Recap: RECAP: Jerry Jones 610 Radio Houston 1-2-07

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Bull Frog, Jan 2, 2007.

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    This is a interview with John McClain of 610 radio in Houston. I hope the formatting works.

    JM: Happy New Year, if it is a happy new year?
    JJ: Yes. I’m positive and we are going forward from here.

    JM: Question about the Tx Hall Fame
    JJ: Honored to go , blah, blah, blah

    JM: New Stadium.
    JJ: Excited, blah, blah

    JM: Is it better to go on the road since the home games have been poor?
    JJ: The disappointing thing about home games is we had a lot at stake and we were on national television. It’s frustrating that we played poorly with so much on the line. In my personal life I’ve made many mistakes, but I was always able to recognize and seize opportunities when they presented themselves. For whatever reason, we have played well on the road and we have played well in Seattle.

    JM: Zimmer cannot pressure the QB like he wants to because the secondary is playing poorly?
    JJ: Each week we get lists of other teams regarding our top 20 players and our CB’s are usually in the top 5 or 6. Newman got off of his man uncharacteristically. Sometimes good players are too confident.

    JM: Chris Palmer got a bad rap in Houston. Has he helped Romo?
    JJ: Romo will make great plays, but he makes bad plays too. Palmer says Romo is very bright and he can work with him because he listens. Palmer has been important and he can talk to him about leaving the street ball behind.

    JM: With the Cowboys in the playoffs, is this why you brought BP here?
    JJ: BP is one of the most prepared and experienced persons there are and not just in football. Not to take anything away from our opponents, but we are not lacking in the experience department. This is one of the frustrating things is the players are prepared, but they are still struggling.
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    If this is true, the problem can really only be 1 of 2 things.

    1) The Schemes
    2) We drafted poorly

    We all better hope to god it's #1, because we have a lot invested in our draft picks and #1 is a lot easier to fix than #2.
  3. Royal Laegotti

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    Note to Jerry, experience is overrated much of the time, experience means nothing without brains and ability. Just another thing your clueless mind needs to figure out.
  4. Alexander

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    3) Our players are not sharp mentally.

    Jason Ferguson had an important quote the other day and he mentioned numerous mental errors.

    He may be repeating the party line, but I don't look at players like Bradie James and Roy Williams and see geniuses at work.

    If we indeed have them prepared and they keep making the same mistakes, them we might just have an IQ problem.

    Our coaches, unfortunately, have made enough errors of their own to suggest otherwise, as evidenced by the decisions we have made late in the halves of two consecutive important football games.
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    So, let me get this straight: it's Newman's fault, it's Bradie James' fault, Roy Williams, Chris Canty, Aaron Glenn.. hmm.. these are good players and they are all making key mistakes in the game. Could it be.. coaching? Naw.. </sarcasm>
  6. Royal Laegotti

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    :lmao2: I'd say that's accurate.
  7. stealth

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    oh ya cause bill is the stupid one?
    get rid of zimmer and get someone with a clue about the 3-4 and we are a different team. Bill aint the issue.
  8. Alexander

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    If there is one thing I would hope every fan gets a grip on is that there are very few absolutes in football.

    It is never always the players.

    It is never always the coaching.

    Unless one or the other is hopelessly inept.

    I don't think we have the case in either dimension.

    We have unfortunately a very bad mixture right now, filled with equal amounts of both.
  9. Royal Laegotti

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    I was speaking in general and with thoughts of his argument when bledsoe was benched Jerry thought his experience would get us somewhere, same with Vinny, and yeah you can throw Parcells under that bus and run them all over with it.

    All you guys blast Zimmer and I agree he sucks, but you do understand Bill has the final say on game planning and play calling it all starts at the top.

    As far as Bill being stupid, well he chose to work for Jerry did'nt he?:laugh2:
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    well if bill trumped zimmer every time zimm made a call the players would probably lose what little respect they had for him to begin with. If zimmy would just let the damned db's bump and jam receivers more I think we could get more pressure on the QB. Thats a philosphy thing though, as I understand zimmer doens't like the bump and run style of defense.
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    Since the Cowboys lost Ellis, the defense has plain and simply sucked, a new leader has had to step up. Could it be a lack of confidence in the leadership (defense captian) onthe field. Sounds like a internal personality conflicts effecting players, Coaches are coaching but players are not focused as a team, they are fighting for leadership roles within. the DBs against the LBs...

    There is serious LACK of qualified, respectable leadership on the field...
  12. Royal Laegotti

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    I just think the whole organization needs a enema.:cool:
  13. Alexander

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    We have a very young defense. Bradie James has no business leading when he cannot even make elementary pass coverage standards. Terence Newman tried and got completely embarassed himself. Roy Williams should be, but we all know he is a thin-skinned sensitive one who really isn't cut out for that job.

    Amazingly, the one player who moped around all offseason and didn't think he would fit is the only leader we can come up with. That's sad.

    But also shows how weak of a leader we have in the defensive coordinator as well. We could not be any more flaccid if we tried with Zimmer around.

    I can appreciate that you need on the field people like Woodson used to be. But when teams lose leaders on the field, it's like anything else, someone has to step up. Players and coaches. And if you don't have strong personalities, you will pay the price.
  14. Bigdog24

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    :bow: and the Cowboys are paying the price, I've said it for years that the Cowboys need a true playmaker like Ray Lewis on defense. Cowboys are notplaying smash mouth football, they are playing to hold'em and hope..
  15. Yakuza Rich

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    It actually sounds like Jones is taking some shots at the assistants since he's saying the players are there, they're just playing poorly.

    Hopefully this means adios, Zimmer.

    And it's nice to see somebody actually ask what's the issue with the lack of a pass rush under Zimmer's reign. Now if they can just get somebody to ask why Bradie hasn't been benched.

  16. Alexander

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    He has made enough references to praise Parcells even recently to note that his level of disgust isn't as high with him as it is on others.

    Zimmer is going to go, no doubt in my mind. There are several other assistants who could be viewed as not pulling their weight, including the DL coach Kasey Rodgers and safeties coach Mike McIntyre and possibly even LB Paul Pasqualoni, who has shown how much we might miss Gibbs and Vincent Brown has been unremarkable. Bowles probably gets a pass.

    Offense isn't safe either as Freddie Kitchens hasn't done an impressive job with the tight ends and I don't see how Anthony Lynn has done an especially fine job with the backs. Sparano is very secure and Haley probably is as well.

    I am not sure about DeHaven either.
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    lol i think this is jerrys way of telling newman shut the F up
  18. Doomsday

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    Unfortunately I think its the #1 especially on the defensive side of the ball.
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    Give him a viagra :lmao:
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    Interesting that Owens was not mentioned. In fact I don't even think he asked Jerry about Terrell.

    I don't remember him asking him either if Bill was staying or leaving.

    Questions I would have asked right upfront..but then again maybe Jerry told McClain don't ask me about them. Who knows?

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