Rank Your Schedule In Terms Of Perceived Difficulty

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RiggoForever, Apr 20, 2006.

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    With 1 Being The Most Difficult, 16 The Least Difficult. I'm curious to get viewpoints of all NFC East teams now and then again after the preseason before week 1. Please factor in the intangibles like rest, and consecutive road games etc into your determinations...thanks!

    9/11: Minnesota...11 (Vikings go from Tinker Dome To Fed Ex...nuh uh).
    9/17: at Dallas...1 (want us bad after last year, can't remember ever beating Dallas 2 years in a row at Texas Stadium...road trip coming off Monday night game)
    9/24: at Houston...14 (if we lose to Dallas, this is a must win)
    10/1: Jacksonville...10 (won't be able to keep up with us in score)
    10/8: at NY Giants...4 (no Wellington Mara to rally around this time)
    10/15: Tennessee...16 (no McNair = Gregg Williams dinner)
    10/22: @Indianapolis...5 (I think we punch them in the mouth at home)
    11/5 : Dallas...8 (after bye week, must win before 2 road games)
    11/12: @Philadelphia...2 (very real possibility of let down)
    11/19: @Tampa Bay...3 (I think we know how to defense them, they will be having to prepare for Dallas as well 4 days later)
    11/26: Carolina...6 (will be tough after TB, but have to defend home court)
    12/3: Atlanta...12 (Vick, welcome to the NFC East)
    12/10: Philadelphia...7 (may beat us once but not again)
    12/17: @New Orleans...15 (Superdome should be more then 1/2 Redskins fans)
    12/24: @St.Louis...13 (Archuleta, say hi to Holt and Bruce)
    12/30: NY Giants...9 (if this game actually means something, we don't lose to Coughlin in December in the clutch, no way)

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