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    :star: Randy Lee White :star:
    1975 - 1988
    DT, Maryland
    1974 Outland Trophy Winner
    1974 Lombardi Award Winner


    Randy Lee White. . .Outland Trophy, Lombardi Award winner at Maryland. . .No. 1 draft pick, 1975. . .Possessed quickness, balance, toughness, ability, desire, intelligence. . . Played in 209 games. . . Missed only one game in 14 years. . .Co-Most Valuable Player, Super Bowl XII. . .Played in three Super Bowls, six NFC title games. . .All-Pro nine years. . .Elected to nine Pro Bowls. . .Born January 15, 1953, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame 7/30/94
    Inducted in Cowboys Ring of Honor 10/9/94

    Super Bowl XII Co-MVP
    9 time Pro Bowl...1977 - 85
    8 time All Pro...1978 - 85

    Link to Randy White's Hall of Fame Page.
    Link to Randy White's Stats.

    Randy White, a 6-4, 257-pound All-America defensive end at the University of Maryland in 1974, was the Dallas Cowboys' first pick and the second player selected in the 1975 National Football League Draft.

    For the first two seasons he was tested at the middle linebacker position but he didn't develop into a super-star until his third season, when he became the starting right defensive tackle on a permanent basis. For the remainder of his 14- season, 209-game NFL career, White was an outstanding anchor of the Cowboys' excellent defensive line.

    White capped his first season as a regular by being named as the co-Most Valuable Player in the Cowboys' 27-10 win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII. That year he began a string of nine straight seasons running through 1985 as an All-Pro selection. He also was named to nine straight Pro Bowls during that span.

    In 1978, White was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Year. What set Randy apart from the other Cowboys was not his ability to make big plays but his consistency and his willingness to work hard. At practice, his teammates would suffer just trying to keep up with him.

    Blessed with all the traits for a great defensive lineman – quickness, balance, toughness, ability, desire, intelligence and durability – White missed only one game in 14 seasons. He played in 209 regular season games, at the time of his election to the Hall of Fame in 1994, the second most by any Cowboy in history. White played in three Super Bowls and six NFC championship games. He recorded four sacks in the three Super Bowls, including two in Super Bowl X against Pittsburgh. In his regular season career, White was credited with 1,104 tackles, 701 solo tackles and 111 sacks.

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    My most lasting memory of Randy White was not as a Cowboy. He had many, many great moments as a Cowboy. There is no doubt of that but my most lasting memory was of Randy White while at Maryland. In 74, I believe, Maryland played Tennessee in a bowl game, I don't even remember which one. I just remember the game. Game was very close and Tennessee actually won but I remember Randy White. He had a monster game, like only Randy White could. What struck me about him was his speed. Randy white was ultra quick when he was young. I mean, he could run down Tail Backs from behind with ease. He was all over the field that day. Tennessee won that game but Randy White was the MVP of that bowl game. I remember thinking to myself, this guy is unbelievable. I just could not get over how dominating he was. I remember thinking that he could be available to us if we wanted him but I was not sure we would take him. I actuall thought we might consider taking a RB in that draft. Walter Payton was the guy but not many people new of him. There was also a kid at Texas A & I named Hardaman that was local and of course, there was Anthoney Davis out at USC who got all the pub in those days. I thought maybe one of those guys would be the pick. In those days, it wasn't like today when you new immediatly who was drafted where. You had to wait till it got published in the Paper. I remember getting the paper and pouring over it to see who we had taken and being unbelievably excited about seeing that we took Randy White with the 2nd pick. I just knew he would be a great player but then, when Coach Landry moved him to MLB, I remember thinking that he was playing out of position. It was like he was forgotten until he was moved to DT. Great player with unbelievable quickness and speed for the DT position. He was dominating. Glad he was a Cowboy.
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    He makes pretty fair brisket, but his ribs... bleach, not so much!!

    On a side note, he can almost eat as much crawfish as me, and that's saying something! ;)
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    Just the ultimate pitbull.

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    If you want to see football at its purest and finest, find footage of Randy White vs. John Hannah of the Patriots. Two consummate professionals who hated to lose. Other plays may be more exciting, none will be better examples of the power and majesty of football. That is how good Randy White was and why they called him Manster (half man, half monster).
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    The only mild strike against him (and a few others) would be crossing the picket line in 1987. I'm not a big union guy, but team solidarity should count for something.
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    Some of the best memories I have are of Randy White running down an Eagle Wide Receiver from BEHIND!!. It took him about 40 yards to close on the guy, making it all the more unbelievable.

    The second classic from him is after his football career was over, he was on an NFC vs AFC boxing competition among former players. He walloped a Redskin DT in a boxing match. I wish I could get tape of that!! One of the greatest competitors ever. Played every play like it was 4th and 1 in the Super Bowl.
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    Anybody see that hit he put on Vince Papale towards the end of the Invincible movie? Man I thought he killed the guy:lmao:

    Some childhood memories of Randy was him taking a helmet to other players whenever a fight borke out. He was always ready to duke it out..

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