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    Justin talk yet, no not yet, were going to do a couple more things

    qb situation, no going to meet with my personel coaches and go over it

    barber, more overall, more prepared when he came into the league, playing in backfield with his father, and college coach helped him, & i knew his college coach, to his credit, he learned more nad moving forward

    ready for what?

    marcus; not know directly a benefit, but if a couple of guys can pressure, then that prevents teams from sliding line, to more versalitity on our defense as opposed to teams doubling up on him

    barber see him as; ron wolf my friend, he kinda and hes right, he says he reminds him of mcneil that played for newyork but not fast guy but good player

    sharing iwth julious, i think it helps him when working with another back, and stamina of player is a factor and weather, its important, good to have couple of guys, whereas no not having ot split to mindset to 25 ot 30 a game, the more is the harder not the less,

    how come, well u heard of getting into flow, if its 95 degrees backs are spacing themselves, with size of backs and contact their taking, more than one is great benefit to team

    to working, dont know that yet,

    slit back share, durablity, he didnt do it in college, i dont know that, i prefer not to find out, it doesnt disapoint me that college doesnt produce down backs, the game is spread out, and there is, um, lot of schools are using one back whereas years ago in wishbone u would have 5 backs, its different backs, compared to lt, they use sproles on 3rd down, yeah, would u make him lead runner, but u need change of space

    seperate themselves, stanly etc no, compared to them 3-4 or 4-3 they could be either one

    what do you know now bill, i just finished doing it, i want to get at least 2 quarters of work and some just one quarter while some will not get any, but get 2 more next game

    philosphy, no, i just try to do what were doing, been pretty much the same, i do a pattern

    game important, i think u want to what u say or how much you coach to hitting, but their is a difference to players being by themselves, where they have to function on their own, it tells u a lot about the player, if they can adapt, make adjustment, u find out alot about that

    defense has a feel while offense doesnt, we got more set positions defensively, while offensively their new to mix, while defense been together,

    startring wr and qb not play ?, im trying to do what needs to be done, we will get everybody intunre, where bledsoe is 34, he doesnt have to play all time, etc, but i need to find out what young guy can do, when do u suggest i do that, reporter says week 16, parcells week 16 ok

    newman, he is ok

    play someone sat night,

    fabini and kosier q, yeah in some ways, well uh, i think both of them have learned the system and were getting aloook at both of them, no, i just trying to get them ready to play

    slam dunk, well, uh, i dont know thats the case, whatever

    no, to being not pleased

    roy playing linebacker spot in nickel decision; that would be situational defense if we use it, thats all i can tell u about it

    not involved on field, thats more important, no, just trying to get communication going, players act on their own to have to play the game

    first year u been here, qb same, how much difference, it helps they know continuity, now u dont have to get them up to speed,

    drew; i just think it does, that is way your going and no uncertanity about it

    drew, same as before what hs job is managing the game when to take a change, know the abilities of your players around you, try to put ball where they can catch it easily, try to study for your opponents

    at 34 be the guy all year; i dont think 34 is operative, he is in good condition, with pretty strong arm, he still likes pllaying, seems to like to play and no drop off in arm strength

    younger threw, has he elimanted, no once in a while he goes off the reservation

    its not without human error, when u make them after 10- seconds u wished u didnt make them, sometimes wrs arent getting open or seperation indecision

    coaching staff like; you mean my asst coaches, they work hard, try to do what we ask them to do, pretty diligent, thats wht you would hoope for

    offseason, calling plays ; i pretty much structure same day to day basis, who talks have to stand up in front of team, all of them have responsibilities

    squax box, i dont care, if he likes it or not

    obvious romo view, this is uh, this is gong to be opportunity to show what he can do

    kickoffs ; uh swishum, fredickson

    romo, easier to not make bad throws, i got another one to another, prone to doo something big to show u q; i dont want to put romo where sat is the final moment, if he knows i just dump it off, yeah it is, i do think he is aware he is going to play extensively, i just want ot get the guy in the game and see how it looks

    superbowl win another one since 1990 mean to u, same as others a very satisfiying experience on top of football world for short period of time

    defining moment for drew, sometime after sat night

    commissioner, i shared soemthing with him when he was named commisioner, he paid a visit to giant stadium, i was in my sweat clothes, a few days after he came in, i told him lots of luck, its a thankless job, and when he retired, i told him when i wished him he didnt need that much luck, i thank him for integrity of game and passion for the game, hey, im not judge and jury here, so i tried to commend him,
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    sorry but this is just about impossible to follow.
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    We’re going to send him to have a few more tests done before we decide anything definitively.

    QB situation for Saturday?
    I meet with my coaches at 12:15 and we’ll talk about personnel.

    Good all purpose back right now. Developing. Well prepared when he came into the league. His dad being a player was probably a big help to him. He got first hand knowledge of what it was like. His college coach I think highly of, and he prepares his players well. Still, the player himself has to be willing to do it after he’s been told. So he needs to be given credit for it.

    How much longer does he have to carry the ball around with him?
    For a while.

    How does having Ellis on the field help DeMarcus?
    Directly, not much. But having more than one pass rusher on the field helps prevent teams from using sliding lines or extra blockers to block one of them. It makes the defense more versatile.

    Did you lack that last year?
    Yeah kinda. Teams were doubling up on DeMarcus.

    Who would you compare Marion too?
    Ron Wolf said Freeman McNeil who used to play for NYG. He wasn’t a real fast guy, but he was a prolific ball carrier in the NFL and a good player.

    Did it help him to split carries in college?
    I think it helps because to have that mindset. Knowing you don’t have to pace yourself when you’re not carrying the whole load. I’ve talked to you guys before about give up runs. And especially with the weather environment that we play in. I think a worse mindset is that you’re gong to get 25-30 carries a game, that’s harder to deal with. You hear that deal about getting into the flow, but if its 95 degrees out there those backs have to pace themselves. But you can’t afford that now in football. With the size of the backs and the contact they are taking, their overall stamina and endurance comes into play. Having more than 1 of them is a great benefit to a team.

    Envision TO doing more in practice?
    I don’t know that yet.

    Could Barber be a guy who carried the load if you needed him to be?
    I don’t know. He didn’t do it in college. I would prefer not to find out.

    Does it disappoint you that the college game isn’t producing those backs?
    No, everything is very cyclical. The game is more spread out now, as you could probably tell in the National Championship game. A lot of schools are just using a 1 back offense. Years ago you would go to a wishbone school and find 5 or 6 prospects in the backfield, now you are just finding 1 or 2.

    Would you still use that approach if you had an LT?
    Even if you look at them, they use the kid from Northern Illinois quite a bit and they use Sproles on 3rd down some. Would you have him as a lead back? Absolutely, but you still need some change of pace guys.

    Pepper vs. Montavous
    Not much distinction now, but we’ll give them lots of play Saturday. They both physically can play the nosetackle.

    What do you want to see on Saturday Night as far as personnel?
    I definitely want to get at least two quarters worth of work with some guys. Other guys may just get a quarter. Some guys wont play any this week, but will play a lot next week. Rather than try to shoehorn 4 guys in one game, I’d rather break it up to 2 per game.

    Do you gameplan in preseason?
    No, I just try to focus on what we’re doing and not worry about the other team. I have a pattern as to what I do in the first game, 2nd game, 3rd game. No matter how much you coach or say, these are practice drills. There is a difference when the player is out there on his own in a game situation. If you notice, I’ve told the assistant coaches to stand back sometimes and leave some of these kids on their own on the practice field. It really shows you a lot about the player as to where they are and how confidenat they are in what they’re doing.

    Is the defense still ahead of the offense?
    We have more set positions on the defense. That secondary is basically the same guys with one or two new guys in the mix. Same with the DL. I’m trying to do something at the QB position that needs to be done. I’ve calculated what I’m doing here. We’ll get everyone in tune. Bledsoe at 34 years old doesn’t need to play an entire quarter of the first preseason game.

    Do you think Romo takes precedence over getting Bledsoe in tune.
    I need to find out what I got here. When do you think I need to do that?

    Week 16?

    Newman’s injury?
    He’s alright.

    I’ll play him Saturday Night a little bit.

    Have you been happy with Fabini and Kosier?
    Yes, both of them have learned the system. We’re getting a good look at both of them. We’ll see how it goes. I want to see it in action. I’m trying to get them ready to play.

    Is Kyle a slam dunk to start?
    Slam dunk? I don’t know that that’s the case, but whatever.

    Is there something that they’ve done to make you not pleased with them.

    Roy playing the LB in the nickel?
    That would be a situational defense, and we may not even use it. That’s about all I can say about it right now.

    Why don’t you want the coaches involved this year?
    They’re involved, but I want the players to do it more this year. I want to get the communication going between the players and act on their own. That’s how they’ll have to play the game.

    This is the first year you’ve had a returning starter at QB.
    It helps with the continuity. They know the system. The past few years its been about getting a guy up to speed. You know the way its going, and there’s not a lot of uncertainty about it.

    What do you talk to Drew about this preseason?
    Just tell him what his job is. Managing the game. When to take a chance and when not to. How to avoid minus plays. Knowing the abilities of your players around you. Their plusses and minuses. How to put the ball in places where they can catch it. Studying and preparing for your opponents.

    What makes you think at 34 he can still be the guy?
    I don’t think 34 …. He’s still a very good athlete. He hasn’t had a serious injury. He still has a strong arm. He still likes playing. He hasn’t been debilitated physically. I haven’t seen a dropoff in his arm strength. He still likes to play. You put those things together.

    Is he at a point now where he doesn’t make the same indiscriminate throws he did when he was younger?
    No once in a while he still goes off the reservation.

    Like the throw in Seattle?
    Its not without human error. People make throws on an impulse and they regret it about 10 seconds later. He is courageous and wants to complete a pass. But sometimes the WR’s aren’t getting open as fast as you want, and that causes hesitation.

    What do you like about your coaching staff?
    They work hard and do what I ask them to do. That’s what you hope for.

    How has the dynamic changed with Sean Payton gone?
    Not much at all. Its still pretty much the same staff. I make all the position coaches talk in the meetings. They have to stand up and present to the team. They all have things to say.

    Is Drew a fan of the squawkbox?
    I don’t care. I didn’t ask any of them.

    What are you looking for in Romo?
    This is going to be an opportunity for him to show me what he can do.

    Who will be doing kickoffs?
    Probably Suisham and Fredrickson.

    Do you think it might be easier for Romo to steer clear from making the indiscriminate play knowing he has more playing time later in the game? Maybe he won’t force a pass knowing he only has one series to prove himself?

    I don’t want to put him in a situation where Saturday Night is his defining moment. I do think he’s aware that he’ll play extensively, but I just want to get him in the game and let him run the team and see how it looks. That’s all I want to do.

    What would it mean to win another Superbowl?
    It would mean the same as the others. The satisfaction of knowing you’re at the top of your field at the

    If not Saturday Night, when will be Romo’s defining moment?
    Some time after Saturday Night.

    What do you think of Tagliabue’s stepping down?
    I was there when he was initially named commish of the league, and he paid a visit to Giants stadium. He came into the coaches dressing room and I was wearing my sweatclothes. I told him “Mr. Commisioner, lot’s of luck. It’s a thankless job.” So the other day I wrote him a letter and told him I was wrong wishing him a lot of luck, because he didn’t need it. I told him job well done, and thanked him for his attempted maintenece of the dignity of the game. I commend him for doing it.
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    yeah i didnt get much of it. thanks for the effort though
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    thans, roshi
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    If not Saturday Night, when will be Romo’s defining moment?
    Some time after Saturday Night.


    Only 1 TO question, wow thats a big improvement.
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    Thanks InmanRoshi that was alot easier to read
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    :lmao: Beautiful!

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    Freeman McNeil. There's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I hadn't thought about him but yeah, now that BP mentions it, I can kinda see it. Although, I didn't think McNeil ever played for the Giants. All I ever remember him playing for was the Jets. Didn't know that.
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    Yeah... I think he stopped the "TO Controversy Crew" in their tracks a couple of days ago...
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    He never played for the Giants. I am sure that was just a typo.
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    Too bad he cannot stop the "Idiot Question Brigade" now.
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    This quote jumped out at me;
    Pepper vs. Montavous
    Not much distinction now, but we’ll give them lots of play Saturday. They both physically can play the nosetackle.
    Sounds like he likes these guys.
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    If someone would whack Blondie then we would be halfway there... ;)
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    I knew it, that Barber would put extreme pressure on Jones tor retain that starting spot.

    I say that Barber is the better RB, he is more complete, all JJ has on him is speed.

    Both guys are good backs, JJ needs to get more adept at receiving, and blocking, plus he is a built up 200 pound RB, and Barber is a natural 200 lb back.

    I warned that Barber may well be the starter come opening day, and I have always had the feeling that Parcells liked Barber as the starter more than JJ.
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    I took it as he is rather lukewarm on both and will have to see what they can do.

    When he "likes" a player, you can tell.

    He "likes" Newman, James, Ware, Williams, Carpenter, Watkins, Canty, Ratliff and Barber.

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    Yeah, it had to be. I remember McNeil playing for the Jets in the early 90s. BP was long gone from the Giants by that time. No big deal. Thank you for all the good work Rosh.
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    I think he likes Julius as well for his potential. He said in his PC yeaterday that he is working with JJ to get him to shift into a higher gear when running to the outside rahter than just when running inside. He said something to the effect of "If I can get him to do that he will be a big yardage back in this league."

    It may not be an exact quote but it's close enough for effect. ;)
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    I don't believe he dislikes Jones, but I do believe he wants more out of him than he has got.

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    I wouldn't say that. I think that JJ has speed, quickness and vision on Barber. Barber is the tougher inside runner and probably more durable but I wouldn't say that he is better in those other areas then is JJ.

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