: 'These roasters, I have to say, pretty bad. Terrible job. I got off pretty light.'

    Randy on the roasters: 'It's a diverse group. Dr. Brown, who exudes class and dignity. At the other end of the table, Dale Hansen.'

    Randy Galloway: 'Jerry Jones would have been here. But he's still in New Orleans. The Saints scored again about 30 minutes ago.'

    Randy Galloway: 'Hammering on Jerry has kept me and Dale employed for years. It's good work and honest work.'

    And the roast is over. Great time. Great benefit for the Bobby Bragan Foundation. Hit em up.

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 14m
    Randy Galloway said he would apologize to john Daniels as soon as he removes knife from Nolan Ryan's back
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    Kelly Webster ‏@dontmisskelly 2h
    Walt Garrison opens with: Randy, I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother who looks like you pic.twitter.com/jDjdXU9m9J

    Jim Reeves on Gallo: Knew it would be a long haul when I met Gallo -a 57 yr old high school student. pic.twitter.com/9XkQwrZ9jO

    Former FW Mayor Mike Moncrief on Gallo: his mom should have thrown him away and kept the stork. pic.twitter.com/kbYqfSfR67

    Hansen on Gallo: If Wendy Davis had been around 71 years ago, we might not have Galloway. pic.twitter.com/j4t6HBBihL

    Galloway on Nate Newton: working with Nate was a pleasure ... Neither of us speak English.

    Randy Galloway has spoken so long, his mic went out. Would you like to guess who told the sound man to "turn his mic off"?!

    Mac Engel ‏@MacEngelProf 1h
    Former AL president Dr. Bobby Brown asked at the Randy Galloway roast, "Why are we honoring this man? Have we run out of human beings?"

    Dwain Price ‏@DwainPrice 1h
    Nate Newton just said "I thought journalism was a joke." #randygallowayroast

    "Galloway writes on a first grade level about Dick and Jane and their dog name Spot." -- Dale Hansen at the Randy Galloway roast
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    Solid WR for us. Sucks he finally reached his potential after he got out of town. Too bad Tampa got the best of that tandem Galloway & Bryant
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    Say what ?????
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    i'm going to miss galloway. hopefully the rumors of him going into tv work are true.
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    I always loved Galloway....in a hateful kind of way. :D
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    After he blew out his knee he was never the same.

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