Recap: RECAP: Norm and Mick on KTCK

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Jun 28, 2006.

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    I only tuned in midway throught it .. .seemed to be a run down of issues and position battles heading into camp.

    Norm: Do you see TO blowing up this year?

    Mick: Given that all of his money is frontloaded for the first two years, you would think the possibility of an early blow up is eliminated. You would think that a man with a lick of common sense would know that this is his final shot, financially. Someone else might give him a job offer if this fails, but they’re not going to give him up front money again.

    Let’s not assume he has that lick of sense.

    I’m thinking he or someone around him has an ounce, at least. If so, you’re not to cause problems this first year.

    I agree, this will be nothing but a honeymoon for this first year.

    He needs to realize that he doesn’t need someone in the media getting feeding him something that gets him all bent out of shape and stirred up over something that’s not really there. Also, we saw how Bill is going to handle this … he’s not going to talk about it. He’s not going to stir anything up. Its bad for us in the media, but its the best way to handle it for the team.

    Let’s move on to RT .. Pettiti, Fabini, Columbo .. sounds like a Chicago lawfirm.

    Sounds like something out of the Sopranos. I guess the leader out of the gate is Pettiti because he started 16 games last year. Everyone tells me that he’s stronger and better, but we’ll see.

    I could tell from the first day I saw him he was going to struggle last year because his hair do was so bad.

    I was more worried that his feet looked like they were stuck in cement.

    Center .. Johnson or Gurode?

    I think if the Cowboys have their druthers they would prefer Johnson win the spot. I’m told Johnson was a solid 310-312 lbs in mini-camp. Despite the fact that he was listed at 295 on the roster, I was told he finished the season at 285 last year. If he legitimately put on 20-25 more lbs of sustainable weight. the question is if he has kept his agility. Gurode is a good backup because he plays two spots. They are working out a couple of other guys in that role too.

    Okay, the defensive secondary. Davis, Watkins or Coleman at free safety.

    I think they start off with Davis, and see how much better he is with 15 starts under his belt. People need to understand last year was the first set of defensive downs he’s played since NFLE in 2004. I think as the season went along he got better. Maybe now he’ll be more confident and aggressive with the added experience. A lot of people want to blame him for deep balls, but I think his problem was he was too passive on balls underneath. That’s where safeties get their picks.

    Noseguard .. who subs in for Ferguson?

    They got a couple of guys, but its basically Ferguson and what? Thomas was a nice training camp story, but do you want to play him 30 downs? Stanely has something I assume since they drafted him, he looks the part but does he get himself in shape and can he do it? At least you knew about Glover, I don’t care what his size was, it was still LeRoi Glover.

    Runningback .. .Julius or Marion?

    That could be some good competiton. It might be a shared position. I saw Barber the other day, and again, its just amazing what happens to these 2nd year players after their first offseason. He looks so much bigger and stronger. But he just doesn’t have one dimension that Julius has … homerun ability. He probably left some yards on the field on some of his runs last year that Julius would have taken to the house.

    The funny thing is Barber looks quicker at times. Julius is more of a glider, and Barber is a bit more of a slasher. It at least gives the appearance that Barber is quicker sometimes.

    I just know when Julius is healthy, he’s a darn good RB. He just needs to prove he can stay healthy. He’s had things happened to him.

    Nobody is injury prone when they have a collar bone broken. Injury prone is "Oh I don't think I can practice today because I tweaked my knee". Injury prone is Jacob Rogers.

    I guarantee you his ankle was bothering him all last year. When you get a high ankle sprain you might as well get ready to nurse it the entire year.
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    Anyone else at the point of being sick of hearing how TO is going to behave this year?
  3. dargonking999

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    I love when some sense comes out of these peoples mouths, Yes he has to prove that he can stay healthy, but he is not injury prone. Havinga helemt crack your shoulder blade, and havingf a 250 pound LB come falling on your ankle, is not your everyday "ow this guy bumped my knee can i miss the game" injury. the ovvereaction this days is amazing
  4. dargonking999

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    not really, cause it wont stop till he's gone. And even then there;s gonng come this hidden reports of how he was bla bla bla, but nobody said anything. It will never end my freind. never MUAHAHA
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    You didn't miss much. Norm siad he had a quick TO ?, then would move to position battles.

    He wondered why the media were acting like TO was going to start problems from day one. Stupid on the medias part thinking he would start something so soon. Said TO realized he wasn't going to get what he wanted in SF & Philly, so orchestrated his exits. JJ has given him what he wanted, MONEY, the contract he thought he deserved.
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    Nice read...thanks for posting
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    Sooner or later all of this talk is gonna get the NFL under the same microscope MLB is under. Granted these guys are training and working out like they never have before, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out these guys are given some questionable supplements in their first off-season.
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    NFL is a lot tougher about testing then BB has been. Not saying it is not possible, but its a lot less likely in the NFL.
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    What got baseball in trouble was when 33 year old men suddenly started getting remarkably bigger and stronger.
  10. jterrell

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    The number of NFL players using human growth hormone is going to be astronomical.

    They already have evidence of it in many cases but it is NOT tested for.

    HGH is actually pretty safe and it is very effective it is just expensive. For instance I would never take a steroid one but I would have taken HGH if I felt I had a shot at the pros and the money.

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    I am sick of hearing about how JJ is not injury prone...HE IS...LET'S FACE IT...he needs no more than 15 carries a game to make it through the year...when you need a homerun put him in...when you need a double or a single get barber in...he will get the job done...
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    Wow it's his fault a tackler lands on his foot and sprains his ankle? He got hurt but that doesn't mean he is injury prone. There is a difference.
  13. dargonking999

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    Wow i mean just wow, its so funny that a guy can just ram his helmet into your shoulder blade, and even after you play a ouple plays after that, and fored to sit on the bench you can still be called injury prone. I mean it is all his fault that the OL suks and has multple guys in the bakfield, falling all over him and crashing down on all the parts of his body. but yea he takes the blame for it eh?

    Gawd you sound as smart as the "homer" fans at ES

    Maybe you should go there, give you some nice traning
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    Well Gene Upshaw recently stated the players union will not allow blood testing.
    This is the best and only real way to detect humane growth hormone.
    This is what these guys are using in all sports. Its everywhere folks like it or not!!!!
    I have a friend in the gym who has used it and he made astronomical gains in 6 months. He was a seasoned weight trainer and previous user of steroids.
    Also the doctor he got it from says Hollywood is getting in on the action.
    Apparently it is administered to fatty areas of the body and becomes "site specific" in its reults. They apply it to the face under the chin and instantly lose fat?????
  15. CowboyMike

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    Exactly what I've been trying to say this whole time. I think Mick quoted me. LOL.
  16. Hiero

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    kind of annoying they make it seem like Stanley is a scrub.
  17. JackMagist

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    Since the day we signed him :cool:
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    Most definitely.
  19. MONT17

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    HGH, Roids, Amino, Andro u name it... why is it a "bad" thing? My GF was given Roids to rehab her Back after a violent car crash... by her doctor!!! Roids r legal by perscription!!! These leagues... have enough money to put some doctors on the payroll to "legalize" the use in some form... TJIMHO...

    MLB is a joke... and they r competing with the NFL the best way they know how (see ratings of Boys/sKins v MLB playoff game ratings)...

    No fan said a word when guys like BRADY ANDERSON and LOUIS GONZALES had np hittng 50 a year, infact Baseball fans were saying MLB is better than ever... but when BARRY throws it in their face Fans wanna cry foul!!! Any PR guy worth his weight in salt would hear registers in symphony!!!

    So yeah they come up with the "Use of Roids" and now the "Hunt for Roids/Barry" to produce PUB... Boxing has done this for years... Track lives off of this tatic and the Tour de Lance would actually be about Riding a BIKE without some Roids!!!

    the NFL doesnt need that... the NFL annouces a new ban on Meph it makes the back page... MLB annouces anything and their PR wiz has it approved by Congress and uses the National Broadcasting System and ESPN 3 times a day to say the FBI found Meph in the Club House Coffee!!!

    If GRAND JURY TESTAMONY cant sell tickets I dont know what can....

    NFL will never have a "DRUG PROBLEM"... Drugs r bad for any successful business!!!
  20. JackMagist

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    Stanley was a 6th round draft pick and was said to have come in a little out of shape and a little overweight. I have a feeling that he will get better and will be here for the long term but he is going to be one of those "some assembly required" packages; not ready straight out of the box. He is going to have to prove that he has the work ethic and desire for the game.

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