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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Coach finds ways to poke you with a stick
    Make me feel good?

    Yeah, he talked about your interesting decision to go with the gloves.
    Yeah, I just think I control the ball better in the rain with them. I’m not sure what he said.

    He thought it was an interesting decision to go with the gloves since you never practice with them.
    He thinks I never practice with them. But I come out during the offseason on days when its raining outside just to throw with them.

    He said you’re also a couple of quarts low.
    I’m not really sure what that means, but he’s getting up there in age. Once in a while you got to just let him say stuff.

    He said you were making progress and wanted to get you 8 or 9 quarters. How do you think you’re progressing?
    Its good to get time. I get more comfortable after every snap of every game. I’m ready to go whenever.

    Tony you knew that this test involves poking you with a sharp needle. Do you feel that? How much is he on you?
    Eh, he’s always on you be it practice, games or whatever. I’m trying to make absolutely not one mistake in a game so I can go a week without hearing about it, but I haven’t been able to do it yet. So I just go back to the drawing board and keep plugging away.

    How good of a feeling is it to be back at Valley Ranch.
    It was nice to sleep in my bed last night. That was the main thing. Its nice to play in front of our crowd. Its nice to not be on the road and not deal with the junk that goes along with it. You have a comfort level at home. You know the stadium. You know what it will be like on game day. I enjoy it a lot.

    How are you reacting to Drew?

    I just heard about the news. Its management’s decision. I don’t know what to say there. I got no comment I guess.

    Bill correlated the fumble to the glove. How much of the fumble was because of the glove?
    I don’t know … uhm … (laughing) …. I got nothing again.

    Let it out. We’re all just talking here.
    Yeah, we’re all just friends. The reason I like wearing them is you don’t have to think about the way the ball feels in your hands. The thing I liked about wearing them in the offseason when it was raining is that I don’t feel or think about how slippery it is when I have to throw. I don’t want to have to worry about my throwing motion or how the ball feels in my hand. When I see a guy open down the field I just want to be able to react and throw it. I thought I did a decent job of that during the game, but I’ll definitely take what he says under advisement.

    Is it a big deal for you to play early in these preseason games to play against the other team’s better players?
    It doesn’t change much for me as far as my approach to the game. It does probably effect how you guys perceive me when I do it against better players. I think I can do good things against whoever I go against, but you never know. Every week is a new and different challenge.
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    I don't think Romo is the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do like his attitude.

    He has certainly surprised me. I thought he'd simply be another slightly undersized I-AA QB with inflated college numbers.
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    Thanks for the recap. You must admit he's got moxie when he chides Parcell about being old. On his birthday. Or right after it.
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    I think Romo is smart, and I love his attitude. He's willing to trade barbs with Bill and accept anything that Parcells throws at him. I can see why Parcells would think that he's going to be able to be a QB and deal with some of the things that happen in the course of a game.
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    Man, that guy is cocky.
    That's probably part of the reason BP loves him so much.
    I think being cocky is a good trait for an NFL QB, so long as you can back it up and know when to be humble.

    But I have to admit, he sounds like the kinda guy who, if he were on another team... I would despise.
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    wow man I didn't get cocky from that at all, confidence and cocky aren't the same thing.
    maybe...nvm I will reserve judgement
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    Reading the inteview transcript and listening to what people say about him...moxie, confidence...yada yada..., I kinda get the feeling for the personality difference between Henson and Romo.

    Romo is the quick-witted guy who everyone likes. Also, Romo doesn't seem to back down from a challenge.

    Henson is the people pleaser that just tries too hard to impress. You know... the kind of person that just seems too eager and ends up being annoying?. He is so eager to please that he's afraid to mess up. This is in contrast to Romo, who also doesn't want to mess up, but instead of concentrating on not messing up, he concentrates on succeeding.

    I still think that given the right environment and time, Henson can be a pretty decent QB.

    Good luck, Henson...we barely saw you play...(as a Cowboy).
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    Thanks for posting, Roshi.

    Interesting comments by Romo. He does have that cocky vibe. I think most are probably startled by it, because no one has really taken the time to get to know him. Romo was just Romo. And now he seems like a viable QB, people are interested in him. They expect him to be humble and thankful for the opportunity. While he is, he also seems like I knew I was gonna be good all along.

    I like that attitude.
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    he's sharp and confident... certainly doesn't wilt under Tuna's shadow. hopefully he can take that to the field preseason and if needed during the reg. season.
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    He is definitely confident... maybe a bit cocky. That's a good quality for a QB. However, it does seem like he doesn't like criticism. It's just one interview so I'm not making much out of it. Only time will tell.
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    If he didn't like criticism he wouldn't have lasted 1 training camp under Parcells.

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