Ray Lewis addresses the families of two slain men

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Feb 4, 2013.

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    yea Ray is paying off that guy that was convicted

    Ray Lewis has been dead to me since '02

    accused of murder an let aloud to play in the Super Bowl in 02

    what money can do for you

    if was anybody with out money he be sitting in prison

    I wonder if he head is as big as Barry Bonds

    you can not tell me he has never user

    Lewis has been ensnared in a controversy this week about performance-enhancing drugs, which would alarm a lot of athletes but probably doesn't faze a man who was once accused (and acquitted) of double murder. According to an excellent SI story by my colleagues David Epstein and George Dohrmann, in October Lewis spoke on the phone with Mitch Ross, director of a controversial Alabama-based company called Sports with Alternatives to Steroids

    Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130130/ray-lewis/#ixzz2JzrJnMvy

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    Sad, .. if someone described Ray Lewis to you, but said he worked as a garage mechanic or garbage truck driver what would you think about him?

    Let me guess, it wouldn't change your opinion ?? .. yea, right.
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    You can like him as a player and hate him as a human being. Michael Irvin was a waste of air as a human being the entire time he was here, but he is revered by the fans.
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    Yes, .. and good point.
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    MI is not in the same low class as Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin did it most to himself
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    I don't hate Ray Lewis, but I hated his answer to that question! What a bunch of BS.

    I hear he plans to take a stab at acting. People will be running when the director yells "CUT!".
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    not to get too religious but it is interesting that Ray says essentially that "he is obviously innocent because God couldn't use him for God's glory".....that is flawed logic on so many levels. 1) Moses murdered an Egyptian and went on to do some pretty impressive things....part the Red Sea, ten commandments, strike a rock for water, etc.
    2) Ray's equates his football success to God's glory. Seems a bit presumptuous
    3) Ray's logic is essentially that because he got away with it and has been blessed on the football field...then he must not have murdered anyone. Believe Rae Carruth was a pretty good player on the field too before he murdered.

    Of course what can you expect from a UM thug that's been hit in the head too many times?
    I would guess that he must've included a gag order in the settlement that keeps anyone from revealing his true level of involvement....otherwise we'd probably all know more details, ANY details, about what happened that night. And when asked repeatedly point-blank, Ray obfuscates repeatedly and tries to hide behind a religious veil with some flawed elementary arguments.
    I hope the attention to this matter and Ray's complete attempted shut down on any and all discussions of any wrong doing on his part, being PEDs or murder, continues to escalate and HoF voters sour on him. The more Ray non-talks about all his sins, the more suspicious i become. He looks more and more guilty everytime this topic comes up.
    Shame Goodell wasn't in charge back then, Ray would've gotten in some serious trouble from the league.
    How many times will our society and system proclaim a murderer is innocent simply because we liked their performance on the football field?
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    Big difference in doing drugs and murder.
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    going to get sick of him on sundays every week.. :bang2:

    and to think a bunch of people wanted him on our team a few years ago when he was a FA.

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