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  1. BrAinPaiNt

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    Love that movie.

    It is the middle movie of a Vengeance trilogy even though they are not related other than being revenge type movies.

    The Other two are

    Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

    I thought Old Boy was the best of the three with Lady Vengeance being the next best.

    If you like those two movies you might want to check out...

    I saw the Devil (one of the main characters in it is the guy who played the main character in Old boy).
    Cold Fish
    The Man from Nowhere
    Suicide Circle aka Suicide Club
    Ichi the Killer
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Rented some movies this weekend since we were getting so much rain.

    Finally saw the Hobbit and enjoyed it although parts of it were slow in the beginning.
    Django Unchained - Like most QT movies, I enjoyed it.
    Identity Thief...it was ok and had a couple of funny parts in it but overall not great.
    Sinister...Like most of the horror movies anymore it looks cheap but it was not as bad as some.
    Mama I enjoyed this film but I think I have enjoyed some of his other horror/ghost type stories as well.
  3. Denim Chicken

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    Thanks BP, I'll check some of those out. Oldboy had a really, really good plot. I thought the acting was pretty good too, but man that story had some crazy twists. I was reading up on it afterwards and its looks like Spike Lee has an American remake coming out soon, though I don't know why.
  4. Ntegrase96

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    It's a very twisted movie, but extremely intriguing. The premise is just really cool-- seemingly original (I haven't seen or read much like it). I would recommend Oldboy to anyone.

    An american version may dull the story, but then again I said the same about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I thought the American version of that held its own.
  5. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Just to back up what BP said, definitely check out I Saw the Devil.
  6. joseephuss

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    Pacific Rim

    Very entertaining. Idris Elba really has a commanding presence on screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. A good movie to escape from reality for a couple of hours.
  7. iceberg

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    admission. i got this by mistake thinking i was renting "the host" and after a bit it was painfully obvious i hit the wrong button.

    but i loved the movie!

    the host was cheese on top of cheese.
  8. BAZ

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    The American version was fine, just pointless, it was way to similar to the origianl to be worth making. I was even surprised they set it in Sweden. Even the girl just looked to be doing an impression of the original. At least Old boy wasn't made with Will Smith, it probably won't be good, but worst it won't be a Fresh Prince vehicle.
  9. da_whiz_kid

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    Killing Season 1/10 - This movie was garbage on so many levels. Travolta's Serbian accent was so annoying and off.

    The Lone Ranger 3/10 - zzZzZZzzz... oh... uhh... Johnny Depp's portrayal was obnoxious. It had some good scenes but seemed like it lasted forever.

    Despicable Me(2) 7.5/10 - Gotta love the minions. Good family movie and entertaining for all ages.

    Monsters University 7.5/10 - See above, minus minions, add monsters.

    This is The End - 8/10 - I absolutely love stupid movies and it was right up that alley. Also, it provided one of the funnier exorcisms ever.

    Odd Thomas 7/10 - Watched this on primewire because it had Yelchin starring in it. Caught me by surprised and enjoyed it.
    Mystery/thriller/supernatural film. Also, the 8/10 is based on movies that never made it to the movie theater.

    Ruby Sparks 10/10 - One of the better films I've seen and has become a favorite of mine. Also, the main girl in the story also wrote the story.

    Some Boys Don't Leave 7/10 - It's a short film(17min), but very entertaining despite that it takes place in a hallway. Stars Jesse Eisenberg.
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    Finally got to see Tucker & Dale vs Evil and I loved it.

    Sure it was low budget and sure there could have been changes to make it better but overall I loved it.

    I have been trying to find a free version on the net for some time.
    I also tried to find it at wally world but they did not get any more in stock in the store.
    Finally I rented it from Google play.

    After all of that I figured I would have a huge let down but I did not.

    It will not be for everyone but again I loved it.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Which Host did you get?

    I have been looking for a free version, on the net, of the Korean movie the Host and not the twilight author's newer movie.

    I have found free versions of the movie in question but they have been without subtitles so it was pointless to try and watch it.

    But just from what little previews and scenes I have seen it kind of reminded me a little bit of a Tremors where it is cheesy but fun entertainment.
  12. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Really? I watched it on Netflix a while back with subtitles. I really liked it.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    I meant a "free" version.
  14. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Oh, I see. hahaha.
  15. Wolfpack

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    Two recent ones:

    Monsters U: 8/10: Not as good at the 1st one but still a good family movie that is also enjoyable for adults also.

    WWZ: 7/10: Not as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of dead Zeds and ok plot and acting.
  16. FloridaRob

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    Saw White House Down last weekend and while I am not a Channing Tatum fan I thought the action was actually pretty good. A little cheesy in places but overall a good action movie.

    Saw Grown Ups Two Last night and it may be the worse Adam Sandler movie of all time and he has had some bad ones. I liked Grown Ups 1 enough to try this one but this was just horrible. How many fart jokes does he have to tell when the first one is just not funny. Even my twelve year old grandson thought it was bad. Waste of money. All I could say when the credits started was "Thank God" that it was over.
  17. iceberg

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    this was the "new" movie just out on pay per view. small glowing aliens that are peace loving come down and take over a body. small pockets of humans resist. even though the alien takes over the body, "the host" can still talk and knows what's going on.

    watch admission and pretend "the host" never saw the light of day.
  18. Jammer

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    I saw that movie a couple of months ago. I loved it. It was low budget good. If more money was spent on it I think it would have lost its charm.
  19. Wheeltax

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    I saw "This is the End" yesterday. My girlfriend dragged me to see it, I had never heard of it. I don't really get much into the Seth Rogan movies, but I thought this one was hysterical.

    It strikes me as a movie where Rogan and the other guys were sitting around, smoking a bunch of pot and giggling about the most ridiculous movie they could imagine - and then they made it.

    Besides, who wouldn't like to see Michael Cera's gruesome death? :cool:
  20. Teren_Kanan

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    Anything at 6/10 or above I would recommend.

    Man of Steel
    - 5/10 - Great Visual's, neat looking action. Very little in the way of character development. Weak plot. 1 note standard "I'm evil because I'm evil" villain. Had the potential to be an amazing movie, but the ball was dropped pretty early and never picked back up. Extremely disappointing movie.

    World War Z - 7.5/10 - Didn't expect much from this movie, was impressed throughout. Solid plot, solid characters, decent amount of action/suspense. My only real gripe with the movie is it all felt rather anti-climactic at the end. I felt like I watched the first 2 hours of a 3-4 hour movie. Still enjoyable.

    Evil Dead - 7/10 - I expected nothing from this movie. I am a huge fan of the originals, even though they are super cheesy B movies at best. Decent horror flick with an enjoyable plot. Bunch of nobodies as actors, and it sort of shows. Good balance of all the standard horror tricks, with some horror comedy thrown in. The ending was a little weird and I have some plot gripes that are overall holding this back from a higher score. All in all it was an enjoyable watch.

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