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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 2, 2006.

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    • I feel good being back on the field. I didn't finish the year off like I wanted to.
    • The torn groin was pretty painful, but it was more painful not playing.
    • I felt it was worth a try to get back in last year but I didn't want to hurt the team, so I understand not playing in some games.
    • There is a little less pressure on DB's in the 3-4. We always know where the blitz is coming from and who is the hot guy.
    • I know the defense better this year so I hope to take my game to another level.
    • I understood my situation last year. There was a lot of pressure signing that type on contract being a 4th rounder.
    • I think our chances are better for us to succeed this year, we are in a better situation.
    • On playing against TO. We have both won battles. Playing against him is making us all better players. Neither me or T-New wants to get beat.
    • Have you set a goal for interceptions? My goal is to perform at a level that helps take this defense to the next level. We do set team goals and individual goals, but we haven't as of yet. I think we will accomplish those when set.
    • Luckily I didn't need any surgery in the off-season. I hate not playing but I didin't want to hurt the team. I was evaluated on a game-by-game basis.
    • I don't hate camp, but it certainly isn't my favorite thing. If I had my way it would last one week... (laughs)
    • Hobbies, Video Games? I don't play no video games. I do get tattoos. I have five right now, all on my arms. Small of your back? I do NOT have one on the small of my back. (laughs)
    • You don't get an NFL team tattooed on you cause you don't ever know what will happen. It would feel funny to have a Browns tatoo right now.
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    Thanks for the recap, but the headline scared me "Anthony Henry with BaD" is the first thing I saw, my heart sunk lol.
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    I wonder if he has a Butch Davis on a bulls-eye, tat? :laugh2:
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    The tatoo in the small of his back question is funny....I hope he can stay healthy this year.
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    Hey Ant...what about a Bulls tattoo?
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    He's going to be huge for our D if he stays healthy. He was probably our defensive MVP before he got hurt, what a secondary we have if he stays healthy and either Watkins or Davis step up
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    good post
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    lol I wonder how many pro football players have tramp stamps:D

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