Recap: RECAP: BP Press Conference 10/20

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    Tried my best guys:

    Re-signed Jr. Glymph and wavedLou Polite. That’s the only roster move we have. Everybody practiced but Hatcher.

    (On why he brought back Glymph)
    Because I feel like I need pass rush possibilities, and he did a good job in pre-season, really like what I saw in pre-season, signed him off the Pittsburgh practice squad.

    (On why is was Polite that was let go)
    I liked him, he’s smart, he’s durable, but I haven’t seen what I need, it’s his 3rd year so had to try something else.

    Hoyte’s number changed from 53 to 46, informed the league of that.

    Not sure if Skyler is returning punts on Monday.

    Waiting to see how Keith’s doing and wanna see how up to speed I can get Jr. Glymph, that’s in question, so there are about 4 or 5 players involved as far as who dresses goes. Trying to prepare for all eventualities.

    (On why not have Newman returning punts full time, if it's because of fear of injury)
    Like to have Newman back there when they’re punting from deep in their own territory cause they’re more protection conscious there. When you’re backed up sometimes you have to kick away so in that case I like to get Terence in there cause if you get him in space he can do something.

    You do get concerned about him getting injured doing that, but have never felt that you can protect players, it’s a physical game and once the game starts and they’re involved, I don’t think you can worry about protecting players.

    (Listing Glymph as a LB or DLineman)
    Would list Glymph as a linebacker, but he does have the ability to rush the quarterback a little bit. With Hatch being out I don’t wanna tire Ware and Ellis out, gotta play Burnett and Singleton more to make sure that doesn’t happen. Worked a couple guys this week so if I need to rest Ware and Ellis, I have someone capable, worked Ayodele and Carpenter and Glymph so I have people in case I need them.

    (Wish you had more from your pass rush?)
    Houston’s passing game isn’t really spread, so they’re very protection conscious, didn’t run the bootleg as usual because we run the 3-4, they’d normally run 9 or 10 but only did 3 against us.

    Hoping Ware improves as we go. Point I’m trying to make is that when you’re out there every play and now you’re in the nickel, that makes it kinda hard. Strahan and Osi aren’t out there every play now. They rotate them. Hatcher was a good guy to have at the game so now I gotta find someone who can fill in.

    (About what dictates who goes to the game on Sunday)
    Carpenter/Austin/Curtis/Hoyte/Glymph/M. Coleman are in the mix as far as the 5 or 6 players who come to down to game time decisions as far as where we need more help. A couple of those players, because of lack of experience, are not as flexible at the game as someone else, so we have to be careful that we don’t get in a situation where if we lose one player we can’t run our offense or our defense. I’ve been dressing 7 O-Linemen, which most teams are doing. I’ve always been an 8 Olinemen guy, but talking to a couple guys (belichick) they’ve been dressing 7, but if you don’t have versatility in some guys, you can get in trouble.

    (On crowd noise while on the road)
    We had trouble in Philly basically because of mental errors. That was the main problem that we had. Gave up 7 sacks, there were 2 in that last drive then we hit a pass so those 2 didn’t hurt us. So that leaves 5 and on those 5 we had 4 mental errors. When you get behind and teams no what you’re doing it makes it kinda hard.

    We haven’t really had false starts as a result of crowd noise. You have to have a silent snap count. When Mora was coaching the Saints and they had 80 thousand people in there, it’s wild, we just used a silent snap count.

    It’s the same guys that’ll get the mental errors whether the crowd is loud or not. You should attempt to reduce the number of things that will put your guys in trouble. If you’re calling 3 plays in the huddle, in a loud environment, then you’re gonna be in trouble dealing with that.

    Talked some about crowd noise some more and mentioned he has it at his disposal in practice if he needs to simulate it

    (about mobile QBs and protecting Drew)
    It’s any QB that you need to protect. The guy who had the most sacked record before Carr was Randall Cunningham.

    (bigger game because of the division aspect and Monday night?)
    This is nothing new with the Giants. They know us pretty well, we know them pretty well. They’re not really gonna trick us. Philly didn’t do anything we haven’t seen for the past 3 years. They just did it better than us. Now, we got some guys that can rush too, so we’ll see how it goes.

    (blocking Strahan and Osi?)
    Adams knows Osi better than I do. I try to tell Columbo what I think Strahan does. Now Michael has slimmed down, I mentioned that to him last year. Don’t think he weighs over 260 and he used to be up there in the 280s. I just told Columbo what I’ve seen. Fortunately for Columbo Fabini’s seen Strahan every year, probably 12 or 13 times, so I told Fabini, who is a pretty smart guy to talk to Columbo.

    Talked to Drew about what we’re trying to do at the start of the game. Listened to what he had to say, but I told him that just because I say this is what we’re trying to do, doesn’t mean we’re pressing. If it’s not there, throw the ball away and we’ll move on.

    (noticed Fowler in at FB on the goal line last week?)
    Fowler as the FB last week. Doing that with a lot of players here. We’re trying to stay ahead, the pro department is on it now, they are really on it along with Jeff. Trying to expand Curtis a little bit, Fasano has a plate full already. I do have Fowler ready to play on goal line and short yardage.

    (talk to the team about how big this game is?)
    Team already knows the importance of this game. Practiced at length, we only used pads twice. It’s not just this game, I gotta worry about next week too. My coaches are working on Carolina right now, and tomorrow and Sunday too. I told ‘em that when we come in next week I don’t wanna be looking at tape, I wanna be working on game plan. Thought about staying in Carolina (the entire team) after the game next week and traveling up to Washington from there.

    Conference over.
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    Great job on the recap, many thanks.
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    • Waived Polite, resigned Junior Glymph. Glymph did a good job in preseason, and he give us more pass rush that’s needed. Polite is smart & durable, but this is his 3rd year, and BP needed to see more progress made. Glymph is a LB, and will possibly play Monday night. Has ability to rush qb. With Hatcher out, we need to keep Ellis & Ware fresh by rotating in Glymph.
    • Everyone practiced except Hatcher.
    • Change ? number from 53 to 46.
    • Skylar? Don’t know if he’ll return punts. KD is still a question mark, and KD’s progress affects Skylar. Also, Junior’s ability affects Skylar.
    • Likes Newman returning punts when opponents are backed up.
    • (Lost video feed for a minute…)
    • Pass rush has been average this year. Houston used a lot of 7 man protection. Did you expect more from Ware? Hope he continues to improve. Strahan and Eumenyora(sp?) are rotated. Hatcher allowed us to use him outside if needed, to help keep players fresh.
    • Talked to Belicheck this summer, and he seldomly dressed 8 guys. But Patriots OLimen are more versatile. Our OLine had mental errors against Eagles. Not trying to take anything from the Eagles, but we committed several mental errors. Crowd noise? I saw crowd noise get silenced pretty quick last night in the 9th inning. Crowd noise can cause false starts, but not mental errors. We’re not committing many false starts. Can the crowd noise cause mental errors? The guys that commit mental errors because of crowd noise, are the same players that will commit mental errors w/o crowd noise. BP’s brother was involved in the 1st game in college (West Point?) that was affected by crowd noise. After that game, coaches began taking crowd noise seriously.
    • We know the Giants & they know us. No one is going to trick anyone. Philly didn’t do anything that we haven’t seen from them before.
    • Flo has played against Eumenyora. Flo knows him better than I know him. I can’t tell Flo anything about Eumenyora that he doesn’t already know. Told Columbo about Strahan since he hasn’t played against him. Fabini has played against Strahan at least 12-13 times. Told Fabini to go to Columbo and tell him everything he knows about Strahan.
    • BP is looking for someone else to add to the team. Driving Brian crazy to find players.
    • Fowler ready for goaline O if needed.
    • Told coaches that didn’t want to waste time, so started game planning and looking at film early. Didn’t need to talk to team about this game, since they already know what to expect. Only worked out twice in pads. Told players if they aren’t ready for this game, check your pulse (loosely paraphrase due to phone call interruption).
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    BP is mentioning Carp.....I sure we like to see him play in a game and make a play!
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    Good job Shuttemdown41. Like your recap. Lots of details. Trickblue should be back next week, so thanks for helping pick up the slack.
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    Day off today, noticed Trick was no where in sight, did my best to chip in. You do a good job yourself march.
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    I'm glad Glymph is still hanging around and didn't get away, although I'm surprised he didn't. I liked what I saw from him in preseason. He's a monster physically, hopefully that'll translate to destroying sheli and tiki
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    Which is pretty much how to pirouette 360 degrees in a flat second.

    Thanks for the recaps, guys.
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    Bill was watching the baseball game last night and his buddy LaRussa instead of working on the Giants' game plan?! :D
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    Sounds like he was disappointed in Polite.
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    I'm happy for Glymph, he was the best pass rusher in preseason.

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    Is the video not working at for the PC?

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    Yes. Thanks, Shuttemdown41.
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    yea... cause at this point your better than he is and have as many sacks!
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    Yes, agreed.

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    Werder keeps trying... and reaching... and now he sounds completely dumb....

    he was complete before:lmao2:
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    Obsess much?
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    How can Hoyte wear 46? Isn't there a rule that LBs wear 50s or 90s?
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    Almost sounds like they're planning on attacking downfield to me with this comment. Probably have 3 straight runs to start.
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    Now, we got some guys that can rush too, so we’ll see how it goes.

    We do? Hard to see with this non attack defense! I agree, we do. However, if you never let them attack it doesn't do much for us.

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