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    Exhibition warmup: R. Lewis says T.O. not worth words
    Aug. 2, 2004
    By Clark Judge
    SportsLine.com Senior Writer
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    WESTMINSTER, Md. -- Well, now we have an exhibition game worth watching, and it's that Aug. 20 start involving Baltimore and Philadelphia. Forget about who wins or loses, or what rookie makes an impact; this one's all about Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis and Philadelphia wide receiver Terrell Owens and what happens the first time they meet.

    Owens didn't exactly endear himself to Lewis -- or the Ravens -- when he talked his way out of a trade to Baltimore this spring. And he dug himself in deeper last weekend when he said Lewis was "not the hardest hitter that ever played the game of football" and insisted he wasn't "going to shy away from my style of play vs. his style of play."

    Those comments didn't look good on paper. They seemed worse Monday morning when Lewis first learned of them.

    "Let me tell you something real quick," Lewis said, "I never proclaimed to be the hardest hitter. Second and foremost, tell T.O. to keep my name out of his mouth. I play football for the Baltimore Ravens. We are not in his division. I don't care nothing about of this guy. Why does he need me to make his reputation?

    "Tell him I'm tired of that. I play football. And, sooner or later, no matter how much he talks about what he's not scared to do, he still has to line up and play football."

    It was then that a teammate, walking by Lewis on his way to the locker room, leaned in and said "three catches, 23 yards." Those were Owens' numbers against Baltimore last year when the Ravens drilled San Francisco 44-6.

    "Three catches for 23 yards," Lewis repeated. "That's what he had when he played us last year, so nothing's different. I don't entertain what he says. I'm here to win a championship."

    The Ravens will have their chance. They are the defending AFC North champion and should be the division's top club again. One reason is they have running back Jamal Lewis, who produced 2,066 yards a year ago, and the other is they have the game's top defensive player in Ray Lewis. OK, so maybe he's not the "hardest hitter that ever played the game of football," but tell me who hits harder today?

    Better yet, tell Terrell Owens.

    "Ray knows the game, he's been in the game a long time and he's seen a lot of guys," said safety Ed Reed, who is close to Lewis. "T.O. is just another guy.

    "Everybody is boosting up T.O., but I don't know what he did. He hasn't done anything yet. It's not like he won the Super Bowl or anything like that. T.O. is a nobody. We shut him down: three for 23 yards. He's nothing."

    Owens, of course, will have his chance to respond. If nothing happens in the Aug. 20 game -- and both sides probably will play their starters sparingly -- the Ravens return to Philadelphia on Oct. 31. Appropriately, it's Halloween.

    You can guarantee Lewis will have something to say. Only it will be reserved for Owens and delivered when the two meet.

    "I will not put Terrell Owens in another one of my interviews," Lewis promised. "For what?"


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    Ray Lewis is going to find out the hard way, that there's something very different about this year's efforts from T.O. -- he's not playing with the SF 49ers anymore (a team he didn't like), he's with the Philadelphia Eagles!

    Now, do you really think his New team mates are going to stand by and let Ray Lewis have his way? NOT!
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    Do you relly think his new teammates are going to have a choice in the matter? NOT!
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    I hate to let you know brother, but Terrell Owens loved the 49ers. Ever see him crying after he finally caught that winning TD pass in the playoffs after dropping about 4 of them, and hugging Steve Mariucci. He openly said last year that he loved the 49ers organization and team, but he knew he was going to be traded/cut, so then he started with the dissention. He knows nothing about the eagles organization, so you don't know if he'll like it or not.

    Let's see what he likes after he's getting doubled constantly and they're not throwing his way 12 times a game.
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    That is ********, you don't think they doubled him in San Francisco? We have a lot better suporting cast then they do anyways.
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    I think that Dawkins, Lewis, and Trotter do...those three have hurt more players (Owens, Williams, Westbrook, Vick, Hillard ect.)...Poor KJ and Taylor.
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    10/31, 11/05 and 12/19

    May TO rest in piece! He is a PUNK.

    My only regret is Lewis gets a crack at crybaby before we do.
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    Let's see...oh, how about:

    "Not even if saw him lying on the street bleeding to death."

    Oh wait, that was another guy. :mad:
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    You definitely do not have a better supporting cast than T.O. had in SF. Through his career there, he has played with Young and Rice, and even in the past few years, Stokes and Streets were better than Pinkston/Thrash, and Hearst/Barlow was a much better running tandem than Westbrook/Buckhalter. You've gotta be kidding me.

    Anyway, we'll see how it goes when we're on the field playing football, not dancing around in tights.
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    Mitchell>Stokes (who was a Patriot last year BTW).
    Pinkston<Streets (hopefully he doesn't start)

    They are better at one position than us, #2 WR.

    And in case you have been in a cave for the past 6 months, Thrash is a Redskin.
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    From what I have heard, Trotter got a pretty good shot in on Owens today.

    I don't talk about it much here, but I think that the getting Trotter back will help our team more than Owens, but not close to Kearse. Owens is a security blanket for McNabb, if he is hurt, there is another player on our offense that can win us a game without a great QB. That was the biggest problem in the Carolina game, McNabb was hurt, and there was no other player on offense who was capable of winning us a game because Westbrook was hurt. I don't know if this makes sense, if you want me to try and explain it again, ask.
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    Uhh, no.

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    I know that most of those players aren't on the same teams anymore, i'm talking the niners over the past 5 years, versus the eagles of last year. Anyway, if you really think Westbrook/Buckhalter is anything close to Barlow/Hearst, you're just a blind homer.

    Barlow is better than both of them by himself, and so was Hearst earlier in his career.
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    Blind homer? What the hell are you talking about?

    Barlow has a career ypc of 4.7, Westbrook has a career ypc of 4.9.

    Buckhalter has a career 4.4 ypc, same as Hearst.

    Westbrook had a 5.2 ypc last season, Barlow had a 5.1.

    Westbrook had 37 receptions for 332 yards (9.1 ypc).
    Barlow had 35 receptions for 307 yards (8.8)

    We had the 5th ranked run offense in the league last season, SF had the 8th (YPC).

    Yes back when Young, Rice, and Hearst were all in on the team and in their prime he had a better suporting cast but I am talking about the last two seasons, not close.

    RW31: :eek:
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    I'd take Barlow over both Westbrook/Buckhalter also. Those ypc numbers for those Eagle backs is impressive AJ but it doesn't really mean anything if they can't do it for the entire season. Durability is key when your talking about a good RB. I think that's why so many people have such respect for Eddie George and what he has done in his career.

    Only way your man Westbrook will get any respect is if he can play 16 games and put up a 1300 yardish season. I bet Barlow will do that. He has a beast at the end of the season last year when he got a chance to start.
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    Jeff Garcia just doesn't get any respect.

    2000 San Francisco 49ers 16 16 561 355 63.3 4278 7.63 69 31 10 24/155 59 9 97.6
    2001 San Francisco 49ers 16 16 504 316 62.7 3538 7.02 61 32 12 26/114 40 10 94.8
    2002 San Francisco 49ers 16 16 528 328 62.1 3344 6.33 76 21 10 17/93 31 7

    McNabb has never put up such numbers. Take a look at that 2000 season! I can see a unhappy T.O in the very near future.
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    Here is McNabb's last three seasons. I can't believe his completion percentage is that awful. Good thing the dude can run ..

    2001 Philadelphia Eagles 16 16 493 285 57.8 3233 6.56 64 25 12 39/273 44 9 84.3
    2002 Philadelphia Eagles 10 10 361 211 58.4 2289 6.34 59 17 6 28/166 27 3 86.0
    2003 Philadelphia Eagles 16 16 478 275 57.5 3216 6.73 59 16 11 43/253 44 9 79.6
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    Mcnabb has never been that accurate. I think Rush made it pretty clear. =P Mcnabb has been supported by a defense for a very long time. We'll see this year what happens without most of their stellar secondary. Prove me wrong Eagles.


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    You're crazy if you think the Eagles won;t have some trap plays In the cut, to protect our receivers; especially T.O! :cool:

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