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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 13, 2006.

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    • The players DID vote Bledsoe captain this year, so they do have the confidence in him. Romo is still an unknown factor. He has tremendous upside but they still don't know what he has.
    • If Bledsoe doesn't play well, then they may mull over a switch since they have the bye week and then play a winnable game vs. Tennessee. I still think it's a little early to make a switch at this point though.
    • The Cowboys could lose this week and it not be Bledsoe's fault, so that has to be taken into consideration.
    • Bledsoe is a pocket-passer. The OL has to do a better job of giving him protection. His performance was bad last Sunday, but it is still very early in the season.
    • You can play Flo, but he is being paid to be an elite player, not a player that has good and bad days. You need to be able to run his way on third and one.
    • It's a bad sign if Vanderjagt doesn't kick this week. It will be a huge indictment that he has some type of mental problem. The trainers have said that he is physically ready to go. Suisam is a great kick-off guy, but is still young and inexperienced. Dallas has their opening game at home and they need their best kicker in there. I do know that some players didn't like his body language after missing the preseason kicks. They felt he was putting too much emphasis on the kicks. They have heard he is a great kicker, but they are yet to see anything from him enough to trust him.
    • Bledsoe has only thrown more int's than TD's twice in his career. I think last week was more of an anomaly than the rule. If the pass to Witten would have stood, he probably would have had a good game and no one would be talking about this. As it is now, we are.
    • If the Cowboys lose this week this city will be on fire. It will make my bye week much less tolerable as I'll have to cover it. It will be another two weeks of Jerry stinks, Bledsoe stinks they all stink. I still think they are a slightly better team than Washington and they should win thsi game.
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    Thanks for the synopsis. I really like JJT's honesty. Vandy might have a mental problem? I don't think he meant that the way it sounded, LOL.
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    Most of us knew Vandy had some mental problems but then so do 90% of the kickers in the league. :laugh2: Hopefully Vandy is ready to go and can start earning that big pay check Jerry handed him
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    Well Bledsoe stunk last wee and we all stunk as a result

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    If the TD to Witten would have stood, I don't know how that would have been construde as Bledsoe having a good game. One TD would not have won that game definatively. Bledsoe still threw 3 INTs. 2 TDs against 3 INTs is slightly better but it is by no means the definition of good or even OK IMO.
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    I think the point is if that TD pass counts, we're not playing catch up with 4 minutes left in the game. We're either tied or ahead and can utilize our running attack and not just let the Jags sit back and wait to pick off a pass. 2 TDs and 2 INTs still may not have been whats considered a great or good game, but it would have been "good" enough to win.
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    The last two INTs probably don't happen as we would at worst have been tied, not behind. He forced the last two INTs because we were behind. At 17-10, we would have been in control.

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    I see this point but I don't think I agree with it. Here is how I view this thing. We did not have great success running the ball. Marginal is what I would discribe it, at best. I don't think that we could have sustained the lead if we relied on that approach. We clearly could not stop the Jags offense so to me, it is irrelivant. Eventually, to win that game, we would have had to pass. To say Bledsoe forced the last two INTs, IMO, is not true. The plays were there. He just did not execute the plays that were there. It is not a matter of the Jags shutting us down but a matter of Bledsoe killing himself. To me, it would only have been a matter of time. He still would have made poor throws because that is how he was playing that day. One way or the other, Bledsoe would have had to make plays to win that ball game and I just did not see him capable of doing that last Sunday. To me, that whole line of reason is a bit faulty for those reasons.

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