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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dallasfan, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Rank these CBs and WRs and what round would you take each prospect.

    CB: Mike Jenkins, Antone Cason, DeJuan Tribble, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Terrell Thomas, Dwight Lowery, Simione Castile, Zackary Bowman, Aquib Talib*, Justin King*, Malcom Jenkins*, Reggie Smith*, Jack Ikegwuonu*

    WR: Adarius Bowman, DJ Hall, Early Doucet, Dorien Bryant, Lavelle Hawkins, Harry Dougless, Kennen Burton, Limas Sweed, Mario Manningham*, DeSean Jackson*, Malcom Kelly*, Earl Bennett*, Davone Bess*
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    My Rankings

    Mike Jenkins-top 15
    Aquib Talib-top 20
    Malcom Jenkins (will stay in school imo)-top 20
    Reggie Smith (will stay in school imo)-top 25
    Antone Cason-top 25
    DeJuan Tribble-top 25
    Jack Ikegwuonu-1rst rd
    Justin King (will stay in school imo)-2nd rd
    Dwight Lowery-2nd rd
    Zackary Bowman-2nd rd
    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie-2nd rd
    Simione Castile-3rd rd
    Terrell Thomas-3rd rd

    Mario Manningham-top 10
    DeSean Jackson-top 15
    Adarius Bowman-top 20
    Malcom Kelly (will stay in school imo)-top 20
    DJ Hall-top 20
    Earl Bennett (will stay in school imo)-top 25
    Early Doucet-2nd rd
    Lavelle Hawkins-2nd rd
    Dorien Bryant-2nd rd
    Harry Dougless-3rd rd
    Kennen Burton-3rd rd
    Devone Bess-3rd rd
    Limas Sweed-2nd day
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    I watched Talib today and he was amazing. Not only his coverage, but he didn't mind putting a hat on the ball in the running game as well.
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    Yup, I agree that Talib is a great prospect.

    I think Talib and Cason can be top 15 picks if they continue to play like they have been.
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    Where's James Hardy 6-7 220 with 64 rec over 800 yards and 15 TDs?
  6. dallasfan

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    Out of the jr WRs I listed I thought he was the biggest long shot to come out

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