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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Dec 5, 2006.

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    • Boy, the NFC Wildcard picture is a mess. One mediocre team will make it from the NFC. Three good AFC teams are not going to make it.
    • Carolina should have taken care of business. They have led in the 4th quarter in all 11 games, but the QB is not closing the deal for them. They could be tough in the post season provided they even make it. They need to run the ball and keep it out of Delhomme's hands.
    • Lovie Smith is looking at the big picture. Their goal is to win a SB and develop a young QB. If they get the home field then teams have to win at Chicago by running the ball. It won't matter who the QB is. Grossman has really struggled lately, but all of those games have been in the cold. The next two games are in domes and he will have a chance to correct his problems. In January it only matters who runs the ball well in Chicago. So far he hasn't cost them games. When he does that they need to make a change. If they lose to StL and he throws 4 picks he might make a change.
    • The new commissioner has said he is open to moving the draft to different cities to garner more interest. It would be bringing the game back to the people. Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas and especially NO would be good choices.
    • I guarantee you Miami will not be Saban's last stop.
    • I didn't move Dallas ahead of NO this week as thyey've done nothing to move ahead of them. NO is a good football team. If Dallas wins, then you move them up.
    • I was surprised that Dallas let Vandy go, not shocked, but surprised given his contract. I don't think he felt confident in his kicks and if the kicker doesn't, then neither can the team. Parcells realizes this is a three point league.
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    It would be really cool to have the Draft in Dallas. I would definately go.

    - Mike G.
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    "I didn't move Dallas ahead of NO this week as thyey've done nothing to move ahead of them. NO is a good football team. If Dallas wins, then you move them up."

    This is stupid reasoning.
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    Why is a host of 6-6 teams so much worse than a host of 7-5 teams?
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    Yep, that'll really help him come playoff time at Soldier Field...
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    I agree. We are 5-1 over the last six games and NO is 3-3. Hopefully the trend will continue.
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    You'd think that if you have two teams with the same record, and one had just knocked off the league's only undefeated team while the other got blown out at home by a losing team, you'd rank the team that had the big win ahead of the team that got blown out.

    That was three weeks ago when Goof should have put us ahead of the Saints.
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    I don't think Kansas City, Denver, and the N.Y. Jets are any better than Carolina, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The Bengals and Jags are a lot better, but both play tough schedules. One of them will not make it. Pittsburgh is also a good team now, but the messed up too much at the beginning of the year to contend for a playoff spot. Tennessee is also playing lights out now, but it is too late for them as well.
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    i cant stand goose!!!
  11. Rush 2112

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    Goose continues to be clueless on all things non-draft related......

    And that's only because he has behind close doors access around the league.

    NO has beat no one that is any good.
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    We just have to keep proving the media wrong and take care of business on the field!
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    i think moving the draft around would be a fantastic idea. my fear is the nfl will put the draft on the nfl network at some point.i think the nfl network will end up hurting the nfl in the long run. so many people have no access to it and to put top flight games over there just seems silly when you consider the numbers who can't watch them.
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    Goose: What a mess the NFC wildcard race will be. It looks like an 8-8 team will make it.

    Norm: Remember when people were saying a month ago that the Cowboys would need 10 wins to get into the NFC Playoffs? You knew that wasn’t going to be the case. There aren’t going to be six teams with 10 wins this year in the NFC.

    Goose: Well, you have a whole bunch of 6-6 teams right now. if Carolina would just take care of business, they would make it easily. They’re the most talented 6-6 team.

    Norm: In the last 11 games they are 6-5 ,and they have lead in the 4th quarter of all the 11 games. Isn’t that amazing?

    Goose: Yeah, I covered their game in Cincy, and Delhomme threw an interception at the last of the game like they did last night. Their QB isn’t coming through for them. But if Delhomme turns it around that’s a team you don’t want to face in the playoffs.

    Norm: What do you do when you have a talented team with a QB out of form .. Carolina, Seattle, Denver.

    Goose: You run the ball and take it out of his hands. But DeShaun Foster is out. I’m sure Shannahan thought he could win with his running game. That’s not happening.

    Norm: Why is Lovie Smith being so hard headed about Grossman when he has a solid game manager in Griese?

    Goose: I applaud him for what he’s doing. The immediate goal is to win a Superbowl, and they’re still on track to do it. But a secondary goal is to develop a quarterback, and Grossman is going to be a better player for going through this. Listen, it doesn’t matter who your QB is, he’s not going to throw the ball in Chicago in January. It doesn’t matter if its Tony Romo, Matt Hasselbeck or Rex Grossman. In Chicago in January, the best running game is going to win.

    Norm: On the other hand you don’t want to go into January afraid that your QB is going to lose the game for you. And I appreciate the fact that they want to develop a QB, but don’t you have to win a Superbowl anytime you have the chance?

    Goose: If you look, 3 of his games the last month were east in the extreme cold. Last week was at home in the cold. His next two games are on the road in domes, and he’ll have a chance to fix his problems. You’re not asking him to throw for 300 yards in January. Just don’t lose the game. Griese isn’t going to be much better. Maybe you bench him if he starts costing you games, but they keep winning and they look like they will win out and have home field advantage.

    Norm: They are talking about moving the draft to other cities?
    Goose: Yeah, two years ago they thought about moving it to Philly. The cost is so high in New York, and you can bring the product to different markets.

    Norm: Is Saban interested in the Alabama job or not?
    Goose: It seems like it depends on whether he won or lost the last week. He wins one week and he’s not interested. He loses the next week, and now he’s putting his name out there. You have to know about Saban on the day that he signs his contract that he could be gone the next year. I can promise you the Dolphins won’t be his next stop.

    Norm: Why do you have New Orleans ahead of Dallas on your power rankings?

    Goose: They’ve been ahead of them every week. Why should I vault the Cowboys up ahead of them now? They’re just now rising to a level New Orleans has been at all year.

    Norm: How much would you give me in a bet if I told you between Suisham and Vanderjagt that Suisham would be the only one with a NFL job and it would be with another team?

    Goose: I was surprised they let him go. How often do you see a high priced kicker released within the first year? I think it was a mental issue, and he didn’t feel confident in his kicks so how could his team be confident in him? The Seahawks are 8-4 and half of their wins are on last minute kicks by Josh Brown. This is a 3 point league.
  15. joseephuss

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    Grossman struggled in the dome at Minnesota early this season and in warm Arizona. The cold weather is not the only thing stopping him from playing well.
  16. jazzcat22

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    Yes a very stupid reason.
    Dallas should be ahead because they beat better teams, and with winning records. They beat the Colts and TR out played PM. Simple as that.
  17. superpunk

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    Have a good front four, and a decent zone defense, and grossman will hang himself. That's been it all year long.
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    Goose's reasoning on Grossman makes no sense. He says no one is going to throw the ball for 300 yards in the Chicago weather, and maybe that's true. But I remember Jim McMahon at least throwing effectively enough. Meanwhile, Grossman is doing the one thing that will lose them games, and that's turning the ball over. Surely Gosselin realizes that no team can hand the ball off 60 times a game.

    And if they really are just as focused on "developing a young QB" as winning it all this year, they're crazy. I don't think they are.

    And on Carolina... They look awful, and I don't think anyone can deny that. Except Goose, who is just protecting his earlier pick of them.
  19. jazzcat22

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    Goose never seems to want to give Dallas too high or very many props. Talks up the other teams too much. I respect his opinions, he is better than most. But sometimes I just wonder where he is at when he says stuff.
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    But it's nice and warm in Chicago in Jan.

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