Recap: Recap of the Radio Road show in Tennessee...with Bradie James

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    The Radio Show seemed to have been fun for all. These are the radio shows hosted by Maximum Sports Connection, featuring a player or two. I get so jealous listening to these things, because it makes me wish I was there!

    First off Bradie seems like a real down to earth type of guy. Has a good sense of humor and joked around a bit with the crowd. Some of Bradie's family was in attendance. guys present= Nick Eatman, Mickey Spagnola and Rob Philips

    -About the Titans= Control what they can, and hope for quick strikes for the O.
    -About T.O= Didnt find out about what happened til after practice on Wed. Feels it was blown out of proportions. T.O was razzed by the team mates.
    -Was the T.O thing a distraction?= Can be, but the good teams stay focused. This team is still trying to establish an identity.
    -K.B was giving advice to the team about the field.
    -Bradie views BP as the "Godfather" of coaches. When he played for LSU was wondering where Nick Saban got his mouth. Then figured it was via Bill Belichik, via BP.
    -When BP talks it seems hostile but it really isnt, just got to get to know him.
    -Most talented team= Eagles for awhile, until they swept them last year. Acknowledged it was a moral victory to do so. Said the KC Chiefs have so many formations, good QB and excellent RB.
    -Greg Ellis= Good NFL player, a model for younger players.
    -Last season was a "Year of lessons".
    -Feels this is BP's last hurrah.
    (Mickey cut in here and said he believes BP will coach longer than most think. Relating it to BP gets his vitality being around talented youth)
    -After he signed his contract, took all the LB's out to dinner, missed Roy, but will catch Roy later, since Roy treated him to dinner when Roy signed his contract.
    -About his personal life= "Going well" (With a laugh, probably refering to his contract). Hopes to be in the Super Bowl in February (Dont we all!). Plans on attending a business school with thoughts of "Life after football".
    - The team brought one kicker, that is Vanderjagt.
    - Biggest clown or joker on the team?? Jason Ferguson. They call him the "Energizer Bunny" (He keeps on and on and on, with a joke).
    -When asked to sing Happy Birthday to a female fan, Bradie began but then answered another question.
    -Closest to Terence, Ferguson, D-Ware, Spears, Romo, and Bledsoe. Says the D is a close knit group.
    -Terence impersonates voices all the time.
    -Says Seattle and Philadelphia are the toughest road trips.
    -When asked if his future has anything to do with Dancing with the Stars...He said the team watches Emmitt. There was a ton of laughs with this one!
    -A big props to Ronni of Maximum Sports Connection for hosting the show!
    (Some of the show is missing, because of connection probs)
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    James has quickly become one of my favorite Cowboys.
    Absolute class act.
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    Hey no love for Bradie, especially after today??

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