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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 15, 2006.

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    • After watching film of the game on Saturday night, we still have a lot of things to work on. We did a few good things but we aren't where we need to be yet. We have alot of confidence in ourselves and some of the new guys we brought in are going to help.
    • We definitely got better this year in the 3-4. Last year we weren't sure of assignments at times, but it is a different story ths year. We have gained alot of cohesiveness and know how our teamates will react now and where they are supposed to be.
    • I feel I can help alot of players on this team both offense and defense. Sam (Hurd) talked to me last week after practice and he was asking what goes through the CB's mind during a play and I told him what to expect. We worked on his quickness and his technique during his routes and knowing how a CB wil react to his moves.
    • Pat (Watkins) has the talent to play this position (FS). I told these guys if they are on the sideline to watch and learn what is happening on the field so when they get in they can react rather than think.
    Interview cut out at this point, but there were a few good things in there.
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    This Hurd kid continues to impress me.

    Asking TO to help him, asking DBs what is going through their heads while covering WRs.

    Whether he makes it down the road or not, seems he has his head right.

    Gotta love a kid doing everything he can to learn and be better.
  3. dmq

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    I hope Anthony can remain healthy this year. We need him.
  4. trickblue

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    That stuck out to me too... can you imagine if players like AB entered the league with this type of attitude?

    This is the way to approach the game. I hope Hurd sticks with this team and his attitude is contagious...
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    Just like you asking Juke what goes through his head as he puts the basket of fries in the deep fryer.
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    nice recap.....thanks
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    Agreed, this kid is slowly making his way onto my list of current favorites on the team.
  8. SteveOS

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    It seems everyday there is something more to like about Hurd. Hopefully he sticks.
  9. Coakleys Dad

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    thanks for postin he was one of my favorite players last year before he got hurt...
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    I agree.. that's what stuck out to me about this interview..
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    What he said. I am impressed not only with his physical ability but his attitide and thirst for knowledge of the game from every perspective on the field. This kid will make it somewhere in the league because it is obvious that he will do whatever it takes to succeed. I sure hope it is with the Cowboys.
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    That would be Crayton--but that's O.K. you're excused, provided you get that sig of Lucifer of you postings otherwise you are consigned to confuse WRs for the rest of the season til 81 gets traded to Atlanta next offseason for a number 1 draft choice.
  14. tomson75

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    um...i think he was referring to Anthony Henry.
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    He also talked about communicating, how you have to work at it in practice, meetings, and on the sideline.

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