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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dfense, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Ok, I really don't know why teams weren't taking more advantage of the depleted defense in the last few weeks of the season. I had thought it was over after the Thanksgiving game when so many guys went down. For some reason the Bengals and Steelers could not take advantage like I thought they would.

    I would have been happy just beating the Skins for the division. If anyone really thought Dallas could do any damage in the playoffs, you're kidding yourself. 4th and 5th string players that were selling TV's at Best Buy a few weeks ago generally don't find their groove in a playoff run. The Cowboys would have had the worst Oline, Dline, and ILB group in the playoffs hands down.

    The Giants window is starting to close.

    The Eagles window has closed.

    The Cowboys need to draft to beat the Redskins.

    They need to draft a DT and DE in the first two rounds. Health allowing, the Cowboys may have one of the best and fastest LBing groups in the league. But they've really ignored the Dline. God bless Sean Lissimores heart. But watching a small 3-4 DE try and play NT against a power running team like Washington was painful. Hopefully Crawford will pan out some after a rookie year.

    Realistically, 2012 saw the CB position significantly upgraded. Teams had to take advantage of the safeties instead. Nothing new really, safety is a problem both covering and tackling. Boy could they ever use a safety like Darren Woodson who could drop down and cover a slot receiver.

    That leads me to the Oline. Not only has Free's play been bad alot of the time, he's been overpaid. A sure sign he's going to be gone. They need a RT and a G. Probably not going to find a starting RT in the draft. At least not one that can come right in and contribute. The need to find a RT in FA. There's a lot of tackles if you have the money. The Cowboys should make a run at G Andy Levitre of Buffalo. He's a versitle guy, stays healthy.

    Just my thoughts.

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