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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 21, 2006.

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    • Bledsoe to start tonight and Romo plays later in the game.
    • I haven't seen anything out of Bledsoe to say he wouldn't be the starter for the regular season. Jerry says a rookie QB can't take the Cowboys to where they want to go. I can't see after one full game that Romo is ready to take over this team. You would like to see him play a full quarter in a game that means something.
    • There could be some thinking that if the OL isn't what you want it to be that Romo would be more eleusive. The bottom line is that no matter who is back there you have to block for them. Romo isn't Fran Tarkenton out there.
    • My understanding is that TO knew going into Saturday morning that we wasn't playing on Monday night. The second practice was strictly to get ready for the Saints, so it made no sense for TO to be taking reps from younger players. TO was out at the practice riding the bike.
    • There could be a powerplay on both parts but I really don't think so. People close to the situation told me that TO's hammy did tighten up the night after his first practice back and he was complaining of soreness.
    • Tonight watch Bledsoe and the OL. Fabini's job may be on the line tonight. I haven't seen anything from him this camp and he is going to have to show Dallas something by going against some pretty good DE's. Petitti will be backing up LT. Gurode's problems have always been against the 4-3 so keep an eye on him tonight.
    • Keep an eye on the run blocking. It wasn't very good last year and didn't look so good against Seattle.
    • Keep an eye on #37 Abram Elam. He is now moved up to second string S. It appears he has passed Willie Pile and is challenging Coleman for a back-up spot. Elam is also running with the first team KO team which is a telling sign.
    • Flo still isn't back to 100%, but he is gaing a little confidence. Kosier has been ok. He's not great but he can get the job done. Rivera is reportedly much more mobile this year. Maybe they finally have a little something going.
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    hmmm, I guess Elam will be Roy's backup at SS?
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    Peter King says that in his opinion Tony Romo will be the opening day starter. Some others have said the same. What do you think?
    I haven’t seen anything out of Bledsoe yet to say he wouldn’t be the starter. He’s not stinking it up in practice. Jerry says that he doesn’t want to go with a rookie QB. I think it’s a significant leap of faith to say a guy is ready to start the season based on one preseason game.

    My theory is they just want to see what he’s got.
    I would like to see him play a real game for a quarter before I say he’s a starting QB.

    Could it have to do with the state of the OL that the offense would be better off with a more mobile QB?
    Could be something there, but I don’t know that we know that yet. The OL struggled early in camp, but Thursday they were playing a lot better. But you still got to be able to block, even if it is Romo. If you can’t run block it doesn’t matter who is out there.

    TO sitting out of practice, is there anything there?
    My understanding is that he knew going into Saturday that he wasn’t going to play in the game. He worked out that morning, and the afternoon practice was completely about getting ready to play the Saints. So if he wasn’t going to play, there was no reason for him to take away reps from the young WRs who will. He was riding the bike. It was probably a mistake for the Cowboys to not let everyone know that he was getting the afternoon off. Also, people make a deal of him not being out of the plane to Shreveport, but that’s Bill’s policy that guys who aren’t playing in the preseason game aren’t going with the team. Patrick Crayton wasn’t on the plane either.

    My theory is that TO and Bill are about to mate, and they are doing the mating dance, and Bill isnt letting him play tonight because he’s flexing his muscle.
    Yeah, I could see that. My understanding is that his hamstring did tighten up on him a little bit and got a little sore.

    King also said that TO couldn’t get seperation from a CB when he watched him in practice. He said it was obvious he had a hamstring injury.
    He wasn’t practicing at 100%, but he was getting some seperation. King blows in for one day and watches 1 practice and makes all of these conclusions. Was he running at top efficiency? No, but he was still getting open.

    What are you looking for?
    Bledsoe. Fabini gets the start and may be playing for his job. The DE’s on the Saints, Grant and Smith, are pretty good. He’ll have to show them something. I think they are getting worried that nobody has stepped up to claim that RT spot. Bill said something along the lines of if they don’t see something soon then the could make a move. I guess the only thing they can do in-house is maybe move Kosier to RT and let Proctor play guard. We need to see more of what Gurode can do starting against a 4-3. Everyone is focusing on the OL with pass blocking, but I think a bigger issue is can they run block. Keep an eye on Abram Elam, he’s making a push to make this team. I think he’s ahead of Willie Pile and pushing Coleman at safety. He’s on the 1st team kickoff return team with Skyler Green, that’s a sign he could make a team.

    So the OL gave up 47 sacks and didn’t run block last year, but other than that they were great.
    I think things went downhill significantly when they lost Flozell Adams, and he’s showing a lot of improvement. I think he was tentative until he got confidence in that knee, but Tony Sporano said he’s getting more aggressive and assertive. Kosier has been okay, maybe not great, but looks like he can get the job done. Rivera looks like he’s got much more flexibility. If they can get the RT settled they may have something going, but they will have to show a lot more.
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    thanks for the post........go Cowboys!
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    interesting analogy :cool:

    I guess Mickey was getting tired of "Peter King this", "Peter King that" :laugh2:
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    Thanks for the recaps guys!
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    As always thanks for the RECAPs. wo0t! Go COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :starspin
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    The finger gets pointed at the OL as to why Romo might be a better option right now, but looking at our division the idea of a QB doing a bunch of 7 step drops and air mailing the ball down the field is not a feasible option. We play in a division against probably the two most blitz happy and fearless defensive coordinators in Greg Williams and Jim Johnson. If you block everyone, they'll just send more than you can block. The Giants don't blitz as much, but they probably have the best perimeter speed in the entire league. Even if our OL is decent or passable, the QB isn't going to have much time in this division. It doesn't matter who our QB is, he's going to have to get rid of the ball very quickly and get the ball out of his hands and into the hands of our playmakers if we have any hope of moving the ball. That will be much more valuable than being "mobile". It may be termed "dink and dunk" by fans, but big plays can and often do come from broken tackles and big runs against the defense left exposed and vulnerable from the blitz.
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    I'm looking forward to this game getting over . . .

    After tonight, Parcells says he's going to put the offensive lineman where they are going to go, instead of constantly moving them.

    They need consistancy and co-hesiveness, IMO.
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    OLine is the one to watch tonight. I'm going to have to check out the young safety
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    One man's fascinating is another's revolting, I suppose.
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    think 5-yard slant to TO
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    I completely agree on this. While I don't necessarily believe that Romo is ready for prime-time...I think we're in trouble with Bledsoe behind our current OL. Romo has the abilitly to get rid of the ball quickly which is huge.
  15. trickblue

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    a 30 yard slant would be even better!
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    A five yard post?:p:
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    you damn right! Hallelujah
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    Ominous news at RT in this conversation. I hope for better things tonight.
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    Don't get me wrong -- I think DB will start.
    But Romo does look more like a quick release, dink and dunk guy than DB. It isn't just elusiveness against the rush.

    Against a heavy pass rush or blitz, it seems like Romo has some advantages over DB.

    DB wants to make a big play down the field.
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    All good stuff Inman, but a solid run game keeps them honest. We need that. It would certainly eliviate a lot of the passing woes we could encounter. Let 'em rush the perimeter. We'll eat 'em up with the draw then play action. Defend that, and we're setting you up. I know, all sounds good in theory but we need the running game this year. In a bad way.

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