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    Thanks to Mr. Wright for answering our questions and thanks to Deb for arranging them...

    Can you tell us a little about what it was like to play for Tom Landry? What was he like to play for? What were a few things you remember him saying to you? What type of motivator was he when preparing for gameday? (CBartel/dcfu)

    Coach Landry is one of the most-influential people in my life. And it’s funny…it’s not so much because of his spoken words but his actions. He was kind & courteous to the team, to Mrs. Landry, to others. I don’t think he was a “motivator”. Playing football was our job, we knew our job, and we went out to perform our job. As a team…we were united and we pumped ourselves up. He once told me “Rayfield, no matter how many honors or accolades you receive, always remember that you were never greater than the team”. And that’s a true statement.

    Considering how long it took you to get into the hall... do you think there is a cowboys bias? (maduin/dcfu)

    During my 13 years on the team….we went to the playoffs 12 of those years. I played in 5 Super Bowls. Yet, Troy Aikman and I are the 6th & 7th players from the Dallas Cowboys going into the Hall. Amazing, huh? I can’t knock the Hall (now that I’m finally getting in!), but things appear slanted in my opinion.

    Since your retirement , The Cowboys have had some good and bad teams , what one player do you think you would have liked to play with the most among those teams ? (doc/dcfu)

    You’re right…some good & some bad teams indeed. I’m glad you asked that question. The one player who has always been shortchanged in the ‘receiving his due’ department was Danny White. He was talented and could have/should have been an awesome quarterback. But the all-pro line that had been protecting Staubach for the previous 12 or so years was being replaced by new players. And that was rough for Danny…and the Cowboys.

    How do you think the players at your position today compare to your generation? (hawkeyesandcowboys/dcfu)

    Coach Landry had a rule that no player could weigh more than 265 pounds. Think about that! I was 6’7 and weighed 220 when I joined the team. When I retired I was around 260. We (the offensive line) played with finesse & quickness. Today… they are more like sumo wrestlers.

    During your HOF career playing RT, was Deacon Jones the toughest DE you ever faced? (deputy/dcfu)

    Tough? TOUGH?! Makes me hurt just to see his name! Yes, Deacon was the most destructive player I ever faced but each DE had their own special talents & toughness.

    Do you think the Cowboys have a realistic chance of going to the super bowl this year?? (dallas8182/dcfu)

    They have the talent. Winning a Super Bowl sometimes takes more than athletic talent. It takes a ‘team’. I get discouraged with today’s drama off the field. Players need to just play football. I’d like to see them take it all the way.

    What football moment do you cherish more than any other? (2233boys)

    Man…I played in more than 200 football games. 200!! From the Ice Bowl, 5 Super Bowls, 12 playoffs. I cherish a lot of great memories. How ‘bout I tell you the most frustrating. It was the 1975 Super Bowl against the Steelers. Some exotic dancer came running onto the field, broke into our huddle and kissed my helmet. It was such a distraction to the team and we lost. Does anyone remember that game? It was crazy.

    Do you feel that Larry Allen will be slighted the way you were by voters, or will your induction help his trek into the Hall be easier? (biggems/dcfu)

    I think Larry will be a highly decorated Dallas Cowboy…and he should be. Will my Hall nomination help him? Who knows why the HOF voters vote like they do.

    What do you think of the salaries that are being paid to the players today? (Bean/dcfu)

    It’s absurd. They play football. We need to pay the teachers who teach our children and the nurses & firefighters who save lives. It’s a sad reality check.

    Did you always believe you could be a professional athlete? (cowboyloyal/dcfu)

    Yes. Since I was 10 years old. But basketball was my chosen sport. (I couldn’t even make my high school football team!) I was headed to the Cincinnati Royals (now the Sacramento Kings) and would have played with Oscar Robinson. But I got a call from the Cowboys and had to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s a great story…and I tell it in my book in great detail.

    You switched positions during your career. Whose idea was that? If that had not occurred, do you think you would have still made the HOF? (Azriel/dcfu)

    It was Coach Landry’s decision to switch me. I owe him and Coach Jim Myers for my success. Having guys like that, believing so strongly in me, gave me a deeply instilled desire to succeed. Can you imagine what it would have been like to disappoint a man such as Coach Landry? He deserved the best…of everything. And, no, I don’t think I’d be going into the Hall in any other position.

    What do you think of Bill Parcells, Mr. Wright? Since he believes in the Landry philosophy, of what you know, is he similar as a strategizer and motivator? (summerisfunner/CowboysZone)

    I respect Coach Parcells. But I can’t compare him with Coach Landry. It’s like comparing The Temptations to the Eagles. Both great bands…two different styles. Landry had a ‘system’ and sought out athletes to fit his ‘system’. He would never sign a great football player if it didn’t fit his blueprint. Many Cowboys from the 70s were athletes who never ever played football. Mel Renfro was a sprinter. Cornell Green & I were basketball players. Bob Hayes was an Olympian. Times are different today.

    Which SB loss was most difficult for you to take personally? (michaelwinicki/CowboysZone)

    Out of the 3 we lost…the first one was the most difficult. It’s like loosing your first love. There’s always a special place there…but it’s bittersweet. It was the first time in history that the Cowboys were there. And the desire to win was so incredibly strong. But you know what? Without that loss I don’t think we would have won it all the next year.

    Do offensive linemen seem to get more respect in today's game? Did John Madden help the cause? To quote Rodney Dangerfield, do you feel that linemen still "get no respect." (truebluecowboy/CowboysZone)

    They certainly do with their bankers! In my book, I make this analogy: Offensive linemen should protect their quarterbacks like the Secret Service protect our nation’s President. You know George W has protection…but the Service never get credit for keeping him safe. Now if they messed up and (God forbid) something happens…you’ll hear about it. It’s the same way with the Line. They’re unsung heroes.

    Did you have any pre game routine you went through? (longboysfan/CowboysZone)

    Not that I was aware of! I was totally focused on the game plays and my opponent for the day. Total concentration.

    Mr. Wright when you were told you would be switching from TE to tackle what was your first thoughts? (BigDFan5/CowboysZone)

    When Coach Landry called me in that day…I thought he was letting me go! So when I realized I still had a place on the team (and a job!) I was relieved. The only thing about the transition that disappointed me was the fact that I’d never touch the ball again. Well, unless there was a fumble but it was my job to keep that from happening! But hearing Coach Landry say, “Rayfield, I believe in you” made me want to do everything possible to make him proud and help the team.

    Congrats on the HOF! You definitely deserve it. What part of today’s football would you like to see go away? What part of yesterdays football (when you played) would you like to see come back? (djdoug/CowboysZone)

    Hey, thanks for the kudos, man! Today’s football….I’d like to see the egos checked at the door. These guys need to play as a team. And yesterday’s football? Bring back that good ol’ team rivalry like we had with…say…the REDSKINS! Oh…and grassy fields! I never did care for the artificial turf.

    What is the most important block you ever made, the most memorable, and the one you remember the best for whatever reason? (jobberone/CowboysZone)

    That’s easy. Blocking Carl Eller during what is now called the “Hail Mary” pass. It’s been said that “Rayfield Wright drove Carl Eller all the way from Bloomington to Minneapolis” to give Roger Staubach time to connect with Drew Pearson. What a moment in history! That still makes me smile.

    Were there ever any time when you looked back and wondered how good a TE you would have been? (Juke/CowboysZone)

    You know….in my heart I’d like to believe I would have been a good TE. But in reality…I had 3 knee operations during my 13 years and I always came back. Being a TE would have been hell on my knees. So I don’t think my career would have lasted as long as it did (13 years).

    Who were the top 5 players you had to face and how do you think you played against them? (hostile/CowboysZone)

    Deacon Jones was destructive. Carl Eller was physical. Jack Youngblood played with finesse. LC Greenwood had some really long arms. And Bubba Smith was a brute. Perhaps Mr. Staubach can better answer the second part of your question!

    What is the number one memory of your football career? (cowboyeric8/CowboysZone)

    Wow! There are just so many. But the thing I treasure most about being a Dallas Cowboy was…when Coach Landry passed away…Mrs. Landry asked me to speak at his memorial service. That’s been the most humbling moment ever…and one I cherish the most.

    Do you think players should be able to vote on the Hall of Fame. Maybe you, Staubach, Dorsett, White, and some of the fellas could help deserving guys like Harvey Martin, Too Tall Jones and Drew Pearson get some credit. (truebluefan/CowboysZone)

    Hey…thanks for thinkin’ of my man Harvey Martin. Wasn’t he awesome? Yes..I do think a mixed panel of players & sports writers would help the process. Whose to say for sure. But for this year…the committee did an awesome job of selecting candidates…dontcha think?! The list had some very worthy players on it. Still…I would rest better in Canton if Bob Hayes was there, too.

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    Talk about a class act. Look in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Rayfield Wright.
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    great answers to all of the questions,when I was reading them,I could hear Rayfield speaking in my mind.
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    Some may be too young to realize it, but I'm not, I just got owned by Mr. Rayfield Wright with that remark. He never gave up a sack.

    Now you know why the HOF bias is so stupid. 25 years it took for this man to be recognized. Ridiculous.

    I had 4 of the 5 he named correct. LC Greenwood surprises me a bit.
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    Danny was always so close to a lot of things, I always had great respect for him in his unenvenable postion of the teams and players he followed.
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    Thats great stuff. glad Rayfield still takes time out of his day for his fans
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    Old School!

    Players today need to read this...

    Thanks to Deb for the effort she put in...
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    I've always thought very highly of Rayfield Wright. Now, even more so.
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    Great Interview! Thanks Rayfield.
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    great read. so kind of him to take the time to do this for us.

    this is a class chat board.

    looking forward to seeing his joy on saturday!
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    Great stuff, though never saw Rayfield Wright in action, from interviews and such, seems like a very humble man.
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    I couldn't agree more with him. He was spot on.
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    Thanks for giving Mr. Wright the questions, and big props to Wright for taking the time to answer them! Another example of a truly Classy Cowboy!
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    Amen to all grass fields!
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    Class guy with a sense of humor. Damn proud that he was/is a Dallas Cowboy.
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    I really don't think he's done talking....he loves to talk about those days..and is excited he still has such a big fan base. He's almost like a little kid when he starts talking about his playing days. I am going to touch base with him next week because that interview on my site has just spurned a buncha people that want to ask him more and keep him talking...so if I do that...I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Yes, my question got answered. What a great guy. Full of class. Of course I never got to see him play, but have heard about him from my dad. I had the opportunity to meet him. It was at an autograph signing and I shook his hand, and we had a pretty lengthy conversation, I don't think people behind me much appreciated though, lol. If I had a scanner I could post the pic, hes towering over me.
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    BTW~~ Mr. Wright wanted feedback so I took some of the kind things you guys said in response to him and mailed them to him last nite. He's actually getting to be my pen pal so I will keep you posted on any further responses.
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    you won't, but it should be

    :worthy: Mr. Rayfield Wright
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    deb, you're wonderful, if I could, I would kiss you ;)

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