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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Until recently, I worked on the assumption that the Boys were content with their current stable of running backs, and this position would not be a high priority... I thought that with DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones, backed up by a young prospect in Phillip Tanner that they really like, they were set at RB...

    But then the Boys went and brought in the likes of Doug Martin from Boise State and Cyrus Gray from Texas A&M for visits, both of them rather highly regarded prospects, I started wondering if they might not be looking to shake up their RB corps... this seemed to be confirmed by reports I read that if Trent Richardson was still on the board at pick 14 (he won't be), the Boys would likely choose him... then throw in the fact that I was totally surprised when they picked Demarco Murray last year, and well, I don't have a clue what they might be thinking when it comes to their RBs... so I'll try to cover a lot of different possibilities...

    I don't see them going with a RB in the first round, because the only ballcarrier carrying a first round grade seems to be Trent Richardson from Alabama, and I suggested earlier, I think he's a likely to near certain top 10 picks... but in the 2nd round, they seem to really like Doug Martin from Boise State... I could live with this pick, from the clips I saw of him he looks like a bit bigger, bulkier Emmitt... same cutback style... they might also throw the draft a curve by going for LaMichael James from Oregon here, a classic example of what the old-timers call a "scatback"... to me, he's similar to an Eric Metcalf, and he offers added value as a kick returner, where the Boys could use some help...

    In the 3rd or 4th round range, they might have an interest in Cyrus Gray from Texas A&M... in the 5th round, they might take a run at a big back (they don't really have a thumper right now), Terrance Ganaway from Baylor...

    After the draft, I'd suggest taking a look at Lance Dunbar, who was highly productive for North Texas, or Travaris Cadet from Appalachian State... I'm not sure why the Boys are high on Cadet, but they apparently are... they might also look at Cody Johnson from Texas (who would instantly solve their goal line and short yardage problems), or his teammate Foswhitt Whittaker... Fozzy would need to have his knee checked out very closely, but if it checks out, he offers the team a dangerous kick returner too... Cody might prove to be a serviceable NFL fullback if he can handle the blocking duties...

    Bottom line, I think there are too many other pressing needs to be addressed with our draft picks, I'd advocate not drafting a running back this year...
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    RB's tend to fall in the draft. If the Cowboys take RB (especially with a high pick), it will be because they are taking the BPA rather than for need. I could see Martin being a player that Dallas has a first round grade on that could be available in the second round.
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    If Whittaker's knee checks out he could be a nice addition depending on where we could get him in the draft. He reminds me a little of Jamaal Charles just not as elusive. What round is he projected?
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    not a big fan of a rb in round 2. at best, they would be the #3 option at RB this year and be mostly relegated to ST. Of course, if Felix leaves next year its nice insurance but i would rather see an immediate contributor at #45.
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    There's almost no chance he'll be drafted... he racked up his knee pretty badly toward the end of last season and has yet to be able to work out...

    Sign him, and stash him on the practice squad for a year... or for that matter, put him on IR for the year if he's not ready to play yet...

    Of course, this is dependent on good reports from his doctors...
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    Fozzy would be very late rounds at best, imo.
    He may find a spot on an NFL roster though, b/c he does have some talent.
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    I like the addition of fozzy or Cody Johnson. :D can you tell lol.
    But I think Cody should be an UDFA signing. Maybe I burn a 6th on Fozzy.

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    I would not spend a draft pick on Fozzy. I think you gotta just take your chances and offer him a contract if you like him.
  9. CowboyFan74

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    I would be interested in the return guy/rb with our 4rth comp pick if the value is there...

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