Ray Rice suspended two games

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Supposedly, there are two videos from the casino. One shows him dragging her out of the elevator, the one we all saw. The other video of him actually hitting her exists, the police have it (and I suppose the NFL has seen it) and has not been released to the public. If Rice were a Cowboy, that second video would surely have been released.:)
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    The NFL did not suspend the coach, the Vikings did.

    The Ray Rice issue is a stand alone one. The Gordon issues have no bearing on what transpired with Rice. Nor does Wade Wilson. The league has very specific rules and standards that they had to follow with regard to Gordon. If you get busted for pot you get X number of games. There isn't a well defined standard for hitting ones girlfriend. The rules don't clearly state if you hit a woman you get suspended this amount. The NFL screwed up. They went with 2 games and now they will have to deal with the backlash; however, comparing it to Gordon's suspension is silly in my opinion. It is lazy and something I expect from the hack journalists that cover the NFL.
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    Thank you. I didn't realize they had a video of him hitting her. Not that anyone doubted he did.
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    so this video shows him working her over and he still only gets 2 games? Wow just wow.
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    The 'undefined standard' excuse doesn't fly. The severity of the crimes should be the standard.

    It's the equivalent of giving a 10-year sentence to somebody that habitually jaywalks and giving probation to somebody that violently assaults somebody.

    Why is there a 'well defined standard' for smoking weed and not one for assault?

    It's not me being lazy. It's about analyzing the crime itself.

    If Gordon was drunk driving and habitually drunk driving...I could then see. If the Rice situation was alleged and there was no video that existed...I could also see that.

    But, here we have cut-n-dry evidence. Smoking pot doesn't hurt anybody but Gordon himself. The same with Wade Wilson. Hiding behind the 'we don't have a precedent' is a terrible pretext.

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    Who is hiding behind anything? I've already said the NFL went too light with their punishment. I didn't bring up the leagues standards with respect to Rice's behavior. I brought it up with respect to Gordon. They have a clear precedent on what to do with Gordon. Everyone knew he would miss a year if he failed another test. There is nothing to think about. He failed again and now faces a year long suspension.

    If you are comparing Gordon's situation and Rice's situation then your aren't analyzing the crime itself. You are making a comparison and using something else as a standard. Analyzing the crime itself and the punishment handed out by the league anyone can see that the NFL screwed up and didn't come down hard enough. Most people don't need to compare it to Gordon or Wade Wilson to know that the punishment is lax. I think this will hurt the NFL's image.
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    I think the way NJ handled the case was the main reason Goodell came up with 2 games. They allowed him to plead to simple assault and enter a diversion program. His wife also took a lot of the blame for the fight. Rice had a stellar record and was never in trouble before and one second of bad actions shouldn't define his career.

    If the League had given him 4 games I don't think it would have created such a firestorm, so we are really talking about a 2 game difference. Those that believe it should've been a year would still be upset, but I think it was fair. As far as the weed argument, that is clearly defined in the CBA and both sides agreed to the levels of punishment. Goodell has no guidelines in situations like this. It will be interesting to see how he handles the Greg Hardy case.
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    I Hate: The NFL’s double-standard
    By Michael Sisemore

    Dallas, TX -
    Yesterday news broke that Baltimore Raven’s running-back Ray Rice was going to be suspended for two games following an incident in the early portion of the offseason. Typically that would be all well and good if the punishment fit the crime; but in this case it absolutely doesn’t.

    If you don’t recall the incident that I’m speaking of, may I remind you. In February at an Atlantic City Casino there was a video taken of Ray Rice dragging out his then fiancee Janay Palmer. It was later reported that their was a confrontation and that Rice viciously punched out his own wife-to-be...
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    ^ excellent observation!
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    Rules of the company:

    Rule #1: It is ALWAYS about the money

    Rule #2: When you think it is not about the money........ See rule #1

    If women made up 40-50 % of NFL audience you better believe he would have been suspended many more games

    The punishment sends a horrible message IMO
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  12. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Well said and right on the money.
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    I thought the same thing.

    Breast Cancer awareness should just say, "please do not ever wear pink in NFL games ever again."

    But see Rule # 1 above.
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    The penalty for something as harmless as weed compared to something as dangerous as spousal abuse is ridiculous. The system needs a revamp immediately.
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    It's weed dude not punching a woman unconscious in an elevator.
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    This is a good topic that I was very interested in seeing what was being said here. So let me dive right in.

    First on Ray Rice, Gordon, and the NFL:

    #1: NFL missed a shot here to make a huge statement. Ray Rice should have been given a march stiffer penalty than 2 games. Without question that should be at least 8 games on a first offense. That's minimum. They needed to make it crystal clear that the NFL has no place, or tolerance, for this kind of garbage.

    #2: Gordon and weed have zero to do with this. This isn't the case of a guy getting in trouble once and getting a year. Gordon is a repeat offender for what he's getting in trouble for. To me he's lucky he's not lifetime banned already at this point. So the two are separate and don't relate in any manner.

    #3: In regards to the severity of penalty on these types of things, in regards to multiple offenses or even first time offenses, there should be a massive penalty difference. Gordon missed 2 games for his drug thing last year. This time it's going to be a year. As I said in #1 Ray Rice should have been given a minimum of 8 games for a first offense. 8 games to a year at the very least. And if it were up to me a second offense in the manner of what Ray Rice has done would garner a lifetime ban. Period. That's how seriously they need to take these kind of situations.

    Secondly on Stephen A. Smith and his comments:

    #1: I listened to his comments and no he did not say that women should take blame for this. He never even indicated that it was their fault. He did indicate, and he didn't do it as clearly as he needed to, was that there are things woman can do to avoid these bad situations. Now that's up to each individual rather they believe that or not.

    For me personally I'll say this. Unless my life is in danger, or the lives of my children, I have no other reason that hitting a woman is valid. That's for me personally. I simply wouldn't do it and I find it cowardly to do so for any other reasons. I will say, however, that if a woman is hitting a man (And it's my understanding that this woman has admitted that she was punching him) then how can you really be shocked if you get hit back? Now I don't agree the guy should do it, I would never do it just because a woman hit me (And as a side note I've had a woman punch me in the face, hit me with a golf club across the back, and scratch me and junk and I never laid a hand on them in return) but I'm also not going to say that I am completely shocked that a guy smacked a woman back if she's attacking them.

    Stephen A. Smith didn't articulate his point clearly enough and in doing so people harped on the word provoke and completely misconstrued his comments as him being OK with violence or that it's the woman's fault. He never even remotely eluded to such a thing.

    #2: While I'm not a Stephen A. Smith fan in the least I will say this. This is a guy who has been clear, many times over, through out the years about how much he is disgusted by violence against women, he's been abundantly clear that he doesn't believe there is any reason, ever, for a man to put his hands on a woman, and he was even very clear about those feelings once again in this situation. To turn what he was saying, into something that he simply did not say, or elude to, is just disgusting on the part of people who are acting like they have a first grade education in the skills of comprehension is absolutely pathetic as well.

    Third and Final:

    While watching some Youtube videos on this whole thing last night I came across one from Whoopie on the View. Now I'll fully admit I hate The View, and those women, in general, absolutely annoy me to death. But Whoopie yesterday took a stance on this that was not popular, at all, with her co-hosts and probably all these women that have attacked Stephen A. Smith.

    She made it clear that a woman shouldn't be hitting men either and that they shouldn't be surprised if they do hit a man that they get hit back. She was very clear that women shouldn't be trying to use a double standard that they can be punching on a guy and think that it's OK and then get all upset if they're punching a man and they get punched back.

    The woman on the show with her were absolutely not with her at all on that and immediately went to the you're blaming the victim.

    My final thought on that particular subject is this. As I said I personally wouldn't hit a woman for those reasons. I'm not going to hit a woman because she hit me. I won't do it, I've always made that same point clear to my son. It's not in my DNA to hit a woman for anything less than them putting mine, or my children's lives, in danger. But I have always found it some what amusing when women try and take the stance that they're allowed to hit a man, that it's OK for them to physically attack a man but it's not right for them to defend themselves or hit them back. They'll always go immediately to the "Well we're not equal. It's not fair in a physical manner." To which I agree with that, pretty much 100%, but the funny thing about that is that in the very next breath the same women will be pissed beyond belief if anyone even remotely hints that a man can do something, physical or not, better than a woman and how they should be viewed as completely equal.

    The double standard on the equals part of that equation is absolutely astounding to me.
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    I'm well aware of what he was using.

    I'm not saying that weed is as bad, or is even close to being as bad. The fact remains that you cannot violate the leagues rules over and over and over again. It's not the substance that is a problem.
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    SAS is a POS. And so many are always so willing to make excuses for him. He has said a LOT of stupid things that should have gotten him fired years ago. He must have pictures of someone high up in BSPN with a goat or something.

    And so many are willing to say "oh he mis spoke; he did not really mean it that way, etc" very few others keep getting second, third and fourth chances like he does.

    The latest theory on why Goodell went easy on Rice is that he is angling to get the HGH testing agreed to by the Union and supposedly starting to go soft on discipline will help the process.
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