Ranking the top 34 DE prospects

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Breaking down the top 10 potential five techniques in the 2012 NFL draft…

    1. Michael Brockers: Louisiana State (6-6, 306)
    He might be a little raw and could have used some more work at the college level. However, he's an NFL talent with "plus" upside and can come in and play vs. the run at a high level right away. Should get looks at both the three and five-technique spots, and in my mind has the ability to become one of the better defensive lineman in the NFL down the line.

    2. Devon Still: Penn State (6-5, 310)
    He really started putting it all together as a senior. If you can keep him motivated, Still has the talent to mature into a very good starting caliber lineman at a number of positions in the NFL. He can play off blocks; find the football and anchor consistently on contact.

    3. Fletcher Cox: Mississippi State (6-4, 295)
    I think his best spot might be as a 34 five technique who is able to penetrate and make plays off the ball. He's raw and needs to learn to play with his pad level lower. However, as a potential five technique he's a guy who has the skill set to earn a starting role and create negative plays in both the run and pass game.

    4. Dontari Poe: Memphis (6-5, 350)
    What couldn’t this guy do in a 34 front?

  2. RS12

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    Bunting one of my favorites but he has a serious man crush on Brockers. I dont see it so far.
  3. cowboysooner

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    He may turn into Richard Seymour but his lack of explosion and being 323lbs makes me question whether he would provide push or just be a larger Marcus Spears.
  4. Gaede

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    Yeah, I just don't see ANYTHING in Brockers. I don't. He's big. That's it.

    Cox looks the best to me because he can actually penetrate. He's got a quick first step and hustles. And his frame looks like it's got a ton of room to grow still.
  5. ABQcowboyJR

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    I think the best 34 DE prospect is Coples.
  6. johnnyd

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    Disapointing projection on Crick. Alot of us were thinking of him as a second round pick. Not that the writer can't be wrong but if that is what our scouts feel is his upside as well then i hope we pass. Besides i already have shea mcclellin targeted for round 2 .
  7. Oh_Canada

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    I'm on the Cox bandwagon myself...Brockers would fall to three on my list with Still falling behind him.

    Coples (not ideal DE in the 3-4, but can easily put on ten lbs)
    Still (don't like the questionable motor)
  8. xwalker

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    Brockers looks like Clifton Geathers to me:

    Clifton Geathers
    forty: 4.98
    cone: 7.69
    vert: 36
    broad: 9-4
    bench: 26

    Michael Brockers
    forty: 5.36
    cone: 7.46
    vert: 26-1/2"
    broad: 8-9
    bench: 19

    Geathers is listed at 320 on the Cowboys website. Brockers was 322 at the combine.

    Seeing Geathers at training camp was impressive. I don't know if he can play, but he is one big dude...not just tall, but really big all over.
  9. marchetta

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    Exactly! Brockers looks the part, but doesn't play the part. He get absolutely no penetration on most of his rushes. He just gets stonewalled at the LOS hand-fighting. He has no pass-rush moves, little quickness, and very little agility. Just looks at his combine numbers. Those numbers tell exactly what the film shows... No explosion! Cox is the player I want most at #14. My top 4 are 1) Cox, 2) DeCastro, 3) Kirkpatrick, and 4) Kuechly.
  10. jblaze2004

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    hmmmm interesting. They do have comparable numbers. We might have something here.
  11. AmishCowboy

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    Poe could a beast or Bust. Brockers has bust written all over him, I think Cox is the safest pick
  12. TheCoolFan

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    If we take Cox, hopefully his real playing weight is closer to 290. Our DEs need to be a little leaner. We've tried having the slower, bulky DEs at 300+
  13. newlander

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    .....IF DeCastro is gone.......alot of us just might be saying: GIVE US COX JERRAH!!!!!!!!!!!! (first and last time we will probably say that);)
  14. Eskimo

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    My defensive preferences in the mid first round in order of preference are:

    Coples (likely to be gone)
    Ingram (likely to be gone)
    Cox (probably available)

    If those guys aren't on the board and DeCastro is gone I would suggest looking for a trade down partner.
  15. Woods

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    I think there is a real possibility we draft Cox - even at 14.

    I think we'll pick up a CB in FA, and we'll look to add more depth at CB later in the Draft. I think Ingram will be gone. And for the Brockers lovers, I think he'll be gone well, along with Coples.

    And the Cowboys were seriously looking at upgrading the DL last year at draft time as well (Watt was a serious possibility). I think Cox may end up being the pick this year.

    I still prefer DeCastro, but after him, I'd be fine with drafting Cox, esp if Ingram is gone and we pick up a CB in FA.
  16. chip_gilkey

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    Do any of these guys rate comparable to JJ Watt did coming into last years draft or are they all considered lesser prospects?
  17. Chuck 54

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    Round 1...CB
    Round 2...DE
    Round 3...ILB
    Round 4...TE

    FA...OG, DE
  18. Eskimo

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    None of them measure up to Watt either on tape or Combine numbers. Watt had great strength and the athleticism of most OLBs.
  19. tm1119

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    Not gonna lie, I'd be pretty upset if we drafted Cox at 14. I really don't see him as an upgrade to Spears or Hatcher. Hes probably going to be a very good 4-3 DT though
  20. kevinhickey

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    I would draft OG DeCastro with our first round pick. He represents value and need and would be a safe pick at #14. He should be off the board before we select if you follow the best player available theory. This guy is going to be on the field from day one and could be a pro-bowl player by year 2. He would improve our running and passing attack. I just don't see a DE or OLB in this draft that has equal value as a DeCastro. The only other player I like is the MLB from Boston College Kuechly. To me he is another Sean Lee. He could come in and compete with Carter for the other LB position. Philadelphia will probably draft this guy. I would look for Kendell Reyes in the 2nd.

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