Recap: RECAP: Bill Parcells Press Conference 8/18 with audio

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    I will be ripping the audio for this one as well.

    DBoys: Here is the audio recap:

    InmanRoshi recap:

    Charlie Adams didn’t pass our physical. So he’ll be going back to Denver. It wasn’t something we really knew about when we traded for him.

    Are you back in the market?
    We’ll be doing what we were doing, yeah.

    What profile did you see for him?
    Someone who would have definitely been in the mix at WR. I would have played him at split end. It won’t be a factor now. We’re at 81 players.

    Does it change your gameplan for Monday Night?
    No, I wouldn’t have been able to get him ready to play anyway.

    He’ll play a little more this week. He wasn’t in there that long, but he did a pretty good job. He’s improving on his techniques. It isn’t an easy transition, and the further he gets along in it the more he sees that he needs to do it. But it really is going well. It really is. I hope it works out, it will be a big, big help if it does.

    How comfortable do you need to be with him to go with that?
    I’ve always been comfortable with him as a player, but it would be a big help to get two pass rushers on the field at the same time.

    Players who will play more this week?
    Coleman. McQuinston. Fabini will play quite a bit. I haven’t decided on the TE’s yet. Hannam didn’t play much against Seattle because I’ve been monitoring his knee. It looks to be getting better. I will probably start Bledsoe. I don’t know if Baker will play. I really haven’t done this yet, honestly. I’ll probably do it tomorrow morning or afternoon, but my main two QB’s will be Bledsoe and Romo, and I’m not sure anyone else will play.

    He’s pretty smart. I like the way he throws the ball a little bit, but I’m just looking at him to make sure I don’t miss something.

    TO playing?
    I don’t know, I need to see him some more in practice this week.

    Secondary development
    They’re more familiar with one another. They’ve been playing together for a while now. We’re working in more young players. We’re evaluating some of these new guys. We have a couple of guys who can play CB and S, so we’re trying to decide how much emphasis we put on that. I hope Jacque picks it up a little bit. My expectations are high for him. He played well for us last year. But he’s had some trouble the past few days.

    Camp in Oxnard.
    The best part is being able to work your team without the physical ailments that other teams around the league suffer because of dehydration. A lot of teams really can’t work their guys hard enough. The environment makes it conducive to learning instead of just surviving. I think when we get to Texas I’m going to work them inside for a while. I don’t want them dehydrating and tightening up for a little while. I’ll get them out there a little bit, but I’m not going to put them out there twice a day at 105 heat. I thought we were ready to go getting out of camp last year. To go out to San Diego and get the win against a team coming off a 12-4 season was pretty good. Jacksonville is going to be tough, so I want my team ready to go.

    How do you prepare for those hot Texas Stadium games?
    I don’t mind the night games at Texas Stadium too much. I like that the last two preseason games are at night games in Dallas, because it gets them acclimated to the weather without destroying them. But I’ll just work them inside and outside some. I think retrospectively .. this is something that I’ve changed my mind on over the years … you don’t get a lot of good of just going out in the heat day after day after day. I don’t know that I’m right, but just having experienced … I’ve coached in Tallahassee FL, and it can’t be worse than that. But Texas was an awakening for me. It just doesn’t stop. I was coaching with the Giants one time and we held the ball for 99 plays, and someone told me that 12 Cowboy players were taken off the field. That really showed me what can happen in those situations..

    What do you like about Proctor?
    He will not quit. There is no quit in this kid. Weight lifting, meetings, practice. He is an intense, competitive guy. You will get his best. That’s what impresses me. Technically he’s doing good too. I will have a hard time letting him go from the roster, I’ll tell you that.

    How come guys you’ve drafted higher don’t give you that?
    I talk to my scouts all the time about this … Its my opinion that 90% of the OL that come in this league are developmental players, I don’t care where they are drafted. They just have to figure out how to do it. If you’re not smart, physically and mentally tough .. you really don’t have a chance to be very good. You got guys who have talent but you have to hit them with a bat to get them to use it. You have other guys who don’t have the talent but they give you everything. I really take my hat off to Joe Jurasczek, because he’s done a heck of a job here. When we started this a few years ago, I sat down with him and told him kind of what I wanted . I told him I don’t want to deviate from my core lifts, but I needed his expertise on the stuff on top of that because I’m not an expert. I learned from the Russians, that’s who taught me. We’re going to clean and squat. After that, you put your program together to enhance other things. We lift against a clock to learn stamina, that’s another Russian thing I learned years ago. I don’t want to go on about Proctor, but Proctor would get in the weight room at 7:30. If he did everything he was required to do, he should be done by 11:00. Cooled down, showered, everything. He was still there at 1:30. You just couldn’t get him out. Then that inspires Coach Joe, so he starts looking for other stuff to do. So they start working on individual stuff together.

    Does Proctors status effect Peterman?
    H, they all effect each other. He’s doing alright. I’ll play him some more this week, but this is a tight deal here.

    Why hasn’t Pettiti taken his offseason to the field?
    I don’t know .. we’ve been moving him around a little bit. After this game we’ll decide what we’re going to do here.

    Is it by design to have guys as tall as Flozell?
    If the tall players are good players, then its better. Ideally I like bigger players. But I’m not going to sacrifice …... We got big players on defense, but we can run … we’re not slow. Bigger players can be more physically dominant .. but we don’t have anyone as big as Flozell. He’s the biggest.

    Would you expect Boiman to play this week?
    I think he will. He’s a tough guy. He wants to get out there.

    What do you want to do this preseason game.
    Same as the first game, this one is about evaluation. After this its about getting the guys prepared.

    I just want him to get more consistent. He’s a middle of the pack punter right now, but he has the potential to be much better than that. He could be in the top quarter. He’s got a real good leg. He has that drop kick thing that he does better than anybody. But every once in a while he has a game like the other night. He bobbles a perfect snap and is in a hurry to kick it so he shanks it. Then he kicks a pooch kick into the endzone.

    Is it correctable?
    He’s an intense player. Is it correctable? I wish I knew that. If you find someone who knows if they are, get in business with him.

    We have a plan with Vanderjagt. I told him what I hope to accomplish with him and when to do it. He knows what they are.

    Did you consult Sean Payton about taking the job in NO?
    The questions my guys ask me are usually about the job itself. How have they told you the job will be structured? What is your role as HC? What do they expect from you? What are you responsible for exactly? Get that very clear. Will you be allowed to hire your own people? You shouldn’t take those things for granted. Unless they are contractually agreed to, they often aren’t that way once you get there. So I tell them “If I were an owner, this is what I would look for .. how do you present yourself?” You’re in the forefront of this organization now. You have to reflect that. There are certain ways you have to conduct yourself. You don’t really ever know when a guy is ready. Most of them aren’t ready. I wasn’t ready. I almost screwed it up. I got lucky, someone threw me a raft. I always tell them the same thing and they always come back to me and repeat it back to me … I tell them this HC isn’t all what its cracked up to be. You got problems that the media doesn’t know about. 5 to 6 times a day you see things you wish wouldn’t happen. If you can’t deal with it, do something else. But he’s energetic. Enthusiastic. Very energetic, I would say

    Will you keep an eye on him?
    Its human nature to hope things go well with him and I do. But they’re over there now. I’m trying to keep my own house from burning down.

    Do you think Zimmer is close?
    You never know. It’s the eyes of the beholder and what the owners want. Quite frankly there are more factors involved now .. they have “headhunter” guys who present guys to owners who haven’t been in the league long enough to know who the best candidates are. There are more politics involved in the jobs now. Most of the guys coaching in the league when you’ve been around as long as I have .. you know who the good coaches are. There might be a few young guys who are good that maybe I’m not familiar with because I’m a little bit outside the loop now … but when you play them a few times, you know who’s good and who is doing what.

    Nate Jones?
    Same as when he got here. Dependable, bright, versatile, good special teams player. Fights for his job every year, and every year its harder to let him go. You know he’ll give you 200 plays of special teams, he plays 2nd nickel, he can step in and finish a game at CB or even S. He’s not the most talented guy, but that’s what keeps him in the mix.

    Why haven’t you used him as a kick returner?
    I would like a little more juice.

    Plan for Vanderjagt?
    I think he will kick field goals this week. If he’s physically really ready to go I hope he’s ready to kick off next week when we get back to Dallas. That’s not in concrete but we’ve discussed it.
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    Maybe BP will mentioned who the starter at qb is.....
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    I need a TO hamstring update. Also, I'm hoping the reporters ask more pertinent questions like "Did you watch the Rangers game?" or "How did it feel to win a Superbowl?"
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    What time does it start?
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    against New Orleans? cuz I'm pretty sure he already said that Bledsoe is the team's starter
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    1:30 CST
  7. kTXe

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    He also already mentioned Bledsoe would be playing in the NO game. I can't imagine him playing without starting in that game.
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    thanks for clearing that up :starspin
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    Charlie Adams didn't pass physical
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    So much ado about nothing regarding Adams, eh?

    I just don't see how a receiver like that improves this team, much less for a sixth-round pick.

    I can understand wanting to get another proven guy if we're concerned about the depth. But a guy like Adams is but a mere body.
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    Main QB's in NO game will be Bledsoe and Romo
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    Doesn't know if TO will play he will see how the next 4 pratcies go. If he is ok he will play.
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    I still can't figure out how we did any good in that trade. Sad he's hurt, happy the trade is cancelled.
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    BP expectations for Reeves is high.

    Benefit of Oxnard you can work the team hard because of the weather and not have the physical side effects.

    When back in Texas will practice inside.
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    according to bills press confrence
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    Look into getting the other Denver receiver!
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    sorry didnt see other thread..
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    Best news I have heard all day assuming we get our 6th rounder back!!!:starspin

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