Recap: RECAP: Mac Engel on Cold Pizza

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Mr Cowboy

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    "There is something to the Beldsoe/Romo controversary brewing. It may not be from the first game, but it might be somewhere down the line." Says he talked to Bledsoe this weekend and he said all the right things, but that Beldsoe is not happy with some of the things going on behind the scenes...........whatever that means.

    Same thing everyone else is saying..................
  2. dargonking999

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    he siad all the right things, but said he is not happy with things going on behind he scenes,


    i havent talked to anyone, and have no clue as to what the hell is going on, and just like the rest of the media is pulling crap out of butt
  3. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I don't blame Bledsoe.

    Imagine if someone was talking about some inexperienced co-worker taking your job. Would you be pleased?
  4. cowboys#1

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    thanks for ruining my lunch break!!
  5. trickblue

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    Perhaps... just perhaps... Parcells has created this QB controversy to keep the heat off of the TO non-story?
  6. WoodysGirl

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    Sure why not redirect controversy over one non-story to another controversial non-story.

    JMO, I think any "real" QB controversy will begin in 2007, when a decision will be made on the coaching staff and all the QBs...

    Tho I think it's good that Romo is making some noise this year. I think a legit open QB competition will be made next year.
  7. Zimmy Lives

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    Perhaps...just perhaps...Mac Engel is working the Romo/Bledsoe angle because his wife, Jenny, has cornered the market on TP (The Player) conversation.
  8. dargonking999

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    no problem please to be of service
  9. Chief

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    Something Hirohito might come up with. ;)
  10. thor_01

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    perhaps BP is allowing this so called contreversy to continue in order to put the fear of God in Bledsoe in order to increase his productivity this season, and give him a reason to try to improve his release time and sack totals, or............could be he is gonna do exactly what they say and pull the leash tight on Bledsoe and if things dont go well, in comes Romo.......speculation is after all speculation..................
  11. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    perhaps ROmo is really impressing the coaching staff...
  12. Mr Cowboy

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    I tend to agree with you...............
  13. CrazyCowboy

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    Zoners: is this SMOKE?
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    You can't win win the media. I'd like to know how Mac Engel really knows what Bledsoe is thinking. If Bledsoe was to say that he wasn't happy with the situation, they'd jump all over that. But since he said "all of the right things", Bledsoe must be lying.

    Translation.....I only believe what I want to believe no matter what somebody tells me.

  15. braw

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    When BP made reference to the George Young story and quote could it have pertained to the QB situation more than any other position?
  16. 2much2soon

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    No doubt. Its not like it as ever happened to Bledsoe before.
    Oh wait, I guess it has. :laugh1:
    I am officially on record for a QB controversy. At least until the regular season starts and Bledsoe doesn't get sacked 12 times in the first 3 games or have a QB rating of 50.0.
  17. lspain1

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    Well spoken...and close to the truth IMO.
  18. jcblanco22

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    :laugh2: The "jap play" controversy is alive and well, LOL.
  19. JPM

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    Parcells tells his "friend" King about Romo possibly starting this year. Kings writes the story, the media forgets about TO (temporarily). Parcells sits backs and says, "Dance puppets, dance." Make sense.
  20. Bob Sacamano

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