Recap: RECAP: Press Conference 10/25/06

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    • No injury updates...
    • We will start Romo this week.
    • I've been thinking about this thing for a while now.
    • Romo needs to improve on turnovers this week. He showed no signs on turning the ball over earliewr this year. I think he will do better.
    • There is a long way to go in this thing. I don't think the division will be settled for a while now.
    • We play a good team this weekend and we need to play well.
    • The int by Drew had somehting to do with this, but not totally.
    • I think Romo has some ability, I know he has the brain power, we will see how he does. I've seen him on the field for four years now.I don't expect perfection but I think we can give us a little something. We'll just have to see how it goes. I don't know what to expect.
    • I spoke at length with Drew today. He is a good kid and I think alot of him. I told him he needs to be ready to go at any time. He said he will do that.
    • Drew and I have a good relationship. He was emotionally under control. I know he is dissappointed. He told me not to worry about him and he would stick to his business.
    • There will not be a dramatic change in what we do this week.
    • I already told the team and that if they had an opinion on it it would be wise to keep it to himself.
    • I talked to Jerry an hour ago and he said he is good with the decision.
    • I am dissapointed in the turnovers and our ability to protect the QB, they go hand in hand. We have to do a better job of protecting the ball. If we don't do better we won't win, if we do, we will.
    • I think we can do well with this offensive line.
    • This is a risky decision, but most you make in this league are.
    • Most changes we make this week would be startegic changes and I can't share those at this point.
    • U think it would be wise to let Romo go with what we have prepared for. We don't need to change things right now.
    • I have no dissappointment in Drew. We just need to try something different right now. Drew has abeen a good friend and I don't think it will effect our relationship.
    • This is an important decision in this league. You can make the decision and sometimes it doesn't wpork out. you can look over the past four years and see that some that were highly regarded didn't do well. This is the way we are going right now.
    • Tony is a very confident kid. It can be a good thing or bad. Just trying to make a play can take you down sometimes.
    • I didn't consult with the team obviously. The team has had time to evaluate him on their own. I think however they feel would be how they would feel about any player they have been around for a while.
    • I talked to the staff about it, but at the end of the day you can only collect what info you have and go with it. I don't want to make a bigger deal about this than it is. This is the way we are going.
    • I think from here on out I will try to be a little more influential about what we do structarally from now on.
    • Romo is alot more experienced in the league than Ray Lucas was. We aren't going to change the gameplan to an easier option.
    • Many blame the OL for every sack and that just isn't the case many times. You know someone will come open most plays and you have to design the scheme to account for that. SOmetimes the players just don't see them. You do have to count on your QB and WR to do something to help.
    • This decision was tougher for me because I do have a relationship with Drew, but this is what we are doing now.
    • Look, Romo wasn't born yesterday. He knows the drill. He knows what he has to do to prepare. He's started a couple of preseason games and played a little in the season.
    • We are scoring enough points, we just need to do some other things.
    • I'm not worried about the playoffs, we have 10 games to go. I'm just thinking about one game and getting above .500.
    • When it is only a choice of two, you guys have a 50% chance to be right. If you get it you said you had it first, if you don't we never here about it again. You guys have football cliches', well I have some Media cliches' if you guys ever want to hear them.
    • I would say Flo was OK Monday night, he is not a lineup change I am considering, but I am considering some.
    • There are a couple of other things you guys are not aware of here. Romo has a quicker release, he gets the ball out a little bit better. I am hopeful that things get a little better and turn around from here. We can't go too much longer being the way we are.
    • I'm not trying to change Tony. You try to temper impulse with a player though. It's not the effort, they are trying to make something happen. Sometimes you have to make the sound play over making something happen. Sometimes you can't change that, but you do try to temper it down. You try to not put them in situation swhere it becomes an issue.
    • We talk about a lot of things when we talk (Belichick), but we didn't talk about his QB change.
    • I don't really know what is gonna happen, I'm just trying to tell you what I do know, what we are doing.
    • I thought three guys played well the other night and the other 8-10 were subpar. (Defense)
    • You think I am upbeat? You should have been here yesterday. Look fellas, I know the business I have been here a long time.
    • I made this decision recently. I have told you many times I was trying to get him ready. "Wrestling" is not the right word. I have no regrets not doing it earlier. You can't worry about the past. You can't change it.
    • Deep down I feel like Tony is a different type of QB than Bledsoe. We are gonna try to put some of his abilities to work. John Unitas did it, but I don't know. If somehow he can get it done (this road trip) it will be great.
    • Drew will be in the mix. Just because he said he didn't want to be a back-up doesn't mean he will jump ship. Don't you think he would have told me if he was?
    • We have to get better across the board, I know what's beating us when we lose. It's simple, two things, too many deep passes and turnovers.
    • We had two guys in position to make the play the other night. One was tripped up by the ref, the other didn't go up for the ball. Why? I don't know, you'll have to ask him. In TC he was getting an int in almost every practice, I don't know what has changed.
    • Watkins was right with Plaxico. He can brag all he wants, alot of players do that after the game.
    • You run into alot of difficult decision every day in this league. It is difficult, it is personal with some of these players.
    • You will see M. Coleman this week.
    • I gotta go fellas, I have a one o'clock conference call.
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    Romo starting
  3. MichaelWinicki

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    Good. :)
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    The server is overloaded at a hard time streaming
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    That was the whole pc? :lmao:
  6. peplaw06

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    Now the question is whether i should start him on my fantasy team ;)

    I had hasselbeck who will be out 3 weeks and I picked up Romo and Batch.
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    "I'm hopeful he can be more than [just a busdriver]."

    I like that quote.
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    Romo over batch without a doubt. In a traditional scoring system, he had 14 points in just one half on Monday night. :)
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    Davis still hurt, and Hatcher, everyone else ok

    Parcells thinks Romo can settle down, and he starts in carolina, with a big test to go and win in wtih a big test.

    Parcells said he has been thinking about this wtih romo over the weekend starting here. Ive seen him on field 4th year, with ability and brain power, We will see, not conjucture, time to go and do it, doesnt expect perfection, but hope he gives us something.

    That interception wasnt the final thing with bledsoe, but hopeful romo can do more than what he did monday.

    Parcells spoke at length today, and he needs to stay by, and he assured bill he would stand by.
  10. peplaw06

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    Bill says Bledsoe will be supportive... wasn't irate, said "not to worry about him, he would stick to his business"
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    Me too.

    Bill wants a bus driver when he knows the QB can't be more than one.

    If he knows you can be more than one, he wants someone "who can make a play for the team" as he's said many times before.
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    I'm leaning that way, but Batch is playing against Oakland. That matchup is intriguing.
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    Vinny signed to a 10 year, $80 billion deal

    Vinny going to start vs Carolina
  14. theogt

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    "If we protect the ball, we will win."

    Bill sounds incredibly confident there.
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    Neither. Pick up Carr or Young. Houston v Tenn will be a high scoring game.
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    Bill sounding pretty confident about what we can still do with the line and Romo.
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    Parcells says drew wasnt irate, but ready if needed.

    not dramtic changes with romo in it, but told the players if they had an opinion about the qb change, to keep it to themselves.

    turnovers or inablitity to protect drew question; we have to do better job to pretect ball and sometimes those things go hand in hand.

    our offensive line in shape ok,, yes, i think we can protect the qb and run,
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    Good for him.
  19. peplaw06

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    Both are already gone. We have a pretty deep league with everyone being active.
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