Recap/pictures of training camp 8/17/06

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    The day started off really bad, was stuck in traffic for about 2 hours, freeway was at a dead stop. Got to camp about 8:40, and i left the house at 6. I got my face painted, then headed stright to the feild, players were all ready warming up, then i get a phone call from my friend, and says he has to VIP for me and my father, so i go talk to him, and get the vip from him, then give my fathers VIP to him, he was like no way, then he was all happy, then we whent over to the VIP section.

    Looks like they were getting ready for mon game, they were doing alot of punt returns, that lead into a fight, that was prety crazy, i couldnt see who it was but some blowns were taken. Then they did some offensive drills, working on footwork, speed,catching, etc.. then they started to do a scrimage, ROY AND NEWMAN tore it up, broke up some passes that could had lead into TD's, some good catches by TO,Glenn. Drew b was throwing on target today, had some really good passes, i was prety happy with his performance, romo did good to, had a few overthrown passes, but still had a good pratice, drew h Not happy at all, send him back to the farm league.

    After pratice was over alot of players just whent stright in, didnt even sign anything. I got 3 autos in the morning by Hurd, Sam( this guy will sign all day for everyone, he spent about 30 mins signing stuff and taking pictures, he also had a really good pratice, he something speacial)Taulealea, Samuel( Was walking but then everyone started calling his name then came over and signed some stuff, really nice guy)Barber, Marion(signed a bunch of stuff for people, got a picture of him signing my mini helment.

    Then to kill time i watched a movie with my dad little man, thats a really good movie, then after we whent back walked around, then met some cool poeple, got a few more connections now, alot of people whanted to see my artwork, so was showing them, i got some many peoples e-mail, all asking them to e-mail all my artwork to them. And also got a few designs gigs, so thats cool, then just waited till everyoned open up, then whent into the VIP again, then Roy W comes out signing stuff on the other side, so i get my artwork and go over there, then he remmbers me, then he looking at it, then i was telling him i made doubles so he could have 1 and sign one, then he like alrite coo but then the fans started getting mad some jerk said hes going to sell it on ebay.. then i like *** i made it of him why would i sell it? then i guess he felt rushed, and i saw it, so i was like i will be in the VIP section come to me after pratice and we can talk more, then he was like coo i meet you in the cornert spot, then i walked off, then told some people what happen, then i was prety happy at that point. Then i like i wanna get a good spot so he can see me, so i stood in the same spot along with a few other friends of mine, for 2 hours( the pratice was really good, they just ran plays, some really good catches, some really good moves by TO, nice spin move, not to much happen in the pm pratice) then pratice ended.. and i see roy comming.. then im yelling it name out... and he just keeps running.. never stops.. i wasnt to happy at that point.. then i see Cory Procter, and i screamed his name out and he look at me, and i said i havea picture of you! then he came over, and it was a picture of him and me that someone took at my last training camp vist, and he said i remmber this.. and started laughing, then he signed the picture and my football, then jason witten came by and i screamed out i have artowork of you, then he came over signed some stuff for a few of the fans, then he signed dallas wall, then dware came over and well i was pulling it out, he just kept signing stuff and then moved up really fast, then he never got to sign it.. :{ i got a little more mad about that.. then t.glenn came over, and i said glenn come here i got something for you, then he worked himself up to me, and i pulled out my wall and gave it to him, then he was like dang man this is tite.. then he signed it, then i pulled out anthor copy and i was like her this is your copy.. and he like thanks man.. and then he signed my football to, i tried to get JJ, and newman but they didnt sign, i almost got drew b, he was like 2 people away from me.. then he left.. then i got sam hurd auto again on my football, i saw TO but he never came our way, then i called his bodygurd over, and asked if he could give this to my artwork to him, then he said yea and write your name and nummber down on the folder wich i did and i put 4 walls in there, doubles, so we will see what happens with that.

    Thats prety much whath happen all day, kinda mad that roy didnt come back but a good friend of mine will be at pratice on sat, so hes going to try to get my walls signed.. hopefully he can!

    And theres one little thing i for got to say, when TO was comming out of the pm pratice, this fan threw something at him but mist up and threw it behind him, then the cops picked it up, and the fan said give that to TO its leagal papers, then he just took off, then the cops opened it up, and what ever was inside pisted the cops off, then they called like 10 of them and they took off after him, after that i dont know what happen, i do know he got kicked out though, but that guy was acting normal with us, was talking but he kept asking when is to comming out.. then the cops asked me qestions then some reporter asked me some qestions and said i might be on the website, and got my name and age and what city i lived in, i forgot the website he said, so if people could list the sites in texas, like news websites.

    ^^ Photo gallery of all the pictures i took from today pratice.
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    Good to see you got some pictures of the ladies. :)
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    Great Stories.

    Ha, your pictures of the girls make me laugh. It's obvious your trying to not to make a scene when taking their pics. lol
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    dang bro. nice ladies. :) hahaha overall bada$$ story!! too bad Roy didnt come back , Hope u get em signed tho. Thank you for sharing.
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    great pics....thanks for sharing
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    Man you have some serious talent. I looked at your artwork and those are some really great pictures!

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