Realism + Optimism = my 2012 mock.

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    I thought the pre-draft press conference was pretty revealing yesterday. It's no secret that we have pre-requisites at certain positions, with one of them being size. Ciskowski said there's some talented players that we're gonna pass up because they're too small.

    IMO that means no Orson Charles, no David Molk, none of the smaller 3-4 DE prospects, and possibly no Melvin Ingram or Bruce Irvin (among others). (Watch us draft all of those players). I might be reading into it way too much, but there's no denying that we love size at certain positions (TE, DE). I kept the size factor in mind when making these picks.

    *TRADE* Cowboys send #14 to the Chargers for the #18, #78.

    1) #18: Michael Brockers, DE
    6'5", 320 pounds. He fits the mold of the type of 5-techniques that we love. Hatcher, Spears, Canty... all mammoths. Fills a huge position of need. I think at the very least he'll be a solid two down player. Not my first choice, but I think we're taking him if we can't trade up for Barron/Cox.

    2) #45: Peter Konz, C
    The last two seasons we've used 2nd rounders on guys who we've had 1st round grades on (Lee, Carter). I think this pick will be another case of BPA, and we'll choose the highest rated player on the board regardless of position. This just so happens to be a position of need, and the Cowboys are ecstatic to see him drop this far.

    *TRADE* Cowboys send #78 (3rd) & #113 (4th), #152(5th) to Patriots for #62 (2nd)

    2) #62: Andre Branch, OLB
    I'm staying with the theme of drafting 2nd rounders who we have 1st round grades on. I think with all the 3-4 OLB prospects slated to go in the late first/2nd round, there will be a few that slip. When the Cowboys see Branch still available this late into the 2nd they start blowing up the phones to get back into Round 2. Branch has the size and athleticism that we'd be looking for out of a 3-4 OLB to replace Spencer. He even got the GOAT's stamp of approval a week ago:

    3) #81: Ty Hilton, WR
    Doesn't fit in with the size theme, but I had to include him in my mock after reading what Broaddus had to say the other day (courtesy of InmanRoshi's recap):

    4) #135: Ron Brooks, CB
    Valley Ranch visitor. Has great measurables and could step in and be the 4th CB immediately.

    6) #186: Emmanuel Acho, ILB
    Another Valley Ranch visit.

    7) #222: George Bryan, TE
    We love big TE's who can block. (Wit, Marty B, Phillips, Kellen Davis). He fits the bill. Bryan was also team captain his senior year. He just seems like a guy we'd be interested in.

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