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    I posted this a few months ago, but apparently some users did not get the message. I have updated it so I encourage you to read it completely!

    I have always tried to be fair to users on this site regardless of viewpoints. I have defended the right of the so-called homers and haters to share their opinions even when I personally disagree with them. I have done this because I hoped that giving everyone a chance to share their opinions would help everyone move on. Unfortunately, that is not happening.

    I have given the haters several months to rant and get it out of their system and they continue to rant and whine even more now. In almost every thread posted lately you will find the same users posting the same negative comments over and over again as if the rest of the users somehow missed the other 100+ threads where they posted the same thing.

    It has become obvious that there are some users here who simply do not want to see anyone else even remotely happy about being a Dallas Cowboys fan. It is their mission to make sure everyone is as miserable as they are or else they will sabotage every thread they make in order to remove the desire of supportive fans to post on the site.

    I am here to say that stops NOW!

    Starting from this moment on, I will personally start banning users who post nothing but negative comments over and over especially in threads where they have no business being posted. If you do not like it, fine .. leave! There are plenty of other sites on the internet for you to vent your frustrations and promote your agendas. This site will no longer be one of those places.

    The reality is that Jerry Jones is the owner and GM. Do I wish we had a real GM? Absolutely! After 15+ years of failure after failure, it's obvious that we need a real GM. That said, Jerry is not going anywhere. If any of you think that flooding this site with hate and anti-Jerry comments is going to have any impact on that, I sincerely feel sorry for you.

    The reality is that Jason Garrett is the head coach at least for one more season. Am I happy with the way Garrett has coached this team? In some ways, absolutely! In other ways, not at all. That said, Jason Garrett is going to be here through next season and all the whining, moaning and ranting will not change that. Accept it or stop watching the Cowboys for the next year. You will be happier.

    The reality is that Tony Romo is the quarterback at least for one more season. There were no great quarterbacks in the draft and anyone thinking that other team's castoffs or rejects will be all pro guys here are out of their mind.

    It is time to accept that Jerry, Jason and Tony are going to be here for another season. Those of you who hate Garrett may very well get your wish next year. For now, this is who we have and rather than dwell on the things we cannot change, most of us fans would like to focus on where we go from here.

    I will say this one last time .. If you want to stay on this site, find another site to spam your hate. This is a Dallas Cowboys fan site and there are a lot of us who may not be completely happy with the team, but we still like and support this team.

    I want to be very clear. I am not saying you can never criticize this team, its staff or its players. I am talking specifically to the people who post negative post after negative post in thread after thread.

    I do not care if you have been a good or great user in the past. All that matters now is how you conduct yourself going forward. If I see someone with 20,000 posts trolling threads posting negative insults, shots and one liners, your account will be banned. There will be no favoritism so do not assume you are above this policy!

    There will be no warnings on this. If I find a user posting negative comments repeatedly especially across multiple threads, the account will be banned.

    For those of you who think you can just create another account, I am working on changes that will quickly deter you from considering that as an option. My advice is accept this policy or simply stop posting!

    I hope everyone understands and appreciates the goal behind this new policy and I hope that fans that actually like this team will start to feel like they can post again without being harassed and attacked.


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