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    • Nothing on injuries yet, but I don't think anything was too serious.
    • We had a breakdown on the left side on the FG. It hadn't occurred all year. I can't explain it to you. I just can't. The technique the player used was different than he had used all year. He did it the right way on the other FG. It was Columbo.
    • I don't think we were down yesterday other than the result. We didn't play smartly. I know results are very important in this business. We have to get going and put some things in sequence or we will be average or below average. It's discouraging, the players were discouraged, I was discouraged.
    • We did have some positive things that show we are capable of doing things better than we have been doing.
    • I'm not sugar-coating anything. When you ahve 11 penalties something is wrong. The defensive penalties particularly hurt us.
    • I asked the coaches four times about the safety. Everytime they told me they thought it was a safety. That is what they were seeing. I didn't have a clear view. They told me what they thought was best and I had to go by that.
    • Lookit. I went through all of this last year. On the road you're supposed to have the network feed and see all feeds you possibly can. All I know is I am trying to get an opinon from the coaches. I had the flag ready to throw it but they told me not to. Looking at the film now, I don't think it would be overturned. They probably stayed with the ruling on the field. I had people I rely on about this. I asked them four times. I didn't want to waste the time out.
    • The only call I thought that may be wrong was the five yard facemask. To call it flagrant is a stretch. It is his judgement, I'm not calling him out.
    • Penalties are what is killing me the most right now. Am I responsible for that? Yes. But I can't make the player concentrate. I can't make them pay attention. I told them last week we had to fix that and put up charts showing them. Obviously I didn't show it enough and it cost us. This is embarrassing to me. I've never had a team penalized like this. I don't know if it is lack of discipline, but it is certainly lack of good judgement.
    • If we hadn't helped them with penalties, I'm not sure they would have scored on us. It was senseless.
    • The officials came and talked to them about what would happen with celebrations.
    • I talked to the player (Owens) about it but it was a day late and a dollar short. He wasn't responding to me on the sideline. We has talking about something completely different and it was a positive comment.
    • I'm hoping we can get a little more consistent. I think we really can move the ball. I really do. We have to stop mental mistakes. There is a lot of it going around the league. I wish someone could find out how to stop it.
    • I don't think Roy has a problem judging the ball. What you see on TV may be totally different to what the player sees. If you aren't in a pure zone coverage where you are reading the QB, then the ball coming to you can be a surprise. You can't single Roy out. I think he has made a couple of real good int's this year. I think the ball yesterday surprised him.
    • At all costs I think you should try and play percentage football. You don't change that just because things aren't going your way. It was a tough loss yesterday and I know it is frustrating. It was frustrating for me, I know it was for the players and the fans. We don't have much time to dwell on it as we have to get ready for Arizona. This thing could look totally different in three weeks. Not saying it will, but it certainly could.
    • Lots of talk about these things now with the two-point conversion. I am not trying to be narrow, but I have never seen evidence that changes the fact that you should play high percentage football. The people that argue this have the benefit of hindsight. This stuff has been around a long time in the colleges and now the pros. I just thought I would try to make it a one score game at the time. When it was 5-0 Redskins, we had already discussed going for two before we scored.
    • The probabilty is that these numbers work. When you do something and it doesn't work you get this. This did not effect the outcome of the game. You can't convince me the game would have gone the same way had we gone for one.
    • Romo was good yesterday. Teh two sacks were on him. He missed a RB but he made plays and put us in a position to win. That's all you can ask of him.
    • I think there are things that are making us 4-4 right now. We are doing things that are adding to our demise. I think we've shown some capability.
    • We made some mistakes yesterday, but coincidentally, I thought Roy was the best of the group yesterday.
    • That wasn't Henry's coverage yesterday on the TD.
    • I gave the guys the day off because of the plane problems. That was another... well... It was just another one of those things.
    • If this team is emotionally spent, then that is a copout.
    • It is more difficult for us now, I don't know how much more yet. You see alot of things in the NFC that surprise you every week. We saw things that surprised us yesterday. If we can just put some wins together for the next month we may be ok. I think you ahve to get 10 wins. That may not even do it but you have to look at ten wins. I don't think 9 will do it. It is a little unsure right now. Whoever plays well from here on out will be ok.
    • This game is full of highs and lows. That's what this game is. If you ahve alot of carry-overs you want do well in this league. We have another team that has had two weeks to prepare for us.
    • Look, this is trying on me, but this is the way the game is. You ahve to go forward, you can't look back. That was a shock yesterday to me, yes. It was a pretty unusual circumstance yesterday.
    • You get upset when you had probably a 90% chance of winning the game. I would have bet that on most any kicker.
    • I was dissappointed in McBriar yesterday, yes. He has been doing very well most of the year so I gotta hope that won't continue.
    • Right now I don't feel like thi sis a better than .500 team. I thought they were yesterday but now right now. We'll see.
    • I thought Green was fair yesterday. He did better on punts than KO's.
    • I don't think Glenn's quad will be a problem. He played all day yesterday. Had Glenn not played I would have stuck Hurd at #2 and left Crayton at #3. Crayton made some mental mistakes yesterday.
    • I'm keeping an eye on Julius right now, I don't want to use him up. You'll see a bit more Barber down the line.
    • On the chop block I think they felt Flo came over late and engaged him. Flo certainly didn't set him up for the chop.
    • We weren't jamming their guys on the line. We tried to adjust a bit but it wasn't working.
    • We're just struggling a little bit at the FS spot. Keith is agressive so you never worry about that. Marcus didn't play to well yesterday. He got fooled on the TD. Those kind of things show up and hurt us. There's a chance we will take another look at Watkins but I don't know when.
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    I was wrong, Parcells said it was Columbos fault on the blocked kick!
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    Who cares, who's fault was it, that we let Sean taylor run about 50 yards downfield :\
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    Is that all?
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    The black magic and voodoo theory is building a stronger case everyday.
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    Is that Charlie Waters' voice that I'm hearing?
  7. dargonking999

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    he's adding as he goes
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    Bill, you had me at "WE SUCK!!!"

    AF :rolleyes:
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    i think he was should investigate
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    Thats gonna sting some of the armchair coaches

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    Yes, it was Columbo's fault on the blocked kick, and Kossie was the one called for the facemask penalty moments later to put the Skins in FG range.

    Way to go OL - great job coming togehter on one play! Hat's off to you for playing as a unit! :rolleyes:

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    His explanation for the 2 point conversion try was crap. You want to play high percentage football? Then take the XP and stop trying to be Ms Cleo and chase the unknown final score.
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    great recap trick. Thanks.
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    Of course, this will get blown out of proportion...
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    I know. It really is amazing that Parcells doesn't get it in regards to the two point conversion and the potential ramifications of going for two so early in the game. His explanations are just ridiculous. There was no rationale for going for two when he did. Parcells must spend every waking moment thinking about every minute detail of football, yet he can't comprehend the simple math of the two point conversion.
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    "This is embarrassing to me. I've never had a team penalized like this. I don't know if it is lack of discipline, but it is certainly lack of good judgement."

    Or maybe it's just the anti-Boys bias.

    Conclusive evidence for my case. The defense rests. ;)
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    I too thought that both sacks were on Romo. He held the ball too long on both. Very Bledsoesque.

    I also thougt the first sack should have been a penalty. The guy got knocked to the ground and then crawled 3 yards on the ground to get to Romo's legs. I don't really like the new rule about not going to a QBs legs, but I do understand what they are trying to accomplish. If they are going to have the rule, then it should be called when it happens. The guy wasn't blocked into Romo's legs since he actually crawled along the ground. Other than that play, I had no problems with the officiating. They did miss holding calls on both teams, but at least that showed some consistency.
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    Excuse my ignorance, but what die he mean buy "i will keep an eye on julius" and that he wont use him up?

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