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    I have not seen Les Miserables, but have heard the criticism of Crowe's performance. I disagree with your stance. The guy sings more than just a bit and has done so throughout his career in entertainment. He probably has done as much if not more singing during his career than either Jackman or Hathaway. All three have sung in musical productions before, but I don't recall Jackman or Hathway being members of any band like Crowe is. Whether Crowe's singing is good or not is another question, but singing has been a significant part of his life.
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    Django -

    Overall, I enjoyed it. The last twenty minutes or so were a bit too over the top for me, but it was worth seeing for the rest of it.

    As a kid, I watched They Call Me Trinity probably 10 times. Never thought I'd see a movie pay tribute or make any reference to that flick.
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    Forum needs a Book thread.
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    I think this is one.
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    sure looks like it. thanks, Jammer.
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    The music in Les Mis is a challenge for any voice, (lots of parts in minor keys and very intense emotions) and I would argue that Crowe's voice is really challenged by that, but he works the part of Javert with real intensity.That character is not meant to be empathized with until the end and in the stage productions I've seen, the actors have sounded bitter and harsh, perhaps with intent. Crowe doesn't sing anything in this movie like the stuff he sings with his band. I will confess that I've only heard a small amount of his stuff outside of the movies.
    Jackman has the biggest repetoire of stage production and he was more than up to the task, but his part is meant to evoke sympathy from the audience. The biggest surprise for me was Hathaway, who's voice exceeded my expectations. I hope you do get to see the movie, as I think it does justice to the original stage production.
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    I agree that Les Mis is a challenge for anyone and different than what Crowe typically does, but my point is that music is a big part of his life and career. I wouldn't label him as an actor who sings a bit.

    I've heard Hathaway sing a few times and was impressed each time. Makes her extra attractive. Same with Emmy Rossum. Two beautiful ladies that get bonus points for their singing voices in my opinion.
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    Searching for Sugar Man

    I just saw this tonight, and thought I'd mention it, especially for the music fans among us. I first heard it described a couple of months ago by Mike Reiner on the Ticket, and got interested enough to track it down. It is a documentary and tells the stotry of Sixto Rodriguez, a singer/songwriter who was supposed to be the next big thing in the early 70's. He was compared by critics to Bob Dylan, and he cut two albums, which totally flopped in the U.S. He then vanished from the music scene entirely.

    But a copy of his first album made it to South Africa, where it became wildly popular, and was credited with being part inspiration and part anthem of the anti-apartheid movement. As one of the musicians interviewed says, it seemed like every child in South Africa grew up knowing the lyrics to every song on the album. The story was that he had died early, and one of the legends was that he committed suicide onstage. A couple of fans got obsessed with what happened to him and how he died, and they began an obsessive and mainly fruitless search for info about him.

    Then they found a lead, and found his daughter, and at this point the story gets really amazing. I won't spoil things by revealing any more. But it is a case of life sometimes being more incredible than fiction. The last 30 minutes or so were as moving as any fictional film I've seen in awhile. His music plays a prominent role in the film, along with cinematography that you don't see too often in a documentary. It's not just a bunch of talking heads.

    The movie is up for an Academy Award for best documentary. It's available by On Demand through Time Warner and is also available at Redbox locations. Really, really worth it.
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    Seven Psychopaths - 9/10. Entertaining, funny movie, hint of Tarantino.
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    End of Watch 9/10 Man you talking about a suspenseful movie? Wow was this movie good. If you can be able to adjust to the shaky camera it is a great movie. The beginning is slow, then it gets good then sad. You'll see why.
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    I just put it my Netflix Que from your recommendation. I love a good documentary.
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    Warm Bodies - Pretty good for what it was, which was a light hearted zombie rom-com for the younger crowd. It certainly got the PG 13 rating for good reason. Heck, they might have been able to make a push for PG.

    I don't see where a core zombie fanatic would think that much of it, but it was a great movie to take my son to.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    Couple of funny parts in it.

    Worth watching if you are bored and want to watch a zom/com movie.
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    7/10 Warm Bodies...Romeo and Juliet meets Shaun of the Dead. Good date movie, one part chick flick, one part horror with a sprinkle of buddy picture thrown in.
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    It was funny, in parts. It was boring in others. Pretty much the standard for the majority of comedy movies now. I'd say I'd give it a 6 or maybe 7. I enjoyed it for the most part and I had some laughs.
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    Side Effects - 8/10. You could kind of see the twist coming, but still pretty good. Really good acting by Rooney Mara.
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    Watched Flight this weekend. The first 15 minutes were as intense as any movie. I thought Denzel did a great job and definetely deserves mention of the Oscar. I am not sure he was as good as Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook tho that I thought was just an incredible movie.

    I have not seen Lincoln yet so cannot comment on Daniel Day Lewis job but imagine it is great.
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    Ferris Buehler's Day Off


    Seen it before, but every time I see it, it gets even funnier.
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    Ever see this? Pretty cool thought-experiment, anyway.
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    Last movie I watched: The A Team - loved it, i'd give it a solid 9... Great actors, great action scenes, very funny moments...

    Last ''new'' movie I watched: Zero Dark Thirty - Good movie, would give it a 7... ran really long, didn't think they added a lot of filler and for no reason...

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