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    There has been a growing trend of users questioning how this site is run and trying to push moderators into performing actions against users or posts. This needs to stop right now.

    I have run this site for over eight years and the one thing I have learned is that things are never as great or as horrible as some users make them out to be. When things are going great for the Cowboys, of course moods with most users are going to be better. We are all fans after all. When the Cowboys lose, lose badly or lose repeatedly, fan enthusiasm will be low and armchair general managers, coaches and players are all too willing to share their perfect solution on how to fix everything.

    The one thing that everyone needs to remember is that we are all fans. The only true definition of so-called "real fans" is someone who shows up day after day to share their opinions and thoughts, good or bad. A troll user will not last hundreds or thousands of posts nor will they last months or years on this site. Just because someone is negative about the Cowboys owner, coaches or players does not mean they are not fans nor does it mean their posts are not welcome here.

    As a fan, I will admit .. constant negativity sucks. I hate it. I am eternally optimistic in life and I regularly find positives in the darkest of times. That said, even I have periods of time where Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan, Tony Romo and just about any other player or coach are targets for my frustration at their failure.

    I highly encourage everyone to go read the Forum Rules right now! If you see a post that you believe is violating one or more of those rules, report the post and tell us which rule you think they are violating.

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that we run this site as a staff, not an individual. When a post is reported, the entire staff sees it and in many cases, several members of the staff discuss it. If no action is taken, that means the staff did not see any rule violations.

    That said, the questioning of the mods and the operation of this site needs to stop. This has always been our number one rule! We will no longer just delete posts when this happens. We will now start handing out infractions or suspensions for violating this rule.

    The staff volunteers their time and energy to help keep this site mostly family-friendly and they work together quite well. They need to be appreciated for what they do! If you have a problem with a thread or a member, report their posts and tell us the rules they are violating and I assure you that we will look into it!


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